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  1. Stag

    High quality m-16a1

    Not so high quality; where's the vent holes at the top of the furniture?
  2. Stag

    Anim.pbo replacement pack

    Can anyone tell me the name of the safe walk animation? Thanks in advance.
  3. Stag

    Tears of the sun seals

    I'm waiting for this one too. BTW: They ARE packing an M249, as well as the Mk.43. "Slo" is carrying it. (I own the DVD, and I've been watching it a lot ). One difference between his and what you've got; in the film, the ammo is in a woodland camo bag.
  4. Stag

    Project a-10

    Would this be of use?
  5. Stag

    Zil-131 pack v1

    Very welcome! The logistics train of all sides needs a closer look, and you've introduced a new element. The Kung apears to be some kind of moblie office. What is it's purpose; Is it worth a special operation to blow up? On the downside, the textures are a bit hodge-podge.
  6. Excellent work, but they do deserve better weapons than just the basic BIS models.
  7. Stag

    Units in helicopter?

    How about a trigger: count crew h1==(whatever)
  8. GOTY is on the cheap shelves. do yourself a favour and buy it; It's a completely different game.
  9. Stag

    Inquisitors new addon ?

    M113 ACAV. Nice.
  10. Stag

    Large ships

    So does the Pauk. quite a few, in fact.
  11. Stag

    Large ships

    Apparently, they aren't interesting enough.
  12. Stag

    Very odd problem

    I'm building an addon with a turret. All the named sections are correct, the turret rotates and the gun elevates. But whatever I do, the turret only seems to rotate about the point "usti hlavne." I've tried switching axis position, but it always seems to pivot around this point. Has anyone come across this before? How can I get it to pivot around the correct point?
  13. Stag

    Very odd problem

    SORTED! Thanks for putting me on track, Scud. Â
  14. Stag

    Very odd problem

    Configs are not my strong point; what I have is a modified version of Brsseb's Boat Config. The lines which seem to do the same job as the code you posted are: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">class TurretBase { gunAxis="osa hlavne"; turretAxis="osa veze"; gunBeg="usti hlavne"; gunEnd="konec hlavne"; soundServo[]={"Vehicles\gun_elevate",0.001000,1.000000}; minElev=-5; maxElev=90; minTurn=-360; maxTurn=360; body="OtocVez"; gun="OtocHlaven"; };
  15. Stag

    Very odd problem

    I was working through Brsseb's tutorial As I was doing it. Everything has been checked and double-checked, and yet the problem persists.
  16. Stag

    3d studio max tutorial

    Welcome to the forum If you're intending to make addons for OFP, I suggest you start using Oxygen; it costs nothing, and sooner or later you would need to do exactly that. Some very good tutorials are already in existance here. If you still intend to use 3DMax, then there's some tutorials built in, or you could visit Discreet's website; if the bundled tutorials aren't enough, I'm sure someone will already have created what you need there.
  17. Stag

    Tank command does not make semse

    Also, move your mouse cursor away from the target once you've selected it. That can confuse matters too.
  18. Stag

    The "community"

    See my sig and practice what you preach! Did you read the rest? If so, You'd know that I don't believe that's enough.
  19. Stag

    The "community"

    First of all, my apologies to Deadmeat for taking out on him something he didn't necessarily deserve. I won't say any more about that, because that may just start an argument in a different quarter, and the purpose here is to get rid of that. As many people have already said, there is no way in which you can stop flamers and trolls from existing. They are used to saying pretty much whatever they like with little fear of retaliation; to paraphrase an earlier comment. they're not going to get smacked in the teeth by a monitor. The best thing that can be done is damage limitation; you can't stop a single troll from posting, but what you can do is remind well intentioned people that "rising to the defence" of the addonmakers is only making matters worse; telling them after the fact not to feed the trolls is shutting the stable after the horse has bolted. Now this is where I get argumentative. I'm afraid I can't see how banners merely proclaiming support for addonmakers is going to affect the well intentioned people who immediately rise to the bait of the real trolls. After all, in their eyes they are "supporting" the addon makers, right? I suggest another type of banner, a compromise between the ones supporting the addon makers, and the "stamp" produced by Deadmeat. Again, it's been pointed out that Deadmeat's solution could just be a red rag to a bull, drawing attacks by trolls. You're challenging them. You cannot command other people, but you do command yourself. My suggestion is a banner that states what you yourself do. for example: "I support the addon makers which keep Operation Flashpoint alive. If I believe criticism of an addon is warranted, I will do so politely, giving details where possible to prove my case. (Here's the kicker)I will not post in response to attacks on an addon maker. to do so would only inflame a situation which is of no benefit to the community. I will report to the moderators any post which I think is unduly offensive to any member of this forum." Now if one person were to have a banner like this, it's very possible that Declarations 3 and 4 will draw attack. But if it were to be adopted by the community, who's the troll going to aim for? Again, with these banners everywhere, a new member cannot fail to run into them. He sees immediately what the community expects of itself. If he wants to stick around, he'll want one of these banners himself. perhaps they could be handed out by the moderators, when the new member reaches a certain post count?
  20. Stag

    Some stuff...

    Thanks FM.
  21. Stag


    I'm looking for a good quality top-down view of a OH Perry Class Frigate. I have several low-res ones, but I can't quite make out enough detail to get the shape of the bridge correct. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  22. Stag


    Thanks for the link JR.
  23. Stag

    Fishing boats

    Been said before, But I'll say it again; Those seagulls are a very nice touch. Oh, the possiblities for these boats...