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    Preliminary report: Wrong MG aside, and the US flags on the crew, the battlefield has a new boss!
  2. Stag


    Must have just been fixed. Okay, got it, let's have a closer look...
  3. Stag


    Looking at the screenshots on http://of.fpp.pl/ he's gone to a great deal of trouble to get the textures on the commander's MG looking good. Pity it's a Browning, as opposed to the GPMG used in real life.
  4. Stag

    Ghost in the grass released sniper unit

    As they are, they're unusable. I can't see anyone releasing units in this state deliberately; probably uploaded the wrong file.
  5. Stag

    Info about arab armies

    AK74 didn't make an appearance until the mid-late 70's. That's with Soviet Forces, let alone export.
  6. Stag

    Info about arab armies

    The Yom Kippur war was a few years away from the Six-day war. Suitcase Saggers were a non-existent wish. The defining actions of 1967 were the Israeli air strikes which just about castrated the opposing forces. Back in them days, even the Egyptians were using PzIVH's (one previous careful owner). Don't know about the rest of the kit though.
  7. Stag

    F-16 fighting falcon

    I wouldn't say it was crap, but it's not to my taste. physically, it has an extra pair of hardpoints, skinwise, aside from the basic USAF grey the schemes are more a product of the imagination. Now someone is going to tell me If I don't like it, don't download it. How will I know I don't like it if I don't download it? But it's now gone from my drive.
  8. Stag

    Importing res object

    Found this thread a little too late to help me with the same problem. As a stopgap measure, is it possible to point the island to the correct OFP folder in the config? I ask because I tried putting these lines in and got an error: "error loading O\hous\hospoda_mesto.p3d (magic)" The code I tried was this: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">Cafe = "O\hous\hospoda_mesto.p3d"; class ReplaceObjects { class Cafe { replace = "O\hous\hospoda_mesto.p3d"; with[] = {"data3d\hospoda_mesto.p3d"}; };
  9. Thanks, but got that particular problem sorted early this morning. Any idea where I can find the missing objects?
  10. Alright, maybe it was a problem with the config. Anyone have any idea where the missing buildings are?
  11. Stag

    New plants

    Now I know where to hide AT mines where they're SURE to get a kill. Col. Klink, a great idea, and I hope to see and use them soon. Please include instructions on how to get them to appear in OFP, given the limitations Visitor has with regards to addon file handling.
  12. I've come to the conclusion that the problem here is NOT with the config.cpp. Is it possible that O.pbo could have become corrupted when unpacked? I ask this because not only does the problem shown exist, but I don't seem to have access to all the Resistance models, for example the castle ruins in Resistance. I've tried unpacking several times using different programs, but no joy. Any thoughts?
  13. Thanks. I saw the other thread, but not Powerslide's similar problem. Can you be more specific about the problem with the Config?
  14. Stag

    World war one

    Well, this is a red-letter day; I almost agree with something you have to say. I'm under no illusions that the majority of people who join the Armed Forces in times of relative peace do it out of Patriotic fervor, or the will to help their countrymen or humanity. I'm just thankful that the forces are there. Anybody who thinks that life would be far better without the military existing is certifiable. I also believe that soldier is worthy of respect, UNTIL it has been proven otherwise, even if he took part in a total disaster. In this case I definitely believe innocent until proven guilty. But if that irritates some Veterans, so be it. I would rather think the best of our military than believe it's composed of insane drug-snorting incompetent baby killers, which I'm sure would annoy them a lot more. I'm thanking the Unknown Soldier, not the Known War Criminal.
  15. Stag

    World war one

    Trying to put across the concept in the Context of Sweden obviously isn’t working; okay, lets zoom in. If I remember correctly, was it not yourself that came back from manoeuvres in summer spitting blood because one of the Officers on your side screwed up? I don’t remember the actual details but from your joy I can imagine that his actions would have had dire consequences. A defeat? By your logic, it’s irrelevant how well your own unit did, LOSER! You deserve no recognition for being where you were. You should have stayed home with the majority of your countrymen. How about for them being there in the first place, putting their lives on the line? Veteran’s Day and Remembrance Sunday is about those individual soldiers. For the individual soldier the consequences are maiming, death, periods of deprivation, and the possibility of their families dissolving while they are away. And those consequences are very real for winner or loser alike. Riiiight. That’s why, in some cases they also arrested the families of soldiers who just had the misfortune to be caught up in an impossible situation ? I don’t give them absolution, I give them my gratitude. For putting up with military life, for stepping forward when they were needed, for not staying home, or pissing off to some other country to avoid the draft. No it isn't. Actually, if you examine your own stand, you will see that it is yourself that's making this kind of generalisation. If a soldier took part in an unsuccessful action, He's a loser. It doesn't matter that the man personally did; if he came home with a VC, or whatever the award is in Sweden, He LOST. BTW; In the case of the SS or the Gestapo, I'd say the generalisation was fair. the only one I know of that deserved any respect was that man which was interviewed on that series you mentioned; "The World At War." For you that haven't seen it, he was an SS guard who refused to follow his orders. But even he was a member of an organisation whose main criteria for joining was that you be a member of the Nazi party. "Guys, we may lose this one. better stay at home and stick your head in the sand." She went to war when her country asked her to. Is she responsible for the initial rush of Total Bullshit that followed her rescue? Will her book set the record straight? I don't begrudge her the opportunity that fell into her lap, if that's what you mean. So the Veterans should be Guilty until proven innocent? I don't particularly care about the attitude of the USA and it's reasons for honouring Veterans one way or another. I know why I believe War Veterans are worthy of gratitude and respect. Anybody, and that includes you Denoir who is willing to fill a gap in the line when the consequences are at the least a substandard lifestyle, and at worst an agonising death deserves the thanks of his countrymen. Win or lose, the effort counts for something.
  16. Stag

    What militaria do you own?

    In Global Studies, we were to analise one of these. Does anyone know what kind of gun, WW2 or modern, that this is fired from? It was the standard round for British and Empire/Commonwealth Forces from the late 1890's to the early sixties. The weapons which fired it included The Lee-Enfield Rifles (Up to the L42), the BREN, British-built Browning Machine guns, The Lewis Gun and the Vickers Gun.
  17. Stag

    Nasa hasn't changed one bit

    Hmmmmm... :startslookingatsatteliteimageryofzairewhilecheckingthepriceofatornadoandfullbombload:
  18. Stag

    World war one

    On the contrary; with your attitude I could have seen you having a long career in the NKVD; You could start by manning the Maxim gun behind one of the Red Army's human wave assaults and gunning down those that are pushed back; they are after all running from the enemy, therefore losing, and by your logic, harming The Country. Rememberance Day or Veteran's day has screw all to do with any nation's Manefesto/Constitution/Whatever. It's about the Individuals. The Unknown Soldier. Remember him? (Edited for clarification and spelling)
  19. Stag

    World war one

    So you feel no gratitude to the bog-standard soldier who went off to fight the war with Russia and died, because (probably through no fault of his own) he lost? He didn't start the war, he only took part on Sweden's behalf. What must you feel about his comrades that went to fight but actually survived? Do you believe they didn't do their damndest to fulfil their duty despite the situation their leaders got them into? Did that Man hurt Sweden? Not the platoon, Not the Company, Battalion or Regiment involved, or the "Great Commanders," but just some poor sod who was there because his country expected it of him? It's men like that the days are there to commemorate.
  20. Stag

    Changing object heights

    Dunno. Never figured out Pg up/down in buldozer. But if you want to change the height of an object, go to Visitor, select the object, then Edit in the menu bar, Object Position, and bung the figure you want into the Elevation Relative to Surface box.
  21. Not in visitor. The forest is from O.pbo, and the missing textures reoccur despite rebooting.
  22. Stag

    Pick your problem

    The white line appeared ingame, not just in buldozer, but problem solved anyway; I re-installed OFP, and the config error plus a couple of other irritating little problems disappeared.
  23. I've given Visitor a partition of its own (2.5 gig). there are two folders in it; Visitor2 and buldozer. O.pbo has been extracted into buldozer, and my project folder is in there also. All the pathways correctly defined, but: If I set the transitional textures to .paa, then the infamous white line appears at the transition borders. I can get rid of this in the view in Buldozer by making the transitional textures .pac type. Unfortunately, If I do this, I get the error message: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">data file read error (config.cpp) Anybody come across this before and have a solution? Thanks in advance. PS: I've read al the tutorials I can find.