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  1. I was playing a friends load of armed assault to try it out (1.04?) on my vista x64 machine to try it out. Everything was great so I bought a digital download version. Now - updated to 1.14 for some reason I can't adjust the terrain detail to above "normal". I was running high on the 1.04 install and everything was smooth as glass. Now I have degraded visuals. Any ideas why my new install seems to be capped? I have a core 2 2.26Ghz 3GB RAM w/ 9800GTS 512Mb

    Terrain Detail Maxed at "Normal"

    Yeah that was it. I am using 10km view distance and that limites to Normal. 7KM is high, 3.5 KM very high or there abouts. I tried a bunch of different comparisons in a chopper... not much perceivable difference between Normal and very high... so I'm keeping the 10KM view distance (7KM not bad... but the more the merrier! Thanks!!

    Armed Assault Mod Management

    My biggest complaint with OFP was mod management. There wer 10,000+ mods made by every clan, fan etc etc.. all over the servers. To play on a serve one had to download hundred megabyte mod packs, search the web for that 'fire mod' to play on a server. It was a pain in the but. Is Armed Assault any different / better? I already see a mods out there for uniform packs, unit packs, tree packs, water packs, sky packs, sound packs... it appears that its starting all over again. Any comments? Updates from those playing online now?

    TrackIR use...

    Can you post your system specs and perhaps your detail settings - including view distance - for the video? Thanks

    ArmA Photography

    Hi Bert. Thanks for the pics. I have been poking around your UTW site for some time.. but unfortunately can't read any of the posts..haha. given your VERY fast computer what kind of FPS do you see with flashpoint? I assume you run with FULL details.. but what about view distance? Do you have any pics with different view distance and the FPS change with long view distance?
  6. Wondering if someone who has the game could post a couple of screen shots showing different view distance settings and the changes to FPS. This would be good info... for me anyways.

    View Distance vs. FPS vs. PC Specs

    Thanks for the reply. Maybe you can post some screenshots of the different settings you use... 2,5 vs. 3 vs. very high vs. very low? Thanks!!

    ArmA Photography

    9FPS.. ouch.

    ArmA Photography

    woops .. double post

    ArmA Photography

    that was a great assessment of detail vs. game speed knowing computer hardware. I was really hoping someone could do the same for VIEW DISTANCE. The big thing for me is view distance.. I love a LONG view distance. Can some of our Czech friends do an assessment with detail and view distance vs. FPS. Of course PLEASE post your CPU specs so we can compare with our own. Thanks!!

    Random restarts in mp

    I'm having the same issue on my PC - no MOD's installed, just the latest patches and resistance addon. Any suggestions? I figure it mus have something to do with the sound card given the sound drop out prior to reboot but I'm not sure. Anyone have any insight? I"m running XP, sblive and geforce on a p41.7 with 512mb of ram and lots of hd space.... I bet its an XP thing...OFP doesn't like XP that much in my experience.

    Cd - key - stored in registry?

    Here's the deal. I just moved and lost my manual for resistance. I also just bought a new hard drive and want to reslam windows and OFP - however I won't be able to install resistance without my lost manual and key. Is there any way to read the CD key from the registry on my existing version of windows before I reslam and reinstall? Thanks Dave
  13. I can't figure this out. System: P4 1.7Ghz 512MB Geforce3 Sblive Cable Modem (direct, not through router or firewall) Windows XP Problem: Whenever I join a multiplayer session on gamespy I launch, and the game sits at waiting for server for ever. I've tried everything I can think of including reinstalling flashpoint, removing all running programs from memory etc.. I have not tried a direct IP connect as I can't find a dedicated server to test with - but I don't think thats the problem. I also tried hosting a game on gamespy - it launches but no one can connect to me. I don't run any kind of firewall (even the crappy XP built in one is turned off). I have played flashpoint before online on my computer BUT I was not running XP (I was on ME) and this was quite some time ago. The game runs fine in singleplayer. Other online games such as Ghost Recon, Raven Shield Demo, etc.. run fine online. Are there any specific ports in XP that I need to free up? Is there any way to diagnose this issue - I'm at the point where I feel I have to reinstall windows XP. I searched and could not find any answers...thanks for any help you guys can offer.

    Training missions - anyone?

    I'd like to download some training missions for the various weapons/vehicles in OFP - maybe even sniper training etc.. Do these missions exist? I have not played with the editor much but I know I would not fair well with the "scripting" I often read about. example - heli training - just a bunch of different kinds of helicopters on an airfield, set waypoints and maybe a couple of dumb tanks to kill? Throw in some dumb infantry for huey gun target practice and and and maybe pick up some troops then land sniper - have a mission for long range target practice at dumb infantry/officers LAW - drive to a set waypoint , hide in the woods and wait for a convoy or choppers to roll by (dumb) - or just target practice over long distances. navigation - night time misssion where you have to get all the way across an island using a map and avoid enemy "camps" and a night time convoy or two on the paved roads(there's camp fires right?) Just wondering..maybe I'll dig into the editor and try to make something like this...I think it would be beneficial to the noob (like me) that may be scared away from a great game because of its initial complexity and massive environmental size.

    Multiplayer - stuck at "waiting for server"

    Update - installed op flash on my winME install (dual boot system). everything works fine. whatever is wrong, is wrong in windowsXP... Any suggestions!!?? or should I just slam it and start from scratch.... ?