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  1. For people who have trouble finding the Single player mission that can be played as sort of a campaign... It's called Operation Lowlands, it's in your single player folder. So the folder in your root dir is called 'Missions'. That's where it is. The actual name of the file is 'UNS_SP_Operation_Lowlands.csj_lowlands'. I do not have ArmA2-OA, don't know if it works in that. I have ArmA2 and have made and played it in that. The way it's played is that you start on your own, you can get troops from the Co in the hut situated central of the base. Walk up to him. Ammo and weapons are west in the base, couple of crates there. Through the radio menu (0-0 something), you can use either arty or huey transport. Figure it out. The huey is south-east of the base. Get your troops in, use menu, look for a nice open piece on the map and get yourself into trouble. There is no actual mission goal. You can do whatever you want. There's even vehicles in the base for your use. No new vehicles will be added during play, nor will there be a new huey once the old one get's shot down or crashes. A way to make sure a clearing on teh map is actually large enough for the huey to land, is use the action "fly to and hold" instead of "fly to and land". Check the spot out, if satisfied use "fly to and land" and hey presto you in a world of sh$$. I sometimes use the arty to flatten a piece of land before i go and land. Makeshift LZ's ;) Couple of ways to make it to the end of the mission: - Move out of the immediate base area and back in for approx 20-25 times. (so basically you can do 20-25 self imagined/thought up missions) After that there will be a message your tour is over and the map will end. - Destroy a part of the enemy's logistical objects. There's fuel depo's, weapon depo's, medical camp's, truck depo's controlled either by VC or NVA. ome of them are well camo'd up, so you would have to actually look at them to see them. Picture how a bunker would look then picture one of the depo's. Also think logically when searching for these things. If enough logistical stuff is destroyed, the map will end saying you overwon the enemy. - number 3 to end the map is a easy one. Die. Easy one ey? An example of a self made up mission i played many times: I start at base, get me troops, get me weapons i want. Look at map. Pic some nice waypoints i want to move through and mark them on the map. Most of the times the waypoints i choose include a village or two. Look for a nice LZ nearby first waypoint. Get in chopper and order it to land at the LZ. Get troops out of it, order huey back to base through radio. Now me and my team are all alone and ready to go patrol. Move out through my waypoints and basically if i spot something, i go check it, if i spot enemy i can decide to or decide not to attack, if i come across a village i can check it out thoroughly (there can be intel in villages! vc papers or something.). Then if i get to my last waypoint and all is swell and dandy still by then, i get to a nice clearing where th ehuey can land and secure teh area with my troops. I order in the huey to come and land at that clearing (radio menu). Then get my troops in, order huey back to base. Once i made it back to base, pay attention now, the actual script for the mission will tell itself you have been out of base area and back in 1 time. Now, this means you can do smae stuff for about 20 more times before map will actually end. Before i go out again, i save the mission, get all my troops if wounded healed up again at the medical hut in the base, get everybody loaded up with ammo and weaponry again, replace any KIA team members of mine by going to the base CO again. If all is well and everybody in the team happy, i once again plan a new mission. This mission may be based on intell i gathered in a previous one or a complete new one. It's really up to the player to what he wants to do. That's how i planned this mission i made, freedom for the player in what he wants to do. And due to the fact it's up to the player in what he does during the 20-25 times he get's out and back in of the base area, it can be sorta called a campaign. But a campaign entirelly filled with missions thought up by the player himself. Now go, go get yourself killed. As i am sure you will run into some ambush, step on some mine or wire or go rambo in some firefight. Bodybag gentlemen is my answer. :) Walk slow, look around and when the shit hit's the fan and bullets start screaming to you from somewhere, let everybody hug the friggin ground and spray the area. hug tree's, ditches, rocks, mama san's, rice paddy's, make yourself smaller then the odd rat or snake crawling about-in fact use them for cover as well. Good luck!
  2. Well since you are all waiting. This is how you can spend the time waiting: - Spitshine your combat boots; - Clean and grease your weaponry; - Make sure none of your gear is making any sounds, so tape up any metal; - Create a new jungle camo face pattern, red paint and bright colors are a no no; - Dirty yourself up so you smell like rats and waterbuffalo, that way charlie won't smell ya; - Make sure you remember the distress radio calls for medevac, arty support and CAS if the sh!t hit's the fan in the boonies (and be sure...it friggin' will!); - Go down to mama san's for a coke and a smile and then a visit to the base medic for a anti cr0tch scratching shot; - And ton's of other stuff to do...or.... ...or.... you can press that refresh button endlessly untill you finally pass out just before the release is actually there. Your choice really :p
  3. Some footage i shot during some editor fun on the island called Dong Ha. It will be in the upcomig release. A small island with MP potential. Lot's of villages and stuff. 1) Euhm i try and fail in killing the enemy (5 min battle): Wl36Lvw5xLY Yup ran head on towards a foxhole and they Ak'd me... :j: 2) Try number 2 (this is a long battle of 16 min!), i survive and kill some: tbel18qxdMA Now Re Operation Lowlands, i am not gonna make a MP version of it. To much work and i am limited on RL time these days. So if anyone thinks they can make a MP version of it, be my guest and edit away :) p.s. Let me know if the vid's show for you guys...i think i must be doing something wrong...
  4. Thanks. Yeah i know m8. I am part of The Unsung Mod team since ofp days ;) It's just i wish that these days we had time again to actually play the stuff we make instead of just making it and handing it to the public. Ah well, maybe in the near future again.
  5. @ Minimalaco Nice vid m8. Seeing that, it makes me sad as i haven't played mp 'Nam in a looong time. Ahhh those were the days when we spend hours patrolling and chasing Charlie only to find out Charlie outmanouvred us and was chasing us instead ;) ofp - unsung ofp - jungle fever arma - unsung and now still waiting for good games of arma 2 - unsung But no server :'(
  6. @ Nomadd Hi, not sure if this will work. If you are sure there is no traps in the mission you made try the following. Open up the mission.sqm file and look in the addons listing needed for the mission. If there is a mentioning of "uns_traps" in the listing then remove that from the listing. Also make sure that you look in the intro/outro section of the mission.sqm file as well. Then save the mission.sqm file, go back into the editor, load the mission again and right away save it as a pbo. Then try the mission again as a pbo. May work. Sometimes addons sneak in the listing while not even needed for that mission. Let us know if that works. Cheers, Xâ„¢
  7. Those are intelligence officers. Take one out and you get a free case of beer.... ...supplied and served by the enemy to a bunker near you.
  8. No no... my bad. Must have understood you wrong. It does end if you destroy the enemy supplies. That's just another option for the mission to end. There's if i remember right about 30 supplies locations that you can destroy. If 18 out of them are destroyed the mission will end as well. So yeah actually 3 ways of ending mission. 1) Do a total amount of 25 base out/base in moves. 2) Destroy 18 logistical objects/locations (medical supplies/fuel/ammo/weaponry/trucks) 3) ...die... And there it is.
  9. The mission is set up so that a player can enter and leave the base area about 25 times. How long away from the base and how long the missions he/she does while he/she is away from the base area doesn't matter. You can do 25 x 2 minute missions or 25 x 6 hour missions. It's basically 25 move outs from the base area. At the 25th time the player get's a message that this is his last mission and when he returns he's outha there and back to the world. Side missions, there actually are no side missions. Yeah the convoy message is the only one. I never did any other messages. There's more stuff going on, but i figure players would find it eventually and get surprised to suddenly find friendly forces somewhere next to some burning wreck or fubared vill. You never get secondary missions or can ask for air strike's/ammo drops as indeed that's features coming from one of the bis modules. I had to activate that to have the BIS arty module to work. Side effect it gives secondary ops in the briefing while the mission maker doesn't have those. Didn't want that didn't need that, that don't work, but it's there as it's part of that module. Chickens??!!! Where!!!!???? :eek: (blast 'em with a shotgun. That always works if they stand in a doorway.)
  10. Well... stuff just is there in the map. How and when it get's done by the player is totally up to the player. Some stuff like intel can somewhat be called alternative. This due to intel carried by enemy units can be at one end of the map at one point and on the other end at the next point. But the actual objectives/goals/targets are then again consecutive. Pretty much up to the player really. What does one want to do, how does the player want to approach this either self generated objective (like hey let's go check this spot out or ambush that spot or observe this piece for movement or check that village out for enemy or just walk the park and track enemy or attack same objective from a different side that we in previous self made mission got fubared at from that side etc) or actual objective within the mission. (like bunker attack, camp raid, intel checkout, intel gathering, blowing up weapons/ammo/medical supplies etc) Alternative and consecutive, either way. Confusing i know. It confuses me as well just by talking about it. :D Ah yes...the loss of good men who have served for several missions in your squad out there in the field. Always tragic. Been there. Actually been similar to some actions as you. Carry a 60 with you in the field and just go nuts at anything that moves. Even if it appears to have been a chicken that poked it's head to far above a rice paddy.... I swear he had black jammy's on and carried an AK.... :j: They were all legitimate kills and counted for! ;)
  11. :butbut: friendly fire!!! Bad puzzola...bad bad bad lol *shakes finger* Okay....assuming you mean up the North-West corner of the map, way in the green zone and at that base there. I think the battery was placed there. First question...what you doing there? (Okay yes i know already, curious what is out there blah blah explore explore ;)) Now then, it's pretty safe to say your arty support is now f###ed! yaaaay party time That is if you were at the spot i described and your gunner shot that gunner at the arty piece. Only fix for that is revert to previous saved game. Or...and you already mentioned this yourself: move on and flush out Charlie the hard way. Lesson learned: Do not shoot any friendly troops, they do not like that ;) p.s. send whoever within your squad shot the arty gunner out into some open field rice paddy way way in the open and have him wear some pink bunny suit with a big red circle painted on it. That will teach him and give Charlie something to practise on.
  12. The Unsung MOD released some WIP pictures of the 33rd NVA regiment (Ia Drang Valley). Enjoy ;)
  13. Hi puzzola, THC: Transport Helicopter Company, this command basically doesn't do much it's just main menu option. It was a left over. This helicopter script was part of a set of scripts. I ripped it apart to just have the heli script. Script was made by CSJ. Out: It ends the menu. Both options from the transport script do not even have to be touched. If you use a transport option like "fly to", "fly to and hold", "return to base" then the menu will self rotate and the right menu options will be visible again. Keep your head low and move slow and you will make it out of the lowlands alive ;)
  14. Not at this point in time. Just to much stuff in there that would need a complete change to make it mp compatible. But maybe a map similar to this will be made. Can't promise anything yet.
  15. Hi m8, You should indeed get your guys in the chopper. Then go through radio menu (0-0-1). Then the next option to choose is "Fly to and land". Then open your map and single click on the map where you want the chopper to fly to and land. (marker shows on map after 1 click). Now you shoudl pretty much close your map again, sit back and relax. The chopper should start it's engin and then lift off after a few seconds. It will move a bit forward in the air, wait a bit and then it will fly off to it's destination. If it doesn't do that something is wrong.. Try that, report back if it fails. *crossing fingers* Cheers, Xâ„¢ ---------- Post added at 06:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:53 PM ---------- That's an old ofp thread. We had working traps in our mod in ofp already that killled AI. And yes, the traps do work on AI in Arma 2 for our mod. They will walk into them. All wires as also the punji traps. They die horribly. And i just love to place the traps around the place in missions for you guys to all go step all happy into. Ain't you feeling damn skippy in the jungle, knowing there's traps and snakes around. Oh and the occasional VC/NVA :D ---------- Post added at 07:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:58 PM ---------- One of the 3 missions shows up in your scenario's section without the UNS prefix. Believe it's the epicenter mission. Not sure. Small naming mistake :)