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  1. Different ladies, different motives to take up arms. :) They do share (some) similarities as that Tyrian fighter up there^ and one of the CWR² ladies are based on the same A2 model.
  2. von knudenberg

    A3 Animal Pack

    Nice that you have asked CSJ's permission for the snakes, adders and sharks, but since when he has been handing out permissions to use my work? I made the ugly water buffalo for the Unsung mod and either Bigstone who runs the mod, or me can decide about its fate. I suppose you would have received permission to use it, or even get the updated, not-yet-released version if only you'd asked.
  3. von knudenberg

    A3 Animal Pack

    That water buffalo is from the Unsung mod 2.6. I would recognize that ugly modified A2 cow and that stretching texture on her back from miles away. As far as I know, no permission to take her for a ride was asked. I would suggest you, MrHuachuca, to ask the mod management about Unsung's policy regarding taking the stuff from the mod and using it elsewhere. At least it would be polite if nothing else. Mr. Bigstone is the current cattleman. If he is busy herding the cattle, I'm sure also the former rancher, Sgt_Savage, or the buffalo whisperer, yours truly, can help instead. If you have already consulted either of these gentleman with satisfying results, then please just ignore my post and have fun with the buffalo. :)
  4. von knudenberg

    ArmaRig for Blender

    Hello, At first I would like to thank you, Maczer, for your great and very valuable tool. It's really easy to use and allows very quick creation (and fine tuning) of static animations aomong other things. One banana, ten points and one manly hug for you! As for Arctor's handanim problem. By the looks of it, I would say it is binarization problem i.e your handanim.rtm doesn't get binarized properly. This causes your character to reenact Monty Python's Find the Fish sketch. To fix this problem, you could try the following steps: 1. Put a model.cfg in the same folder with your handanim.rtms 2. Define your handanim.rtms in the model.cfg 3. Pack and binarize using BinPbo I've uploaded a sample model.cfg and two handanims here: http://1drv.ms/1FWfpZB You can open the model.cfg, scroll down and see how the *.rtm (or multiple rtms) are defined there. If it still fails, you can try and take out *.rtm from BinPbo's List of files to copy directly. If it still fails, you could read and follow these steps marked down by Mickyleitor here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?181457-Help-with-custom-HandAnimation&p=2747663&viewfull=1#post2747663 In any case, let me know so we can make it to work for you. It seems there are some differences depending on what tools are being used. Steps I've described work for me.
  5. von knudenberg

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    And another one...
  6. von knudenberg

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    Thank you, men. Here's a sneak peek at the Ehrhardt in action, so to speak. And another one from the queue. Work in progress of course.
  7. Yes, there are known problems with some of the models and their textures. While some have been fixed already, some are being worked on at the moment. Rest of the fixes and optimized models will be included in the next patch.
  8. Hi nettrucker, great to see you have updated Operation Wayne Grey to match the 2.6. I'm really eager to play it (finally) and will do so, later this evening. Thank you for your work.* *Bonus points, a pack of cigarettes, two bottles of beer and a pair of drumsticks for the voice acting.
  9. I hope you had an enjoyable holiday! I bet 14 days without the internet was a piece of cake compared to those 14 days without the drum set (or did you take some lashed together tour kit with you)? :D Many thanks for the overwhelming compliments regarding the video... Now, go and get some!
  10. Option to use the knife on a target person should appear in your action menu. If you are close enough, choosing the knife option performs the stabbing action. Longer distance between you and the target will make you to throw the knife instead. On a side note: If these options won't show up, try to fiddle with your right mouse button first. I just did a quick test and noticed I had to click my right mouse button before the knifing and clubbing options appeared in the action menu.
  11. Hi keeway, Following instructions can be found in the documents folder that comes with the mod: "Open modules tab (F7) then select UNS enable special items module When placed on the map the options to add / remove silencers to select weapons in the unsung arsenal * Note not all weapons have silencer capability Knife combat / Knife throwing: If carrying a Kabar or Faban knife the option to throw the knife will appear when you are in range of the enemy. Remember to retrieve your knife by accessing the dead body (Gear). If you are close to an enemy you can also stab the victim. This will not remove the knife from your inventory and will not require you to retrieve it. Attaching Bayonets: Some weapons allow you attach bayonets it works in the same principal as the knife. Med kits: Field med kits are also available to heal yourself if there is no medic available."
  12. Hello, In the next update. When? No one knows. Have a nice playing with the enormous amount of stuff already in the mod.
  13. I'm pretty sure it's not the same because I'm doing it for the choppers and did it for the buffalo.
  14. I'm aware of that addon, but never tried and don't know whether it works with Unsung or not. I don't know how dslyecxi did his addon, but I guess they behave in a similar way i.e you can sit on the door, aim around, shoot, reload and change the position. It's basically the same thing with the water buffalo in 2.6. You can mount it, ride it, shoot while riding, turn around, reload, dismount and shoot it.
  15. This is one of the features that was planned, designed, animated and partially scripted, but eventually didn't make it in 2.6. Some of the choppers will have this feature in the next patch.
  16. Ah, you must have meant that bald douchebag with 17 posts (what an anti-social n00b). I'm not sure about the epic cinematic trailer. Maybe we'll have to wait and see what's happening in the ADDONS & MODS: COMPLETE section in the near future. But it seems he made this short movie quite a while ago. It's not 2.6 and it's not good, but it has some Vietnam shit going on. Maybe it would do while praying for the proper one...
  17. Some last minute fixes to the unit models (shadow problems, weighting, textures) one light machine gun and a tunnel complex. I would say they all are 97.8% ready. Except maybe the tunnel, which is a little bit closer to 100% Other than those I think we are as ready as possible with this man power. Unless there is something to be fixed multiplayer wise I'm not aware of. There's always bound to be this and that broken, especially near the release.
  18. At this stage, there are no females coming to 2.6. But definitely to 3.something.
  19. As far as I know, Kommiekat and nettrucker have been working on a campaign, which will be released alongside with the 2.6: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167921-The-Unsung-Vietnam-War-Mod-V-2-6-Release&p=2630968&viewfull=1#post2630968 I'm also preparing a campaign, but it will be released later on. Currently I'm finishing rest of the Unsung stuff for 2.6, including water buffalos, tunnel complex and radios to name a few.
  20. Shit! You got me there. Maybe it's time to reveal our true plans for the 2.6...
  21. Hello, few pictures from 2.6 to look at while waiting for the ultimate content. More soon. Click to view full size image.
  22. Hi h34dup, and many thanks for your comments. (Wiki and Ei8ght too!) Regarding the props, some of them are from the editor update (ED102 by Mikero), which comes with the CWR² mod. I believe the desks and chairs you mentioned are from ED102 pool of different furniture. Some are just the vanilla objects. I'm using MSI Afterburner 2.3.0 to capture the video. So far it has proven to be the best (=fastest) option for me.
  23. von knudenberg

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Howdy Ho! These videos are already published over at the Cold War Rearmed² topic, but I thought to post them here as well in case someone is interested to watch them and has not seen them before. I hope you find them enjoyable enough to sit through. :) Director's comments: the videos are (of course) best viewed in HD. However, the director is fully aware it won't change the quality of the actual artistic content and if his creations stinks in SD, then they will most probably stink in HD as well. What do you dream of? - A trailer for the CWR² Public Beta: eXbij-aF6ao Delayed Deliverance - Some sort of an April Fools' Day video after the publication of the CWR² Public Beta was delayed: 6Au8KLEDzRA The British Armed Forces - A trailer for the upcoming CWR² DLC: 434divR3kws
  24. Hi DeltaDog17, It actually has been asked and answered before. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?152275-Cold-War-Rearmed%C2%B2-Public-Beta&p=2374412&viewfull=1#post2374412 Basically I just wanted to make something original as I would have had to do the credits cinematics (almost) from scratch anyway. And because it's meant to represent CWR² and people behind the mod.