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    Bell UH-1 Y wip

    I think this bird should have been in ArmA from day 1, as well as LAVs rather than Strykers, but that's just me. I'm sure we'll get it all in the end, one way or other. Progress is looking good mate. Keep up the good work.
  2. Stag

    French Special forces

    Having run it through Babelfish, I think it's sounds better in French. Bit gory, like:
  3. Anyone know of a troop wearing the USMC eight-point cover, aside from the squad leader in Suchey & Earl's Marine Assault pack? Thanks in advance.
  4. Stag

    Serious controller problem

    Problem solved. It was down to CHCM, though something in ArmA highlighted the problem. All appears to work fine now.
  5. This may be a problem with my controller software, but regardless, it started when ArmA was installed, so I'm posting here as well as the CH Hangar regarding the problems I'm having. I got Armed Assault last week, and had a bit of a problem getting my CH gear (Fighterstick, Pro Throttle, Pro Pedals to work. ArmA doesn't recognise multiple controllers, so I tried combining the three using CHCM4.1. It didn't work. After a lot of tweaking for ArmA in general, I even went so far as to reinstall XP64 Pro, and for a few hours Everything worked as it should, but the next time I switched on, not only could I not access the profile I'd created for ArmA, I couldn't load anything for any of my other sims. The trouble started with ArmA, but has since gone beyond that to effect every title I've got Help? AMD64 4200 X2 ASUS A8-N Premium Motherboard 2 Gig DDR400 2 6800 Ultra SLI Windows XP64 Pro 400 Gig SATA
  6. Stag

    Serious controller problem

    But ArmA did recognise the three controllers when they were combined into one by CHCM, the CH controller software. Even OFP does that. The problem is that when I first installed ArmA, it did only go for the most complex controller (Pro Throttle). After a lot of work it recognised the combined controller, but now it doesn't again, and all of my other profiles have ceased to be recognised as well. Okay, it may very well be a problem with CH's software, but my point is that CHCM worked perfectly well right up to the point when I installed ArmA. Now you can tell me it's CH's baby, but at the end of the day all the problems I'm experiencing now stemmed from installing ArmA. Don't you think that it's something BIS should be made aware of?
  7. Great stuff Mr. S, Many thanks.
  8. Stag

    Performance Issue

    My problem was that the framerate just got gradually worse until it became unplayable. Changing the settings in any way seemed to refresh the game, then it started to degrade again. Sorted to (relative) satisfaction though.
  9. Stag

    Getting TrackIR working??

    I agree; Update. But if it doesn't work after that, you can manually configure in your controller options
  10. Stag

    Performance Issue

    Ah. You've hit a nail bang on the head! When I first started simming, it was back in 1996. Bought a PC, Bought European Air War, and grumbled when I couldn't run it maxed. After that, so many titles that I couldn't run the way they looked in the magazines. I got used to it. Then all of a sudden, the kind of radical development we had back then stopped. IL2 and it's sequels, all basically running on the same old engine. Technology got a chance to catch up, then overtake. Now, all of a sudden there's been a revolution, especially in the field of graphics, and the hardware necessary to play the games usually has a serious price tag attached. Just like the "Good Old Days". But people seem to have forgotten what it was like, or a new generation has come up which never had to deal with that frustration before. Me, I can't wait for Oleg maddox's Battle of Britain Sim to appear; I expect to see a large lynch mob marching east with pitchforks and blazing torches when that sucker hits the vid-RAM.
  11. Stag

    Performance Issue

    You get the FASAA fix? did it for me You can find it using the searc-DOH! Edit your ArmA config in My Documents\Arma to FSAA=0 Then edit your profile to PostFX=0 Starts to look more like old OFP, but it works.
  12. Stag

    Performance Issue

    I'm also a fan of A game called "Battle of Britain 2; Wings of Victory" which when patched to 2.05 becomes the finest combat flight simulation available for WW2 (aside from the woeful lack of multiplay). Buy it, I heartily recommend it. But one Noob got the game and ran it unpatched. The next thing he did was put a scathing review on Amazon of how unplayable the title was. I wonder how much damage that did to the sales of the game? BTW, one thing I've noticed on this forum is that if people ask for something, they are more or less told to stop wasting everyone's time and use the search engine. To me that's even worse than RTFM, but that's just my observation.
  13. Stag

    Performance Issue

    So everyone just have to take into account for all the ppl in the world that either:[*] Don't use their brain [*] Don't seek proper support on products that they buy [*] Don't take the responsebility of having a properly configured and installed computer? I'm sorry, but I think when we wen't over the 18+ years mark there were certain responsebilities that we learned to live with. If you don't have a drivers license, then don't drive until you have... If you don't know how to use a drill, you better first test it or get a teacher, before you try to drill holes... It's always nice and easy to put the blame on other's shoulders... many ppl forget self responsebility, but that's simply their problem..... and not somebody elses Not everyone, just the people who want to sell software to the blokes (who probably outnumber us 10 - 1) who just want to sit in front of their rig and shoot things. These people will plug a game in, play it for five minutes and then get on to every forum they can reach screaming how crap the game is, because they get their expectations of how something should run from playing with a Nintendo. Irritating? Yup, but they do have the money developers need to produce their next title, and they don't take kindly to being told to RTFM. The fact is, enthusiasts are always in a minority. If they depended only on the members of this forum for their income, then even if we all bought a title when it came out BIS would soon be nothing more than a memory. That's the economics of survival. You can take comfort in your eliteism, but it's the plebs who will make this title succeed or fail. I'll just go and duck now, 'cos people are always taking pot shots at the messenger.
  14. Island: Iraq/An Najaf by Goon, Landy:Desert UKF WMIK with all the trimmings, Weapon: UKF C8A1 with AG36, Troop: UK Desert Troops by Blackblood.
  15. An oldie I found while I was looking for something else.
  16. Stag

    Terrorist attack on London

    i AM CANADIAN they are our Enemys too Canadian Troops are in Afganistan or are you living in a bubble ? Al Qaeda is not actually making plans to attack our soft targets you know. We are not in Iraq. They are not my enemy, I respect their wish for whitep eople to get the heck out of the ME, and I am Canadain. I don't support us being in Afghanistan either BTW. I think those who broke it should have been fixing it. you are sad you must be our enemy to side with the no good terrorrsts and dictators when our troops are doing a fine job to do our part in the war on terror no we are not in Iraq Afganistan take up all our troops and you shame our Candian troops that are giving the ultimate price they have not targeted us yet but who knows what the future holds... now WAKE UP or are you a Enemy sympathizer tough shit you don't support the free world why don't ya move to a place that represents your view you pussy mabe move to Iran you will like it there nice one, someone may actually believe this incomprehensible shit you jsut wrote. Are you really a moron or being sarcastic? They day you understand will probably be the day that a lot of your countrymen, possibly even some like-minded friends of yours are killed or injured; not because they agree or disagree with the war, but because they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time; A soft target. You and I disagree; we will probably always disagree, until, God forbid, the above happens. Until then, nothing I say wil change your mind, and nothing you say will change mine. So why, for once, don't you shut up, you over-intellectual f u c k t a r d ?
  17. Stag

    Usmc uh-1n

    Really Bobcat? And in which country?
  18. Stag

    Usmc uh-1n

    Hmm. Sorry Miles. I should have added the provision: Only US MARINE UH-1N out there.
  19. Stag

    Usmc uh-1n

    I kept quiet last time I saw this, I've had enough of biting my tongue. Now at this point, Bobcat, you are probably expecting a bunch of addon junkies to all post saying; "oh, no, plaese, master! release what you have done! We'll be good! We'll flame anyone who derides your work!" Sorry, not my style. If you're going to release it, release it. If not why bother bringing it up? As far as the model goes about which this thread is started, nobody has out and out flamed it, Blackdog could have been more diplomatic about the font, and shouldn't have bothered bringing other helos into it, but everything which has been mentioned is an issue with the model; face properties, font, and tail rotor. If he wants to, Preperation H can address those issues, or he can just sit back, because HIS model is still the only representation of a UH1-N out there. Who the hell are you to hijack a thread about HIS model with a rant about the one you don't intend to release? Your model; you do what you like with it, pal.
  20. Stag

    Usmc uh-1n

    One problem; The tail rotor is on the wrong side.
  21. Stag

    M1A2 SEP

    Have you put a "Friendly Fire" script into this? I've actually been shot twice by a vehicle in my own platoon when practicing against empty targets.