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  1. As a quick reference, try googling British Racing Green? to my eye, it's pretty much the right colour.
  2. Not a problem. :) Is it done yet? :D
  3. Bit quiet... Any news?
  4. Just discovered, just downloaded, just become my favourite weapons packs; the animations are superb! Now, the inevitable request: You've done the MC51. Have you considered doing the MC51SD requested by the SBS? It turned out to be a bigger turkey than the original weapon with all of the same problems, plus some caused by the supressor. Personally, I don't think God intended a weapon that looked so awesome to exist:
  5. Ditto, though Shapur is there.
  6. Stag

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    I'm sorry; I was brought up on "Men Behaving Badly". :D
  7. Stag

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    He said: "Crimson Lance".
  8. Guess they need to add a script that has the whole squad collapse giggling when an officer says it, and have the rank and file refer to it as "Ruddy Todger"?
  9. Careful; some of us have feelings.:eek:
  10. Just did a quick search and it appears you're right; the only reference I can find is in a book. I would have thought Ed Macey would know better.
  11. No. The Longbow came first and the Yanks scweamed and held their bweath until their Apaches were upgraded to the same standard. The info's all out there; all you need to do is use a search engine, or even more radical, read a book. BTW Georde: Nice first mod mate.:D
  12. It's a X6 ACOG. ---------- Post added at 02:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:23 AM ---------- You're completely wrong. :P
  13. ? I thought they were going with the ELCAN Specter? Oh, er, Nice one BIS! :D
  14. Rock, do something I can complain about, this is getting boring. Great work, man!
  15. Yes, I've heard that one before. It usually involves pain, discomfort, sweat and clothes endiing up more than a teensy bit wet. Getting paid to do this is fine, and indeed as you say, Character Building. On the other hand PAYING to have this done to you isn't necessarily Character Building, but definitly is masochism. :D But we digress. In hindsight perhaps I should have contacted Stalker with the suggestion for the sniper unit, but I started here. Oh well. :)
  16. I daresay. But you're still not going to do a TAB in one, are you? BTW; try Morrison's Chunky Steak. Awesome pies.:p
  17. I know; I'm a quiet fan of all StalkerGB's productions. What Im suggesting is a way for a sniper to be able to wear a ghillie suit and get the benefits of the camouflage it offers. However, under ACE2 if fatigue is factored in it should knock hell out of the wearer; it does in real life, so running around in one permanently is NOT the best option. If a sniper was able to put it on/take it off at will however, it becomes more useful. Just a thought.
  18. A true work of art. Well done! Regarding the ghillie suit; I've had a thought. Ideally, you would want a unit in standard BDU for ingress and egress, able to get ghillied up in the area of operations, but as I understand it it's impossible to switch one model for another. Would it be practical to build one unit, possibly merging some existing units with that of the ghillie suit, then making one or the other invisible via a script? It would have considerably more polys than standard though. I have played with O2, but I must admit my talents are near non-existent. I ask because I know from my experience in airsoft that running around in a ghillie suit all day is a unique form of torture.
  19. Stag

    the FEW

    Bit of constructive criticism: The undercarriage of the Hurricane is wrong. The correct is shown here: It happens to be my favourite aircraft of all time. :)
  20. Stag

    UK SAS addon

    Yup. Sorted. Cheers.
  21. Stag

    UK SAS addon

    Something Weird just started happening: Anyone got any ideas?
  22. Stag

    UK SAS addon

    I'm with everyone's comments on the weapons. As for the units themselves, I don't think I've seen any previous ArmA units with so much character. As Col. Faulkner sez: DOUBLE HARD!
  23. Nice; about time we had some L119s. If your doing requests, can you bung a bloke in there in a watchcap? Just a personal thing.
  24. From the sound of it mate, I hope your Christmas gets better. Family first, every time, especially at Christmas. We can wait. (Let's face it, we're used to it! )