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  1. You can, but reboarding is a no-no. However, If I remember right (It's a long time since I played it) isn't there a script bundled with the CoC Diver example mission that transfers the diver to the boat? If so, it would probably work with the sub too.
  2. Stag

    Nogovan army?

    Immediately after the Resistance campaign, the Nogovan Army’s heavy equipment would consist of whatever they had left after the war. They’d run this kit until it became unusable. The problem with determining what comes next stems from not knowing what they actually have in the way of a budget. I strongly doubt that they would be able to run MBTs after the Resistance War assets were gone. Then again there’s also the “Sleeping Dogs†factor. If there were an extended period of peace, a large proportion of the population would question the need for anything more than the most basic armed forces anyway. What kind of government does Nogova have? How trustworthy are its politicians? How thick are its citizens?
  3. Interesting, what do you mean by this? Â Maybe I just don't understand cause I just woke up or something, but please elaborate. Â If I remember correctly, if the View Geometry LOD is not defined, OFP defaults to the standard Geometry LOD for what can and can't be seen. If you've got any (normally invisible) sticky-outy bits in the geometry LOD, these would block the view of objects behind a model.
  4. Nicely done, but the View Geometry LOD needs fixing; objects disappear behind it.
  5. If offshore resources were discovered...
  6. Stag

    Race pack out

    I suspect the outcome of the race would depend on which of the spectators was fastest with the javelin.
  7. It must have been market day at the time.
  8. If you look to the real world for comparisons, there's no way a place the size of Nogova could maintain thoroughbred warplanes; even dedicated gunships like the Mi24 would be stretching it. Take Madagascar as an example: In the late 70's their front line fighter was the Mig17 (eight of them). The rest of the airforce consisted of transport and survey platforms, with 1 Britten-Norman Defender for COIN. Granted Madagascar doesn't have the trouble Nogova has, but even so, think about it; any airforce that Nogova could possibly support wouldn't last 5 minutes against any enemy with the capability to invade. Better to invest a limited defense budget into weapons Nogova can maintain. Once the enemy have landed, MANPADS would be enough to make the stay uncomfortable. Perhaps a couple of gunships in dispersed positions to add leverage when needed. Of course, you could just say "Bugger reality" and bung in whatever you want for gameplay.
  9. Having problens with ILS. Aircraft take off okay from my airfield (still needs a bit of fine tuning though), but landing is a no-go. AI/Autopilot make one pass over the runway in the right direction then appear to have problems lining up again. I followed Marksman's instructions (As I understand them), but don't know what to adjust to sort this out. Has anyone had similar problems? If so, what was the solution? Thanks in advanvce.
  10. Stag

    Ils approach

    Plank, now the forums at OFPEC are back up, I did a search for the thread you mentioned. after digesting all, It appears that height ASL is the key. Thanks for the tip
  11. Stag

    Animation pack

    Good. I'm looking forward to downloading it. Now the inevitable question: How soon will they be available?
  12. Stag

    The first wave

    Start here.
  13. Stag

    Animation pack

    Looks good, but but a couple of questions; Will the shoulders/upper body move in sync with the lower torso? Why left handed for safewalk?
  14. Stag

    M1a - a1

    Wasn't that a song by Olivia Newton-John? I wish I hadn't said that; the image of Mr.T doing the video is not something I need this time of the morning.
  15. Stag

    Stock up your air to air defense

    What's price per unit of the X31, including service contracts for the next 50 years to actually turn it into a fighter. (The Maldens, being poor, can't forsee renewing them in the near future) and some fairly cheap but effective jammers? Can they be retrofitted with Merlin missiles and appropriate guidance radars cheaply? If they can't, just fit a bloody gun and a couple of stingers to the X-31, which we of the Maldens will from now on use the X36, now called the Wardog, and we will proceed to conq- er, defend the planet. Ego, ME!!!? Watch the discovery channel for what an X31 is capable of...
  16. Stag

    M1a - a1

    Yes, but can you remember the music? Hum it now, don't download it!
  17. Stag

    M1a - a1

    My mistake; the full rock and roll M14 was produced in limited numbers; the beast I thought was the M14E1 was actually the M14A1; with its obvious differences, it was intended to replace the BAR as the M60 was intended to replace the M1919 series. An M14A1 "LSW":
  18. Stag

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    You can user shots previously posted, yes?
  19. Stag

    M1a - a1

    :putsanorackon: The gun used by the A-team was the Ruger Mini-14, which was basically a scaled-down M14 chambered for 5.56mm ammunition. The basic M14 (and I suspect the M1A you're talking about) was semi-automatic only. The M1A1 had a full auto mode but no burst, the M1E1 had a full auto mode, heavy barrel, inline stock and bipod, and you know about the M21. :takesanorackoffandwandersaway:
  20. Stag

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    My new favourite subject:
  21. Stag

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Nice. How did you filter that?
  22. Stag

    Uss nimitz by hawk

    Believe me, I will be propely ecstatic when it's in my addons folder.
  23. Stag

    Uss nimitz by hawk

    I think it IS DaSquade's Nimitz, just finished by Hawk. // Now I hope somebody will make all this ammo carts and flight deck crew, so we won't have to use 5T trucks onboard. Â Deck crew's been in existance for a long time. They can be got from OFPEC... hopefully in the near future.
  24. Stag

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    On the the contrary; a sideshot at close range is every sherman crews dream. Usually they lost the tank before they got within shooting range.