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  1. On 3/20/2021 at 5:36 PM, pierremgi said:

    "After entering AREA track mode and slewing the cursor over a vehicle POINT track does not engage."

    Could you explain clearer? Which area? Which designator? Any reproducible simple test?


    Thanks for reply.

    - flying any jet (I use Wipeout but have replicated using any jet targeting pod)

    - fly around and find an enemy vehicle (doesn't matter what vehicle - truck, tank whatever)..

    - Switch to targeting pod (here is a link to BIS wiki to show you default key binds for targeting pod use -> LINK)

    - Enter AREA track mode and find enemy vehicle (default key bind LCTRL-T)

    - Slew targeting pod cross hair over vehicle (moving or stationary) - targeting pod SHOULD switch from AREA mode to POINT track mode and lock on to the vehicle  when the cross hair goes over the target vehicle- if the vehicle is moving the targeting pod should track the moving vehicle

    - sometimes (50% or more for me) the targeting pod does not switch to POINT track mode and will not lock on to vehicle

  2. Practicing my CAS using the Wipeout.   After entering AREA track mode and slewing the cursor over a vehicle POINT track does not engage.  Happens about 50% of the time at all ranges from 2KM out to 8KM.  I've tested with stationary vehicles, hot vehicles (IR signature), cold vehicles, moving vehicles.  I've tried with the different weapons selected including laser designator, MACER, GBU...  I can't find a pattern as to why sometimes is locks on fine, and sometimes it doesn't enter POINT track at all.  In all cases sometimes it locks into POINT mode and sometimes it doesn't.  


    Anyone else seeing this?  tips to solve or improve?  The inconsistency is driving me nuts. 


    Running vanilla.   

  3. Hi.... first off, I'm super happy this mission is under active development again.  By far this is my all-time favorite ARMA mission.  Thank you!


    I have a question regarding spawn radius - not really Domination specific but thought I'd post here to see if an idea makes sense for a potential Domi update.   


    I really enjoy CAS in jets - unfortunately air to ground combat in ARMA is kind of hamstrung.  


    The problem has always been spawn radius. CAS gameplay needs large object view and spawn distance to be effective (>3-5km say).   However, if you have enemy units spawning 4km  around a player in a jet flying around the map performance can seriously tank. 


     A common strategy for mission dev's is to disable enemy spawning triggered by players in jets, and instead rely on infantry players in an AO to trigger enemy spawns that the jet player can then see .   This works well if  enough infantry players on the map to spawn enemy units (and prevent despawn and reset) but doesn't allow for players in jets that want to work a different area of the map, or are waiting for infantry players to join. 


    Here's a potential idea that may allow some spawning for players in jets, but may not tank server performance:   

    - keep current spawn rules for infantry players

    - introduce new spawn radius with unique rules for players in jets  

    - "pilot player" spawn radius has large distance - say up to 5km

    - "pilot player" spawn radius ONLY spawns vehicles / armor, or even  limited specific classes of vehicles (no infantry spawning - which I'm assuming would be the bigger burden on server performance.  All enemy infantry spawning would still need to be triggered by an infantry player on the ground)

    - "pilot player" spawn could be limited to a max number of units


    I am no scripter - so I don't know if any of this even works in ARMA..  Just curious on what others think.





  4. Hi.  Does voiceattack with this profile allow direct selection of commands in the ai action menu (command tree menu 6)?


    Example - unit 3 check inventory.   Easier command of action tree menu is my biggest gripe right now.  


    Hoping to see another video using latest profile to see fluidity.  I use articulate.  


    Great work.  



  5. Tried for a couple of hours today

    - died when paradropping (chute did not open in time).  Resulted in repeatedly respawning mid-paradrop falling with no chute or equipment which would result in splatting again.  Would not respawn at base.  

    - after a couple of hours of playing noticed no more search or body bag function in scroll menu for downed EI

    - sometimes difficult to keep civ on screen when speaking, resulting in conversation dialog off screen / not visible  




    - could not figure out how to repair vehicles.  Damaged vehicles don't appear to respawn on their own.   With toolkit can't repair.   maybe need roles module to have an 'engineer'

    - is there a revive mechanic?  could not revive downed player with medkit.  maybe need roles module to have a 'medic'


    Nice polish and good balance with 3-4 players so far....  keep up the good work.  



  6. On 9/4/2017 at 4:14 PM, jone_kone said:


    • Arma 3 Tac-Ops (est. Q4 2017*)
      Plan and execute to successfully accomplish your mission objective in a series of 'tactical operations'. The Arma 3 Tac-Ops DLC will deliver new singleplayer scenarios that focus upon challenging, replayable, and authentic military gameplay - making the best use of Arma 3's sandbox terrain, vehicles, and weapons.


    At least it's still coming.  No coop is a disappointment.  

  7. OK, here's my bad answer for you-
    There aren't really any terrible guns, they all have some situations where they are the best option. 
    I'm going to try and do a list here (with vanilla/ base Arma ballistics and weapons, I'm not adding modded weapons into the mix)
    5.56 NATO and 5.8 Assault Rifles-
    Generally any of the 5.56/ 5.8 Assault rifles (slightly heavier and slightly more accurate/ less bullet velocity) or Carbines (slightly lighter, slightly less accurate/ less bullet velocity) are your general use weapons and are most effective at closer ranges (within 100-350M or so is considered 'close range' in Arma) but the rounds they fire (5.56 NATO ball) are not very effective against anyone wearing Body Armor greater than about LvL1/ LvL 2 (Meaning Tactical Vests are usually fine to shoot through but heavier plate or military standard armor can be trouble to get through. 
    If you find yourself fighting lesser-equipped factions such as the FIA or other rebel groups who do not have extensive access to body armor, this is usually a good choice because the ammo is much lighter than 6.5 or 7.62 NATO, and the weapons have rather low recoil. 
    Some examples of 5.56 and 5.8 Assault Rifles and Carbines Include-
    SPAR-16 (Hk416A5 IRL, Used by CTRG) , TRG-21 (TAR-21 IRL, used by the FIA) , Mk20 (FN F-2000 TR IRL, used by AAF soldiers) CAR-95 (QBZ-95 IRL, used by Pacific CSAT)
    6.5 Assault Rifles-
    NATO and CSAT standard rifles, they have heavier ammo and weigh more than a 5.56 rifle, but they are more powerful against body armor and retain more of their stopping power/damage over a longer distance. These are a much better choice against enemies who are wearing body armor and are usually best within 100-400M. They fill the gap between the more powerful 7.62 NATO rifle and the lighter 5.56 rifles. 
    MX 6.5 Rifle (designed by CMMG IRL, loosely based on the ACR, and NATO's standard rifle) and 'Katiba' (IRL a KH2002 rifle, CSAT standard rifle) - The CMR-76 (QBU-88) ingame is chambered in 6.5 but performs more like a DMR/ Marksman Rifle.
    7.62 Marksman and Battle Rifles-
    These are for when you want to be able to reach out and hit people at much greater ranges such as between 500-700M- Many of these rifles have small magazine sizes, usually between 10 and 20 rounds, due to the size of the larger rounds. They are useful for picking off soldiers at a distance but are not the best choice in close range fighting, unless you are shooting through thin walls to kill enemies. Usually they have very high recoil in full-auto, if they even have that option. Can penetrate armor better than all the above rounds and retains alot of damage over distance, but eventually the round will drop to low velocity and deal little damage. 
    Mk18 ABR (M14 EBR IRL) , 'Rahim' (VS-121 SVU Bullpup version IRL) , Mk14 (older M14 rifle) , Mk1 EMR (SIG 556 DMR) 
    This has your machineguns- obviously they have larger magazine sizes and are best used from a bipod on full-auto (this game has suppression for Ai- A suppressed target will take cover, shoot less and be less accurate when firing at you) 
    There are generally a few categories of MG, but I'll generalise and make the MX-SW and SPAR-16 S,  light machineguns (Technically they are IAR's) - They are easier to carry around than most MG's, and as a result you can carry rather large amounts of ammo- the downside is that the are usually lower-caliber and lack some of the power of larger MG's, as well as having smaller magazine sizes (100 to 200 rounds) so you need to reload more often and cannot suppress as effectively. While the M249 is bulkier and has a 200 round box like a real machinegun, I consider it a light because of it's low power 5.56 round. 
    MX-SW (as above, is an IAR converted MX rifle) SPAR-16S (kk416A5 IAR) , M249 SAW
    Zafir and Mk200 are similar to the above, but are either more powerful (7.62 NATO in the case of the Zafir) or have a large magazine size (mk200) allowing them to be used for a longer time from a single position. Your best bet with MG's in general is to find a nice hill or overwatch point and USE THAT BIPOD to keep your gun stable while firing- Usually burst of 3-5 rounds over the heads or in the direction of the enemy should do- hitting them is a bonus, suppression is your main purpose. 
    Zafir (Israeli Negev NG7, 'Commando' model IRL) , Mk200 (Stoner 99)
    Medium Machineguns-
    These weapons are absolute monsters, incredibly heavy and hard to carry around, but with large ammo reserves (if you can carry the ammo without being exhausted from stamina loss) and some of the most powerful rounds you can get. With a MMG you want to find a good spot and dig in cover, using the bipod and in a best case scenario never need to move- they are the ultimate in anti-infantry defence, and rushing a MMG team that's well dug in is basically suicide. The very powerful rounds they have can take out and even destroy lighter vehicles like MRAPs, even APC's if you hit weaker points. The SPMG is better at longer ranges or for longer missions because it's low rate of fire makes it controllable, and the weapon is lighter to carry around, while the Navid is even heavier, and it's higher rate of fire means it's more effective at closer ranges than the SPMG. These weapons are very unstable if fired without a bipod and have the worst handling of all primary weapons. 
    SPMG (LWMMG IRL, in SOCOM testing) , Navid (German Hk121 chambered to a more powerful 9.3 round)
    Sniper Rifles and Heavy DMR's-
    These are the big, long range weapons, more powerful than any 7.62 rifle but also heavier and slower to fire, with heavy ammo and small magazines. 
    Some of these weapons are accurate to several kilometers away- if you can see it, and are a good shot, these weapons are mechanically able to hit it. 'Heavy DMR' is my own temp for the Cyrus and MAR-10, because they are semi-auto and can be used closer up if needed- A heavy DMR can shoot about 1 Kilometer to 1.5 in decent hands, while a true sniper rifle would be useless at closer ranges, but make up for it by being more powerful and accurate than a heavy DMR- I've heard of people hitting from over 4 kilometres with these, and I have personally hit targets at 2300M, and I do not consider myself a sniper. For the true sniper rifles, the M320 is more accurate at longer range, and has a larger magazine, but the GM6 has the ability to fire AP rounds to take out lighter vehicles if needed. 
    MAR-10 (Bad News 338. ) and Cyrus (Magpul body kit on a SVD-K 9.3 rifle) are Heavy DMR's. 
    GM6 Lynx (GM6 Lynx IRL) and M320 LRR (M200 Intervention) are Sniper Rifles
    Submachineguns and PDW's-
    These are the weapons you are most likely to consider pointless- because of the range of Arma combat, with 100M being 'close range' compared to most other games, these are not really useful- the handling a SMG is fantastic, and they are often bullet hoses, but they fire low-powered and short range pistol rounds, which are not able to compete with any rifle round at anything past 200M, tops.
    They are useful in fighting between buildings in cities or other built-up areas, but the pistol rounds lack body armor penetration, so are best against rebels or troops without armor- any sort of armor will usually cause a SMG round to fail- in that case, just hold the trigger down and hope you fire enough bullets to kill them before they kill you.
    In my opinion, the Vermin is one of the better SMG's due to the slightly more powerful 4.5 ACP round, instead of 9MM, and the Vermin's built-in flashlight saves some weight. The PDW-2000 is a TINY weapon, and super-light, but is useless at any real range that's not point-blank.
    A SMG is ALWAYS better than a pistol, due to the larger magazine size and higher velocity due to the longer barrel- The handling on the SMG's is superb and a pistol is not really noticeably better considering the loss in combat effectiveness compared to a SMG. 
    PDW-2000, Protector (MP5K), Vermin (Vector), Sting (Scorpion). 
    Special Purpose Weapons-
    Here are the weapons that don't really fit into the other categories. 
    The ASP-1 KIR is a special sub-sonic (meaning it is very stealthy and does not make a sonic crack like a normal rifle) rifle firing a subsonic 50. caliber round- the immense weight and power of this round is balanced by the VERY slow speed to keep it subsonic, meaning it DROPS LIKE A ROCK past 100M, and you should not fire it within 200M if possible. The upside is it will kill almost anything in 1-2 rounds, regardless of armor, and is super-stealthy. 
    The SDAR 5.56 Rifle is meant for use underwater, so has special underwater rounds, but can also fire normal 5.56 rounds above water in cases of emergencies. This is a rather useless weapon unless you are fighting other divers, because it's not possible to mount silencers, lasers or flashlights so you are stuck with a sub-par 5.56 weapon with iron sights if you are fighting above water, but it's the only weapon you can fire when fully submerged. 
    SDAR (Keltec RFB) , ASP-1 Kir (Fictionalised up-chambering of the VSS firing VKS subsonic 50. rounds)
    Great post. Thank you.

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  8. Is malden any better for ai urban traversing and pathfinding? Bis seems to highlight the urban focus of malden and indicated a new process followed for the map. Could any if this indicate possible improvements? Need to check if malden is as broken as Tanoa.

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  9. For me I'm not interested in any more assets. I'd like to see well crafted, optimized vanilla coop scenarios using the gigabytes of assets already on my computer.

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  10. @Canadave

    I think its nothing to do with the radar but those targets might be identified by your tdp when you approach them head on and the tgp is in its default position. Try it again with the tgp looking at 90/270°, then those targets should not be identified without radar on when you approach them head on.



    I'll try that but any idea why radar would not pick up ground targets outside of 3km to 4km when approaching head on from 12km? I really think the symbology I am getting on the radar display inside of 4km is due to visual range identification. I get the same behavior on the Wipeout which has no radar. It seems like radar is not adding any sensing capability for ground targets beyond visual sensors. I must be doing something wrong or radar is not working for AG units. Thanks for replying.


    BTW maybe someone has a video showing radar detection of ground units at 8 - 12km or something greater than 4km?


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  11. 41 minutes ago, CANADAVE said:


    Very strange.  I was able to get the visual indicator in the wipeout at about ~2km, but no radar indicator in the F181.  I am going to try again.




    Placed 3 mechanized platoons on the salt flats in Altis.  Set view distance and object view distance to 12KM.  Turned radar on.  Flew toward Salt Flats.  Did not get any indication of radar contacts until under 4km.  Under 4km contacts are white dots/boxes.  Also show on HUD as 'dots'.    Turned radar off and approached again. Same behavior - got  contacts on the radar display and dots on HUD under 4km.   I think these are 'visual' markers / indicators as they appear even when the radar is off.


    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


  12. 8 hours ago, Imperator[TFD] said:



    I just tested the Wipeout, F-181 and the A-149 and while the Wipeout didn't have a radar it still picked up targets once they entered the visual and IR ranges.  The 2 radar equipped jets picked up stationary and moving targets reasonably quickly.


    Very strange.  I was able to get the visual indicator in the wipeout at about ~2km, but no radar indicator in the F181.  I am going to try again.


    Note - all I am doing is placing a crewed OPFOR artillery piece beside the runway then doing flybys with the radar active / turned on using various ranges and at various AOA (incluiding pointing nose of the aircraft right at the vehicle).  I'm using a 12KM view distance and 5km object distance so I don't think this is the problem.


    The purpose of my evaluation was to test the radar effectivity beyond a clients set object view distance and different AOAs).  Has anyone done this?  is the radar effective beyond an object view distance or is it like the old simple radar where the radar can only see up to the set view distance?


    thx for the reply.


  13. 1 hour ago, reyhard said:

    ad 1) As far as I remember all jets (maybe except buzzard - not sure if it landed on devbranch on before Easter) should have TGP indicator. On To-199 & 201 it's cross marker & it's inspired by HUD from Yak-130


    I checked all new aircraft and only saw the TGP indicator on the Wipeout.  I will try again to be sure.  If not good to hear it is planned / in process.


    1 hour ago, reyhard said:

    ad 2) I was thinking about that before but I didn't have time to experiment with that to be honest. I really don't want to clutter HUD to much information & TGP marker is kind of source which is always visible. Heading tape idea seems interesting though so I will try to give it a shot.



    The only reason I suggested the heading tape marker was because I noticed that the TGP marker disappeared from HUD once the aircraft turned away from the area locked point.  If the TGP marker is intended to be shown at the side of the HUD when turned away from the lock point then the heading tape marker would be redundant and not necessary (but currently I don't think that is working).


    Note - I will have to check dev branch but the above may be working when the TGP has a valid target locked (ground unit / object).  The important missing piece is when the TGP is area locked without (necessarily) a valid ground object locked. 






  14. this is the biggest roadblock in my opinion to proper Jets integration into ARMA 3.  My system (4.3GHZ core and 1070GPU) can render 4-6K object view distance with satisfactory frame rate for me.  Though serviceable, it is awkward for proper target acquisition time,  line up etc... 


    I think it would be a great idea to incorporate a cone of extended view distance tied to Radar and TGP visual / IR sensors.... this would solve most of the problem.  



  15. 1)  HUDs for all aircraft should have TGP area lock point shown.  Currently only see this on wipeout (dashed circle).


    2) When TGP aim point / area lock point is out of FOV of HUD, there should be an indicator (on heading tape?) on which way to steer to align TGP aim point / area lock point with FOV of HUD.   Similar to how a steer point or waypoint would be handled when out of FOV of HUD.





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  16. - Is there a reason why only the wipeout shows where TGP is pointing / area locked on the sensor window and with a specific HUD icon?  In the new jets there is no visual cone that shows where TGP is pointed or any icon on the HUD that shows the point where it is area locked.   


    - On wipeout when TGP is area locked there is an indicator that shows up in the HUD (dashed circle) that shows the specific point on the ground to line up for CCIP or gun runs (very useful).   When this area locked point is out of HUD FOV (either left or right ) there should be an indicator (maybe on the heading tape) to indicate which way to turn to bring the area lock point into the HUD FOV.  Can this be added? 


    - Does radar only work for Air targets?  I could not get the Radar to find or lock ground targets.  Maybe ground targets are laser and IR / TGP indicated and locked only.




  17. First impression for the storage areas for resources (ammo, fuel, supplies). Here they are sorted, but there will be large and small ones. And you can mix the resources which are stored in one area, of course.
    Next will be the transportation and that the resources have to be at the storage areas of that FOB, you want to build something.

    @Wyqer  where you the one that changed the re spawn truck to a truck to a APC?

    This is great. Sling loading supplies from main base to FOB while waiting for players to join is a great 'side mission'.

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  18. Things like combat patrol and the coop campaign in apex is exactly what Arma needs more of. Not all of us like to collect gear packs and spend hours making dreamt up scenarios as the core way to enjoy the game.

    I want to play high quality immersive and dynamic cooperative games with friends - quickly and easily. I'm hoping CP is a step further in that direction.

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  19. On ‎2017‎-‎02‎-‎07 at 11:12 AM, oukej said:
    On ‎2017‎-‎02‎-‎06 at 10:08 PM, CANADAVE said:

    Is targeting pod locked area ground point visible / indicated on HUD when properly oriented with dev branch improvements? 

    Only inside the fullscreen cam. view.


    Sorry Oukej I did not explain correctly.   I don't mean to display the image from the TGP just the POINT at which the TGP is locked to on the HUD (like a marker or cross hair or something).


    This is important for orientation and to align for a gun run, or CCIP run on a specific area that may not be a 'valid' lockable target like a vehicle. 


    Currently the only way to know where the TGP is pointing while flying in cockpit view is to:

    1) Lock a valid target where you get the white targeting box but this does not cover the scenario where you just have a point on the ground area locked

    2) Place a user waypoint via SHIFT-CLICK on the map in the same place the TGP is area locked to and hope the server difficulty allows you to see a user marked point in game


    In the real A-10 (and other CAS aircraft) there is a HUD indicator (diamond, or crosshair or something) that will show up on the HUD to indicate where the TGP is looking.   If the point is off of the HUD it can be at the left or right edge.


    Additionally in the real A-10 and other CAS aircraft the TGP area locked point is also shown on the TAD map view and top-down Radar views.  This would be nice to have in ARMA but not as critical as showing a marker in the HUD. 


    I hope this is clearer.  What do you think Oukej?








  20. Is targeting pod locked area ground point visible / indicated on HUD when properly oriented with dev branch improvements?    is tgp locked ground point shown on radar top down view - even if only area locked to ground and not a target?     can you slew tgp to point selected on radar? 


    zoomed in tgp is critical.  small mfds are not very functional until you lean in to view ie.  DCS.   please leave key bind for fullscreen mfd /multifunction camera. 



  21. I've been playing allot with main branch TGP , it I such huge improvement to aircraft- so thanks BIS!


    Wondering if the next update will (or can) allow the TGP to provide a visual indicator of its current FOV / its current  AREA locked position to the pilot both on HUD and as a  top-down geo-location on the sensor display?


    Being able to reference a pilot selected reference point on the ground (even if only visible when seen within HUD FOV) is important for heads-up orientation when flying, as well as CAS support of non-locked targets (Infantry clusters etc...).  Currently this can only be achieved by placing SHIFT-CLICK marker on the map and then aligning the TGP to the in-game icon (which gets disabled at some difficulties and does not deliver the true real-life functionality). 


    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area.




  22. Combat Patrol sessions recorded:
    Best when AI surrounded us in the house and we tried to escape without much success.

    Thanks. How is mission setup? Briefing? Parameters and options? Combat is cool but interested in the whole experience of combat patrol.

    Thanks for posting.

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