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  1. WKK Gimbal

    Im hit! oh my god i've been hit!

    Actually that can easily happen; the bullet's kinetic force causing a system shock in your body, aka heart failure.
  2. WKK Gimbal

    Camo that works against a.i.

    That's a very interesting idea actually.. it would be game history to make a system like this.. "AI with true sight" hehe. Without knowing anything about how something like this could be done, I'd think that it wouldn't require THAT much computing to scan a few pixels, as a ray for line of sight already is fired. It does seem silly to be completely hidden while standing as a black op against a chalk-white building. Maybe we will see this in games soon!
  3. WKK Gimbal

    Muzzle flash

    Small arms muzzle flash reference
  4. WKK Gimbal

    Geo-mod & displacement maps

    AFAIK, all games that has dynamic displacement mapping have their maps made from even triangular meshes, so that an otherwise plane area can be distorted. The maps in OFP 1 are made from much larger polys, thus there would be no vertexes to "grab onto" and pull down, for distortion. Ofcourse, no one but BIS knows if OFP 2 will have maps constructed from tight trimeshes, though I doubt it, considering the scale of the maps... it would be a resource theft like no other. Maybe something like boolean operations in 3d apps.. who knows, I suppose that's what they did in Red Faction..?
  5. WKK Gimbal


    On-the-spot spies are really bribed traitors, i.e. key people  already working for the enemy and of their nationality, who are paid huge sums or other goodies to sell out on their countrymen and/or employers.. not Clint Eastwood donning a nazi uniform and walking into a nazi infantry camp... he'd be revealed in 20 sec. So these kind of spies would not at all fit into OFP, as they're not airdropped actors, but enemy traitors. EDIT: I'm sure you can dig up some extraordinary story about one man who actually did that, but it would be an exception from the rule and thus not an argument.
  6. WKK Gimbal


    Spies only wears enemy uniforms in crappy movies. Today, spies are made of metal and float in space, while sabotage is done by black ops.. so there.
  7. WKK Gimbal

    Which theatre are you most looking forward to?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (STGN @ 13 May 2003,17:49)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Jinef @ 13 May 2003,15:41)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Oh and central europe, i have been there on numerous occasions and all i can say is just two words. it's flat!<span id='postcolor'> Thats the reason Denmark has one of the greates number of tanks compared to the number of people there live there. I love Denmark and I am a Dane. STGN<span id='postcolor'> Haha, no... that's only because there's 5 million people in the entire country Like, a country with only 2 people and one tank would have a 50% tanks per citizen ratio
  8. WKK Gimbal

    Mission ideas

    I think scripted/predesigned campaigns usually have the most immersive atmospheric feel, but at the same time I think there's always this feeling of being forced through an obstacle-course, i.e. a linear, predefined chain of events. On the other hand, totally random missions, generated by the computer often feel "pointless" to fight, because after all, it's just another random battle with no actual purpose. The uniformity also grants less Kodak-moments somehow. I kinda like the mid-way path BIS seems to have struck. The mission objective is storybased and predesigned, yet there's enough of alternative paths within the mission itself, to play it out differently. Some of the official campaign's missions can easily be solved in 10-20 entirely different ways, yet the objective has meaning to the storyline. Sure, your kill ratio will not affect the next mission's starting conditions, but will atleast give you a nice scoresheet to take screenshots of, at the end of the mission
  9. WKK Gimbal

    Game editor

    I made a plane-addon and things, once, but I'd not take credits for making the planes BIS did.
  10. WKK Gimbal

    Vehicle targeting system

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (IsthatyouJohnWayne @ 16 May 2003,15:48)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">(unless aliens invade )<span id='postcolor'> Please ... add aliens to OFP2
  11. WKK Gimbal

    Game editor

    I really hope you BIS guys will make a more integrated, intuitive and flexible editor for OFP2. The first one is not bad, but it's certainly not intuitive either. Having to use init lines for simple things like adding a grenade to a soldier, not be able to place objects in a 3d view and heavy use of notepad (and ancient script language) to bring things together - these things are quite tiresome and limiting. As an example of a modern editor = If you have not already tried Bioware's Aurora Toolset for Neverwinter Nights, I suggest you look at it (I assume you already try most games out there). It is no coincidence this toolset was one of the main reasons for NWN's high reviews. The ability to "paint" landscape in a 3d view and quickly and precisely place objects, set weather, lighting, paint triggers, etc, is just one thing... you also have easy access to every unit's inventory, abilities and other customisation of units, with a graphical interface. Then there's the script editor, which is the most powerful and userfriendly I have yet to see - using a customized C++ with very easy drag&drop of common commands and debugging during compile. Everything is object-oriented and combined with nodes, and its use of "instances" makes it very very easy to rearrange everything on the fly. The beauty of it all is, it's insanely easy for players to make something simple, very quickly, yet it denies you no access to really dig into the deepest parts of the game's functions if you know your scripting/modding, such as messing with core AI funtionality without even leaving the editor. Regarding painting landscape - I noticed that the forests in OFP1 where made up of large square sections. I imagine most landscape types could be made like this and then added as brushes in the editor, to quickly paint terrain for any type of mission, then use a magnet brush for raising/lowering terrain.. bit like the map editor in Medieval - Total War. Just ramblings, but never the less, I think I got my point through... editor comfortability && power == extended gameplay
  12. WKK Gimbal

    Do we need female soldier?

    I know women can be real bad-asses if they want to, and they often think far clearer than men, so I don't vote "no" from being sexist - however, I might vote "no" because I think shooting at women would make my little romantic heart weap... it's just not right... not right I say! Maybe BIS should focus to make the male soldiers' AI actually think a single worthy thought during combat, before making bold attempts at implementing women - there is no way the current AI could live up to that of a woman.
  13. WKK Gimbal

    The matrix: reloaded

    Anyone knows if Keanu Reeves offers his body to all the closet-homosexuals in Hollywood to get in the films? There are few actors who can ruin a movie like he can, I simply can't understand how anyone allows him in. Take for instance the rather brilliant Dracula movie by Francis Ford Coppola. Gary Oldman gives a mindblowing performance, and so does Anthony Hopkins.. then comes Keanu Reeves; a surfer dude trying to play a classic gentleman and failing so bad that I had to pluck toenails out of my heels after watching it. What is wrong? How does it happen that such an utterly talentless actor gets to ruin otherwise good movies?
  14. WKK Gimbal

    Milk is bad for you

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (MadKiwi @ April 08 2003,06:47)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Milk causes cancer too? Â Are there any foods (or drinks) left which don't cause cancer?<span id='postcolor'> Yeah.. cigarettes. They recently found out that nicotine and tar is insanely healthy. The horror campaigns where just poor propaganda from evil green-grocer cults. So smoke alot and live forever man
  15. WKK Gimbal

    State of the games industry

    There's plenty of games with new, groundbreaking gameplay and innovations - I'd say more than there ever was. This discussion is as old as the game industry - people probably used to complain that Donkey Kong didn't have as good gameplay as Tetris and was all flashy show-off. Look at the upcoming Deus Ex 2 - it's AI detection and search programming is absolutely groundbreaking. Same goes for Neverwinter Night's ability to play multiplayer RP with a live DungeonMaster (I need a drug to stop playing this game). What about Mafia? It had little/no support for player modding or expansion, but the gameplay was a blast (as long as it lasted), I've always dreamt of drive-by shootings in a Ford A, yay. Hitman 1 & 2 also shows/showed some great innovations in objectives and solutions. Sure, there's tons of lame no-brainer games, but there always has been - those of the past have just been forgotten. I think we have lots to look forward to.