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  1. Wüstenfuchs

    OFP videography

    Ahead of more than 8 years I published the video " Scenes Of War " at Mapfact. It was my first attempt to make a little OFP movie. Some days ago I have uploaded it at youtube. It brings back old memories.
  2. Today I publish my SP mission "Operation scrap metal". You play an German soldier with the orders to destroy hostile tanks and guns and to kill three hostile officers behind the front line. For playing is recommended the Iron Front version 1.05. The D-Day Addon is not required. Degree of difficulty: medium - high (Depending on way of playing and tactics) The playing time can be up to 2 hours. Language: German (in the english readme, you find all tasks and some gaming tips in english) Player side: Germany, Wehrmacht Area: Staszow Unusual features: some new Explosionssounds, a Track arranged by myself which is played after fulfilment of all tasks, Scripts A special gratitude goes to the beta testers Holger aka Onkel Bo and Jeremias aka _jer of Combined Arms as well as to Andy aka Mr. Burns of armed-assault.de! Downloadlink: http://www.file-upload.net/download-7730623/IF_Unternehmen_Altmetall_1.0.rar.html For the german users: Heute veröffentliche ich meine SP Mission "Unternehmen Altmetall". Du spielst darin einen deutschen Soldaten der den Auftrag hat, hinter der Frontlinie feindliche Panzer und Geschütze zu zerstören und drei feindliche Offiziere auszuschalten. IF Version: 1.05, D-Day Addon nicht erforderlich Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittel - hoch (je nach Spielweise und Taktik) Die Spieldauer kann bis zu 2 Stunden betragen. Sprache: deutsch Spielerseite: Deutschland, Wehrmacht Besonderheiten: einige eigene Explosionssounds, ein selbst arrangierter Track, der nach Erfüllung aller Aufgaben eingespielt wird, Scripts, Bonus Readme Dateien in deutsch und englisch. Besonderer Dank geht an die Betatester Holger aka Onkel Bo und Jeremias aka _jer von Combined Arms sowie an Andy aka Mr. Burns von armed-assault.de!
  3. Thank you Simon, your solution works. I still have a further solution. The German publisher "Koch Media" has answered me the following on my demand: "Dear customer, many thanks for your inquiry. It can come to problems with the rights of lists on some few systems and like this it is not possible that missions can be exported by the editor successfully. The Steam version is not concerned by it. You can avoid the circumstance as follows: - "Iron front liberation 1944" deinstall complete of your system - "BattleEye for Iron front" deinstall also about the system control - now install the main game, not into however this programmes list, but for example into the following list: > C:\AWAR\Iron Front - Liberation 1944\ - install all necessary Patches and updates " I have tested it and this solution also works. You can export the missions without problems.
  4. Hi Burns! I use the box version and the box patches. The endings of the patch file names are _disc.exe. I think "disc" means DVD.
  5. Okay, it´s possible to pack into a pbo und change it then to ifa, but this is not the normal way. I want export it to single missions in the editor like in OFP, ArmA or ArmA2, but it doesn´t work. I think, it´s a bug and should be patched.
  6. The game is patched on version 1.05. I have postet the problem in two German IF forums. Unfortunately, people there do know only the problem, but not a solution.
  7. My mission also cannot be exported from editor to the SP missions. In another forum I have read that also other players have this problem. Somebody even thought that it in principle is not possible to export a mission in Iron Front. The export for MP missions doesn´t work either. I have deinstalled the game and installed it newly again but it nevertheless doesn´t work. What can I do? Is this a known bug? If yes, then it should be repaired. :confused:
  8. Wüstenfuchs

    SP Mission "The Cleaner"

    I hope you have fun!
  9. Wüstenfuchs

    SP Mission "The Cleaner"

    It was a beautiful time with OFP. I have published altogether 15 missions at that time. Furthermore there were many outlines which got not quite ready. Some of this were very promising. It is a pity that the much work which I have invested there is never again looked somebody. I still have some good outlines for ArmA but unfortunately, I had hardly time to complete these missions. But one never shall say never! ;)
  10. Wüstenfuchs

    SP Mission "The Cleaner"

    My last mission which I published with Mapfact was a mission for OFP and was called "Iron Eagles". That was in 2004. Perhaps somebody still remembers it. After that I had no more time to end projects started with. Within the last weeks I could, however, bring one of these projects to an end. Now I provide here the mission for download. This will possibly be the last mission which I publish. The title of the mission is the same one like that one of my first mission which I made approx. 2002 for OFP. It is nothing special, however, will nevertheless enjoy you hopefully. Title: The Cleaner ArmA version: 1.14 Type: SP Island: Porto Mission version: 1.0 Size: 2.56 MB Languages: German and English (I hope the english translation does not contain any faults.) Story: U.S. troops have occupied the Russian outpost on Porto contrarily to international law. UNO is powerless and Russia must solve the problem alone. With an unusual plan they want to reconquer the island. They send only one man, the notorious Cleaner.... Addons: - VDV Units Version 1.2 by Studio Alpha, RHS Weapons (contained in VDV Addon) = 105,28MB Download: http://armed-assault.de/downloads/russian-vdv-and-recon-v12.html - GAZ 2330 Tigr Version 0.7 beta by datakill = 18,47 MB Download: http://armed-assault.de/downloads/gaz-2330-v07-beta.html More infos in the readme file. Note: If the mission does not end although all objectives were accomplished, somebody is still alive. Unfortunately, if an AI has gone to the trigger area, after the objective was accomplished, this can happen. In tests this has never happened, however. Find them, kill them and return into the base. You can download the mission at: Armed Assault Info http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=solo&id=128&setlang=en Armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10417 ArmA Mission Data Base http://www.armamdb.de/phpkit/include.php?path=content/download.php&contentid=1522 Assault Mission Studio http://www.assaultmissionstudio.de/downloads.php?page_id=349 I thank the beta testers: Florian aka Chneemann and Christian aka BadAss of the former Mapfact team as well as Christoph aka Unterfeld, our faithful Mapfact fan who has already tested many mission for us.
  11. Wüstenfuchs

    Most Realistic Sounds

    I like Chammys Soundmod and the AACF Soundmod. This time i use AACF. Both are very good sounds. Test it and find your favorite...
  12. Wüstenfuchs

    SCAR'S SU-30 and LEOPARD 2 A6

    Very nice addon! I think I will make a mission with this plane. Â
  13. Wüstenfuchs

    SCAR'S SU-30 and LEOPARD 2 A6

    Today i found this video. You can see russian fighter jets in action, for example Su 30, Su 32, Su 27, Su 47.... Great pictures, great pilots, great action! Download and see! Â Video (89 MB)
  14. Wüstenfuchs

    Mapfact discussion thread

    @Commando84: It would be a pity if you must die. Therefore we want to hope that Jack is merciful to you. Â