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    Sir william gates

    I don't see how? The majority of earnings for the highest 10% are not based on work related income? Also, I did express that the investment into business (i.e. your idea of job creation) can be supplemented by small amounts of investments spread out amongst more numerous people. It is no different than one person investing all of his/her money. The difference is in how many people benefit and by how much. The thing is, that Gates or Branson didn't start in the highest 10% of earners. they got there by working towards it. I can really see that much effort being put into something if the person who is the driving force gets the same share is the cretin who's there to spout good Socialist dogma. But given time, such a company will produce something that everyone can use... like the Trabant. Proportionally a hell of a lot less than "Pure Socialist Utopias" that have gone tits up.
  2. Tarawa People asked after seeing some screenies in the Combat photography section, so here it is. It's still buggy. Spad handed this model to the community to develop, so if anyone wants to take it further, enjoy.
  3. Stag

    Tarawa class lsh

    I did. I know the length was right, assuming one square = 1 metre. I set up a background image matching the length, then adjusted the height to correspond. Knowing the beam was 106 ft made scaling that dimension easy enough.
  4. Stag

    Sir william gates

    I don't think anyone suggested the idea (or did I miss something again?). Seems to me that that was Bn880's idea of heaven. Bill isn't the world's big problem. This nonsensical notion that the worlds democracies are currently working just dandy and the larger nation's economies are doing fine is the problem. I still say higher taxes for higher incomes. I've seen people work 12 hours a day for less than needed to live on. perhaps they are not working hard enough? Perhaps Bill is "Super-Laborman"! Â I know very well how well democracy works. And I also know very well how the alternatives don't. Higher taxes for hgher incomes? Good idea. Not even particularly new. But when talking of stripping any successful entrepreneur of the majority of his earnings, you're going to be destroying their incentive to work and create thousands upon thousands of jobs. If all you have to show for creating multi-national success is a pat on the head from unrealistic cretins, why put yourself out? Sit on your ass or do the barest minimum, and you will achieve exactly the same result, only without the pat on the head.
  5. Stag

    Hh-60j jayhawk, seahawks and hc-130h

    Nice work, and with Hawk's carrier, Nice timing
  6. Stag

    Tarawa class lsh

    Reproportioned unit now available. If you want it use the original download link
  7. Stag

    Sir william gates

    I stand Corrected. There's never been a successful Socialist government or "Capitalist" government, for that matter, where the democratic process has been overidden. A dose of socialism is healthy, I agree. I'll hazard a guess there's a fair few Swedish millionares around as well though, and they are not taxed up to their eyeballs. But anyone who thinks that extreme polarity of either Capitalism or Socialism has any chance of survival is living in cloud-cuckoo land. Â An extreme Socialist government which attempted to put limits on the capitalist sector would go one of two ways; Either piss off the populace so much that they rose up and threw the socialists out, Or piss off the populace so much that they'd have to shoot a few thousand or so just to keep them in line. If things are sooo good under Communism, how come shitloads of people were trying to get out of it? I can't seem to recall boatloads of our Commies trying to get across the border to the USSR. Man, I really wish they'd tried. Extreme capitalism wouldn't last much longer either. Take the French and Russian Revolutions as the truth of that. it's patently obvious that the best solution is a balance between the two. IMO, Picking on people like Bill Gates or Richard Branson is just another bullshit diversion; find someone to blame for the worlds ills, and say things would be different if "You" had "Your" way. For all their money, it wouldn't be a drop in the ocean compared to what would really be needed to put the world to rights.
  8. Stag

    Sir william gates

    And how could you possibly reward somebody to that extent? Mediocre rewards produce mediocre results. Somebody may be prepared to work their asses off for peanuts, but nobody with the brains to be really effective. Kalashnikov lives near the poverty line today; a fat lot of use being called a Hero of the Soviet Union did him. Meanwhile his basic design has remained unchanged since 1945. Basic soundness has a lot to do with that; but could it be that the incentive to produce something truly revolutionary isn't there? Yes, well the unfortunate fact of life is that conceptualizations are just that; and don't last 5 seconds once applied to human beings. there has NEVER been a successful socialist government of any significance. it's all turned to crap, and that includes Chile, if you intend to cite that as an example. It wasn't the Americans that threw that guy out, it was the Chileans. You can claim all the conspiricies you like, but at the end of the day, that's the fact, not the conceptualization. "If it was not corrupted?" if that was the least bit possible we wouldn't have needed some clueless old fart of a theoretician to lay down the rules of Socialism. We'd just do it. Scientists get knighthoods too. Businessmen tend to make their own rewards as far as cash goes. I dream of the day when people will realise what a load of bullshit pure Communism/Socialism is and get on with a more realistic life.
  9. Stag

    Uss nimitz by hawk & dasquade

    I can't think of any modern destroyer that looks anything like a modern counterpart. BUT I have a load of unfinished projects on my Hard Drive, among them a Perry class Frigate and Phalanx CIWS. If anyone wants to try to finish them they're welcome to them.
  10. Stag

    Tarawa class lsh

    Never thought to check general scaling; Spad must have worked purely from photos. Height is probably to cock as well then. I'll have a closer look.
  11. Stag

    Tarawa class lsh

    According to fas.org, the overall length should be 249.9m, which is precisely what I scaled it to: http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ship/lha-1.htm
  12. Stag

    Tarawa class lsh

    Which part of "Original by Spad, resized" confused you?
  13. Stag

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    When are any decent USMC helos going to appear?
  14. Stag

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    If anyone wants it. It's still bugged to jiggery.
  15. Stag

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    re-sized the Tarawa, couldn't figure where else to post the screenie:
  16. Stag

    Carrier deck?

    Unless your carrier is made up of sections of 75m or less, that will happen. OFP can't handle bigger objects.
  17. Stag

    American tanks

    Many thanks.
  18. I think it may be the one from OGWC. If it is, then you can get it by downloading their old demo pack. My advice is, don't bother.
  19. I think it may be the one from OGWC. If it is, then you can get it by downloading their old demo pack. My advice is, don't bother.
  20. Stag

    Bas littlebirds

    Everything seems to be pretty much covered, but for my 2 cents; Would it be possible to add a cargo position on the floor of the rear cabin where a wounded anim could be placed? Oh yeah, From when the LBs first appeared, lose the seats in the rear of the AH6, and make the ammo storage larger.
  21. "Unified Zombie Pack?" A load of undead sat crosslegged and holding hands outside a Casualty Department singing: "All We Are Saying, Is Give Death A Chance?" Live hippies are bad enough...
  22. Stag


    This and a few more would have been really useful on Christmas day...
  23. Stag

    New btr 70 & btr 80 by sea demon

    Appears to ride a little high.