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    I advise you to download, examine and play the example mission included in the zip. It's not something you can use straight away.
  2. Stag


    Thanks for making the source files available. A very quick reskin: Not for release; just playing. The pattern needs better scaling.
  3. Stag


    Good one! This opens up a couple of new possibilities, to say the least. Any way to show AT/AA weapons as proxies outside the main pack?
  4. Stag

    Bas tonal-tango pack

    Hehe I found this silly when I saw a catholic church in an African island. I would guess that a lot of catholics would be persecuted in some third world countries.. *what Evis said* Guess who I find silly, BD? Â Oh and some things I found: There are 2 tunnels at AJ31, and a Scud site at BB18. No prizes for guessing where the last Insurgency mission will take place. There is at least one Mosque; I spotted it in Kimoe.
  5. Stag

    Bas tonal-tango pack

    Love the airport. If Hawk's C130 skidding problem could be sorted, it would be spot on for an Entebbe type mission!
  6. Stag

    Remember this airfix kit?

    SORTED! Thanks, Mr. F.
  7. Having problems with the door...
  8. Can anyone see the problem? <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">/* Animation tutorial (#9) by BRSSEB, 23.07.03 */ #define TEast 0 #define TWest 1 #define TGuerrila 2 #define TCivilian 3 #define TSideUnknown 4 #define TEnemy 5 #define TFriendly 6 #define TLogic 7 #define true 1 #define false 0 #define private 0 #define protected 1 #define public 2 class CfgPatches { class BRSSEB_TUTMODEL { units[] = {JFWHutstilts1}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.85; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class All{}; class Static: All{}; class Building: Static{}; class Strategic: Building{}; class Fortress1: Strategic{}; class JFWHutstilts1 : Fortress1 { model="\JFWhutstilts1\JFWhutstilts1"; armor=900; scope=2; displayName="Hooch, Stilts 1"; animated=1; class Animations { // Door animation class class ani_Door { type="rotation"; animPeriod=5; selection="door"; axis="door_axis"; angle0=0; angle1=-1.5; }; }; }; /* Animation class end */ // Useraction class class UserActions { class OpenDoor { displayName="Open Door"; position="pos1"; radius=2.000000; condition="this animationPhase ""ani_Door"" < 0.5"; statement="this animate [""ani_Door"", 1]"; }; class CloseDoor { displayName="Close Door"; position="pos1"; radius=2.000000; condition="this animationPhase ""ani_Door"" >= 0.5"; statement="this animate [""ani_Door"", 0]"; }; }; /* Useraction class end */ }; /* Model class end*/ }; /* CfgVehicle class end*/ Thanks in advance.
  9. Stag

    Config.cpp causing ctd

    DOH! Many thanks!
  10. Stag

    Config.cpp causing ctd

    No, Mr. F. When I actually start OFP it crashes. The model path is okay, I had it ingame before I added the door animation; I guess it's the animation code that's causing the bother.
  11. Stag

    Did some one say

    I've been waiting for this, too. Is it possible to produce a seperate animation for Machine guns? they tend to be carried slung lower.
  12. Stag

    Redressing the balance

    Love the Phantom, though Wonder is correct; the hardpoints where you have the rocket pods don't exist on the real aircraft. At the moment there's no tail codes or roundels; are you working on different nationalities/code options?
  13. Stag

    New a-10 or an f-16

    http://www.danford.net/warthog.htm http://www.danford.net/chick.htm
  14. Okay, what's your plan?
  15. Pointless discussion. Tomorrow something may appear (even M4s) which will revise your opinion of the benchmark. The best you can do is say: "This IS the benchmark, better it!" But even then, addon makers will still make whatever they damned well WANT to make! "All Jets"?! Bit broad isn't it?
  16. Stag

    A sad day - ofp:goty - �7.99 bargin bin

    Hoooya! Two copies to bring more into the fold!
  17. I'm trying to set up a pre-planned artillery mission, but when I try I get an error message. Here's the inti_general file: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">; SP/MP Fire Spt Pack ; by snYpir ; general variables ; ----------------- ; here you can make the spt pack only look for particular init files ; required from version 1.28 of the spt pack onwards, otherwise init_reinforce.sqs will not load sny_arty_var_load_init_artillery_sqs = true sny_arty_var_load_init_closeair_sqs = true sny_arty_var_load_init_airstrike_sqs = true sny_arty_var_load_init_extraction_sqs = true sny_arty_var_load_init_reinforce_sqs = true ; one target marker (must exist on map, a marker of any colour and type) sny_arty_var_TargetMarker = "mTarget" sny_arty_var_TargetMarkerType = "SNY_target" sny_arty_var_TargetMarkerColour = "ColorBlack" ; the delay before a 'request support' radio message is cancelled ; this is used to prevent a single player preventing all other players of the same side ; from calling artillery. After this many seconds the range circles will clear and artillery ; will be available to all once again sny_arty_var_range_circles_timeout = 20 ; you can turn off range markers here. DO THIS IF YOU ARE RUNNING THE SPT PACK ON A SLOW LAN. sny_arty_var_show_range_circles = true ; find clear landing position in extractions? you may want turn turn this off on dense islands sny_arty_var_find_clear_lz = true ; show dust effects? sny_arty_var_show_shell_dust_effects = true sny_arty_var_show_helo_dust_effects = true ; colour of dust ("DUST","GRASS","SAND" or "DESERT") sny_arty_var_dust_colour = "GRASS" ; array of laser designator types ; assumes that they all create a "LaserTarget" as per the BIS laser designator sny_arty_var_laser_types = ["LaserDesignator","LaserDesignatorOH","BAS_Soflam"] ; group setup ; ----------- ; GroupIDs for fire control officers (automatically created) - for radio message mainly sny_arty_var_firecontrol_west_id = ["Hotel","GroupColor0"] sny_arty_var_firecontrol_east_id = ["Hotel","GroupColor0"] sny_arty_var_firecontrol_resistance_id = ["Hotel","GroupColor0"] sny_arty_var_firecontrol_civilian_id = ["Hotel","GroupColor0"] ; make true to allow ALL players in a group to call artillery. Make false to only allow the leader. ; Careful - if AI is the leader, support will essentially be unavilable (AI can't call arty) sny_arty_var_allow_all_to_call = true ; radio setup ; ----------- ; if you have SEB Nam Pack 2, the following radio types are available: ; "sebprc25" ; "sebtyp63" ; radio setup - does a radio weapon have to exist in a player's group in order to call arty? sny_arty_var_require_radio = true ; radio setup - enter types of radios that must be in this players group in order to ; be able to call arty (ensure sny_arty_var_require_radio equals true above also) sny_arty_var_radio_types = ["sebprc25","sebtyp63"] ; radio setup - which sides can see which radio triggers, and what are the messages? ; -1 for not used ; channel ALPHA - 1 ; channel BRAVO - 2 ; channel CHARLIE - 3 ; channel DELTA - 4 ; channel ECHO - 5 ; channel FOXTROT - 6 ; channel GOLF - 7 ; channel HOTEL - 8 ; channel INDIA - 9 ; channel JULIET - 10 sny_arty_var_radio_west = 7 sny_arty_var_radio_west_msg = "Request Support" sny_arty_var_radio_east = 8 sny_arty_var_radio_east_msg = "Request Mortars" sny_arty_var_radio_resistance = 9 sny_arty_var_radio_resistance_msg = "Request Support" sny_arty_var_radio_civilian = 10 sny_arty_var_radio_civilian_msg = "Request Support" ; a misc radio channel sny_arty_var_radio_misc = 1 ; allow the player to choose the debus type for alternate drop-offs (with regards to extractions)? ; if not, the definition in init_extraction.sqs is used sny_arty_var_allow_user_to_select_dropoff_method = false ; use the action menu as well as the radio to call support? ; you can make the radio channels above all -1 (except for the misc radio channel) ; if you are using this ; be aware that support will not be available in vehicles, however sny_arty_var_action_activate = false ; pre-defined fire missions ; ------------------------- ; these will automatically be initiated at the start of the mission ; the commented out definitions are examples ; format: ; _predefined_array = [ ; 0 - mission name (from init file) - STRING ; 1 - duration - NUMBER ; 2 - start time (use decimal time, ie 7.5 is 07:30). Use 0 for immediately. - NUMBER ; 3 - position of target - ARRAY ([NUMBER,NUMBER]) ; 4 - calling side - SIDE ; ] ; INDEX => 0 1 2 3 4 ;----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ ;_predefined_closeair1 = ["Apache Flight",120,0,getpos tank,west] ;_predefined_closeair2 = ["Mi24 Flight", 120,0,getpos tank,east] ;_predefined_arty1 = ["105mm (HE)", 120, 5.55,getpos tank,west] ;_predefined_extract1 = ["Huey", 0, 0,[7941.222656,4672.583496,0],west] ;_predefined_closeair3 = ["A10",120,0,getpos tank,west] ;_predefined_airstrike = ["Napalm",120,0,getpos tank,west] ; plug the above arrays into sny_arty_var_predefined_array here _predefined_arty1 =["105mm (HE)", 120, 5.55,getpos t1,west] Any thoughts? thanks in advance.
  18. Stag


    Man, you really need to get laid. BTW, The three Miniguns were fixed. That said, I'm outa here.
  19. Stag


    The armament of an AC-47 was three miniguns firing to port. AFAIK there wasn't a variant with .50 cals. Oh, well...
  20. Stag


    Nice. How about a gunship version for Vietnam?
  21. Stag

    A-1 skyraider

    Looking very good! About the pilot, I got to agree. HKs were never used in 'nam, so the standard pilot is right out. It will probably be a very, very long time before we see a dedicated Spad pilot, so at least the present one could be given a pistol All it will need is something in the config to take the standard weapon off him and add the sidearm.
  22. Stag

    Military airbases

    Have you ever used image intensifying Night vision gear? It's better than nothing, but it's nowhere near as good as the Mk.1 human eyeball in daylight, and it's hard enough to aquire a target during the day when you are moving near mach 1. Then consider that while you are looking for something to kill, you also have to watch out for AA threats of varying degrees of sophistication. Some smart munitions would be able to take care of buildings, because as has quite rightly been pointed out, their positions would be well known. But trying to hit dispersed targets like aircraft and logistics gear could be made very difficult just by there not being a light source nearby. And that is the important stuff; the buildings could be rubble, but as long as there's a runway, aircraft, fuel and muntions, that airbase would still be able to mount some kind of offensive operations.
  23. Stag

    Military airbases

    Whatever. My point is, despite the sophistication of the weaponry, there is always a margin of error. It's up to the defenders to make that margin as wide as possible. Switching the lights off not only helps do that, it saves electricity.
  24. Stag

    Military airbases

    In a war it would be blacked out. You use every trick in the book to screw things up for the bad guy; handing him a dirty great visual reference on a platter is not a good idea. yeah, he can find the airbase by using GPS, but once there he's got to look for targets manually, unless he's using some very sophisticated weaponry currently only used by the Yanks. And we all know their reputation for accuracy...