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    Upcoming DLC

    Keep tabs on dev branch discussions for upcoming features. I suggest the targeting improvement thread regarding Jets DLC. Sent from my A1-860 using Tapatalk
  2. Hi. I've been playing ARMA since OFP. I mostly play multiplayer coop dynamic full map missions (like Domi, Insurgency, etc..). I typically drop into and out of games at odd times due to RL commitments and don't belong or have time to belong to a full time squad and set play times. The problem I have is dropping in and out on my own schedule often leads to low player counts (2,3 4 people) and the objectives typically on these full island missions are meant for much bigger player counts. Does there exist a 'variant' of these full island dynamically generating missions that sets (or has the option to request?) dynamic tasks and objectives based on player count? While the larger AO missions can always be there - it would be very nice if the system could generate a task achievable for 1,2,3 players and still feel a part of the battle. Domi did this with 'side missions' but wondering if there was a more evolved system in place today on some of the newer version game modes. Appreciate any suggestions for mission files or servers I could play on. Thanks
  3. I have all official DLC including Apex. I've tried ALiVE a couple of months ago and was surprised how fast you can get a whole-map scenario going- however the task generator is quite poor in my opinion. Perhaps a merge of ALiVE and Dynamic Combat Generator could provide something suitable. I have no experience scripting (and not much time to learn). Curious if someone has already done something in this vein.. Thanks again for the replies.
  4. Thanks. I know and have used MCC and I've read about but not tried Dynamic Combat Generator. They both seem like good ways to get low player count tasks generated inside the context of a bigger game mode like Domi and Insurgency. Wondering if anyone is running a server or has a mission file with this integrated already to try and see how it manages low player count while keeping the full map scale battle going. Do you do this on your server? If public would you share your server name or address? Otherwise I'd Iike to try a mission. Thanks. Sent from my A1-860 using Tapatalk

    Content without Performance isn't playable.

    So I can play arma 3 today for the cost of 10 year old hardware? I don't need expensive new hardware? I'm just confirming before I start to build my son a machine . I don't know the point of this thread but are you saying this is a bad thing? Seems awesome for me and by bank account! thanks for the tip!

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Agree on redetection but its not too terrible. the jungle is so dense losing LOS is possible supported by flanking. I am loving jungle Ai gameplay so far. hunting Ai is the most fun have in arms in a long time. its a game changer. Any there jungle Ai comments or experiences?

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Anyone else get massive frame drop when zooming in (ie. sniper rifle or binoculars) on forest from a distance? 40fps unzoomed to 10fps zoomed. No matter what settings changed still get 10fps (expet for object distance). As soon as object view distance is reduced so that no jungle shows up in scope fps goes through the roof again (obviously). Turned off all the normal offenders (ambient occlusion, object detail, shadows, anti aliasing...everything... ) no effect.

    Targeting improvements

    Where the heck is teh key bind to engage the TGP. By default its ctrl+right click (2nd mouse button) but for the life of me I can't find it in the config menu. I want to bind to joystick.
  9. Great work. Question.... is any work in process on the tasking system? - Linked tasks - Tasks with strategic impact / macro effect on overall battlefield Is there any documentation that explains how the task system works.. are they random tasks or strategically driven by logic in the command module? thanks
  10. The 'parent / child' task system is interesting. Can you explain a little more about it? Do child tasks, link to parent tasks that in turn link to large battle outcomes or sector control or something else 'macro' like that?

    Targeting improvements

    My numpad doesn't slew. may be a conflict with TFR. what are the names of he slew commands in the binding config? maybe I can direct bind to stick hat buttons. Can't seem to find them.

    [1.60] Eden Interface too big

    Perfect at 4k for me.

    Targeting improvements

    Tried out 1.60 on main branch. It's an improvement but some questions... - @getbuck - good suggestion, will try numpad for slewing - locking to groudn works, but slewing from locked point is goofy as the slewing seems to unlock the groud lock adding influence of plane movement instead of just doing a delta from the selected ground lock point. Refinement for next revision perhaps. - is there a command to reset the tgp to bore site? I could not find in the controls menu - there should be some sort of indicator in cockpit of where the tgp is pointing / ground locked to. Is there a way to enable? This is a critical feature for situational awareness. Could be on the radar, but really should be a diamond / indicator on the HUD when TGP aim point in view (when off the HUD a marker that shows left or right on heading tape would suffice). I noticed that there is a marker in the TGP view that shows bore site of plane.. this is less important I think than having vice-versa. - really needs to be a pitch indicator in tgp view along with roll. Roll is very helpful but pitch super important flying heads down. Overall nice improvement. Keep it up for v2.

    Targeting improvements

    Is there a key bind for slewing? needed fi hotas binding . using mouse possible but not ideal when using stick an throttle.

    Analogue Inputs only 50% range

    I have an x55 as well. do you get full range of response from the hotas throttle? could you share how you bound your axis to the analogue throttle key bind in game?

    Targeting improvements

    Are there any new key binds for the TGP?

    Targeting improvements

    Could be made easier by adding aircraft pitch ladder and roll angle overlay on the tgp camera view. simpler to add vs an autopilot function maybe

    ARMAnet Podcast

    Thanks for the Podcast on ARMA. It's about time. Listened to both.... some comments: - music (from above you are removing - thank goodness for that!) - more detailed topic explanation and level setting. I like the topics you are picking - game mods, movement mods, etc.. But I found you guys jump right to impressions a little too quickly. Would be great if you spend a little more time explaining 'what the mod is' and 'how it works' so users who have never seen or heard of what you are talking about I can follow your impressions better and form their own opinion along the way. For example - the jumping / climbing mod. You briefly explained and went on to how essential it was which was great. And I sort of understood 'allows you to get to higher places for sniping'. But you didn't really explain how it works so I could not form my own opinion or fully understand yours. After I went and looked up the mod and watched a youtube of it in action it was super clear. A New bindable action with specific animations that allows - jumping up grabbing ledges and climing on top of 1 story buildings, structures or crates. Allows vaulting while running /walking. Jumping across small gaps between roof tops. This is a cool mod. Anways... great podcast, keep it up, this is an ARMA community so keep picking detailed technical topics (ie AI functionality, movement mods, game mods, tactics) and don't forget that everyone listening may not have the same base understanding you do - so extra explanation on the "what is it" and "how does it work" always helps up front to support impressions and opinions. Also.. some ideas below on topics I'dl like to hear you guys discuss... - keybinding tips and tricks. There are SO many keys and SO many pro-tips on efficient bindings. - how-to's or mechanic discussions - ie. detailed artillery or mortar usage and opinion, or how to plan an ingress/egress in a chopper, how wipeout laser marking works, walk through a 1500m sniper kill from rifle and kit selection to how you assess and judge windage and range, to lining up the shot to brain matter. - Kit of the week - What do you use for a sniper setup in detail, what scope? why? MG support...a scoped zafir at 7.62mm or mk200? Do suppressors actually do anything? what conditions. Room clearing? what's your kit for that and why? Whats a real pratical scenario to use mines... which ones? I'd love to listen to a detailed discussion just on weapon and item descriptions, pro's and con's and then opinion. Same with vehicles. ARMA content is so detailed and there is so much of it that I bet many people don't fully understand or utilize. Just ranting now... can't wait for the next podcast. Keep it up!

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I loaded up DEV branch 1.59 to try out some of the new features. I played some of the old showcase missions to test AI performance - specifically Infantray and Combined Armes showcases. Holy cow.... that is some tough AI.. I haven't played either to completion in a long long time, but both cases took me more than 20 loads to get through. I suck!! Rather than judget the AI based on my performance, I think its better to judge based on the AI behaviors that I observed. Overall the AI behaviors are extremely realistic. I break my assessment down into three areas of AI behavior - Movement, Engagement, and Reaction, plus two other 'assessments' of Awareness and Precision. Movement - this is just observing how AI move through the space in a threatened or unthreatened state. Overall I don't know what to say other than it's pretty perfect. They move logically from cover to cover. They move as a team. When threatened they take appropriate cover. Sure there are times they get caught standing on an open hill side, or going prone beside the 'big rock'rather than behind it... but overall it's pretty awesome to watch. Engagement - this is just observing how they engage offensively. Overall its also really good. They move to cover and go prone or crouch before engaging. They don't camp unless pinned. The move forward covering eachother and even suppressing. They look better than allot of human squads I have observed. It's pretty awesome to watch. One thing that could improve is fire and movement in finer or more aggressive steps while in closer quarters eg.<100m (ie. clearing in and around builidings aggressively). Reaction - this is just observing how they react to counter offensive. Again, overall they are really good. If not prone or behind cover they generally move immediately. The odd time the AI will stand their ground (literally continuing to stand in open spaces after being fired upon and have a shoot out) but this is rare and maybe an accurate reflection of varying individual 'bot' intelligence on the battlefield. They move to flanking positions (since OFP so nothing new here) and press aggressively. They retreat to better positions when low in numbers. When isolated they camp in logical spots (under strees, behind rocks). Overall in the open spaces of the Infantry and Combined Arms Showcases the AI behavior is amazing. I'd like to try CQB / Urban next to see how the behaviors change. Now... what I had some frustration with was in the two categories of Awareness and Precision. I was playing on the Normal preset in 1.59. Awareness - overall I felt the AI was overly aware of my position in most situations. I know this is a totally subjective assessment and influenced by my behavior in the game but it just felt off. For example in scenarios with only 1 or 2 AI left on a hill 200M away with broken line of site to me at 200M moving behind sand bag walls the AI just knew where I was going to pop out. It was as if they had a drone and were observing me from above or could somehow see me through the wall. Another example was the Night showcase where you have to cause a disturbance. The AI patrol became aware of me VERY early on...maybe >200M, while I was couched in grass at night with no Night Vision. Just seemed off for a 'Normal' situation. Precision - talked about to death. the AI are so good at standing, 300M head shots with iron sights. Combined with the awareness above.... it made for a very difficult time on Normal to complete the showcases. One thing funny I noticed regarding the AI on these two showcases. In both the Infantry and Combined Arms showcases my AI team mates get DESCIMATED every time. I'm not leading them, I'm following so I don't think it's heavily influenced by my performance. But it happened every play through.... I am always the only survivor and generally my AI squad mates get destroyed quickly.... it's not even close. I don't know how to explain this... maybe a dev can chime in. Is enemy AI boosted somehow? or friendly AI dumbed down to offer the player more 'action'? It just seemed off - and made the mission even more difficult for me since I basically had to lone wolf the 2nd half of both showcases. I did play with the precision (or accuracy? can't remember the name) slider dropping it to 0.1 just to see if it did anything. Holy cow does it doe something. The AI could not hit a barn at 10M. Was funny. So overall that's great. I think having AI precision adjustable from "GOD" to "BLIND" is perfect as it allows full range of scaling. Perhaps the Normal preset should be changed however since most will play at the Normal level and may get discouraged / frustrated (or feel emasculated for not being able to be at least 'Normal'). :) I still want to try CQB / Urban and understand a little more about their awareness and the effect of 'Intelligence' on 'awareness'. But this is a great step for ARMA.

    Targeting improvements

    Some suggestions for v2 of TGP mainly for aircraft use . - need HUD indicator for current TGP aim point - slew up / down / left / right key binds to slew on HUD and in TGP window - ground stabilization (lock on ground point) when lock button pressed with no target in view. Maintain ability to slew and zoom while ground stabilized. Auto lock if skewed over target. - way to unlock TGP from a ground point. Could use second press of lock button. - a way to return to bore site. Could be done by cycling TGP on/off - zoom and thermal cycling are good now - laser keybind and function - simple overlay of pitch and roll (rotating wing symbols and pitch ladder) on the TGP view. this plus HUD indicator negates essential need for pip. Ground stabilization with slew is most important for me as searching heads down is key purpose of TGP. Good luck!

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Been playing bornholm and its awesome. However we have noticed that the Ai seems to be somewhat unaffected by grass. It seems worse than Altis or Straits. Basically we now play with grass disabled, which is unfortunate given the aesthetic compromise and beauty of Bornholm. I know its an ongoing ARMA issue as described in this thread. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?183844-So-AI-can-still-see-through-completely-obscuring-grass-and-shoot-at-the-player/page14 After reading this thread and better understanding how grass effects the Ai I was wondering if bornholm grass or surfaces could be 'underconfigured' as described in the quotes below by Petka from BIS. Maybe not but I thought I would ask in case the map developer wasn't aware of this information related map surface configuration related to grass effecting Ai. Great map!

    ArmA3Mark - Benchmark your ArmA 3

    Arma3Mark v0.51 - Max Settings Run * Note for some reason I can't select ULTRA terrain detail - Very High only shows up. Not sure why.... Avg. FPS: 25 SETTINGS SCREEN SHOTS Chassis: Silverstone SG06-450 Mini ITX 450W MB: Asus P8Z77-I Mini-ITX Intel Z77 Chipset CPU: i7-3770K @ 4.2Ghz (stock Intel cooling) GPU: Zotac NVIDIA 660Ti 4GB (stock clocks) RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz SSD: Plextor 256GB Not bad results with a mini-ITX system built to be silent and discrete (not a monster gaming rig). I'd like to see some more max settings runs!

    ARMA 2, version 1.09 - Patch Released

    Originally Posted by MathewH123 Hey, When I downloaded the 1.09 patch I had to completely reinstall my Arma 2 game. The patch is now successfully installed but whenever I try to get into an online game It will load and let me pick what fire team position I want but after that it goes to something that looks like a loading screen and says "Waiting for host" and just sends me back to the list of servers. If any one can help It would be much appreciated. Posted in General forum, repost here for proper placement and hopefully a suggestion on help. I am having the same issue. I see no mention of addons missing. Is there a .log file I could reference ot be sure?

    Problems with 1.09

    I am having the same issue. Any solution would be appreciated.