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  1. VF Ladder Addon

    When run, this addon adds options to the player's action menu to spawn ladders. These ladders can be used to climb onto rooftops and to enter any otherwise inaccessible part of the Arma II houses (e.g. balcony) or just to annoy your buddies. It is kind of a silly addon but it opened new perspectives on urban combat for me. There is just too many locked buildings around. Check out the Youtube link to get an idea about this addon.

    Ladders can be:

    • Created (small and big type available)
    • Moved around until dropped by the player
    • Raised or lowered by 50cm at any time after being placed
    • Removed within 60 seconds after placing them
    • Flipped by 180 degrees to allow positioning as required

    How to use

    Drop VFladder.pbo into your addons folder. During gameplay, press ESC, then press the VFladder button and the required entries will be added to your action menu. Now go and fool around with those ladders.

    Tested in MP and SP.

    Youtube Link

    Download Mirrors

    Armaholic.com: VFladder addon download

    Armed Assault Info: VFladder addon download

    Build Revisions

    • 08 - Added server keys (only required on clients but still)
    • 08 - Player menu entries will be removed after 5 min idle period for VFladders (press ESC to start again)
    • 08 - Slight code corrections
    • 04 - Initial Release



  2. I confirm the counterproductive HT behaviour. I recently did some tests with my new i7-860 and found that disabling HT in the BIOS often leads to better performance in application and games but specifically in Arma 2.

    I got 47 and 19 fps in Arma Benchmarks 1 and 2 respectively with an awful stuttering during gameplay with HT set to ON.

    After disabling HT I get 53/22 and no stuttering whatsoever. That makes all the difference for me; especially since I run the game in 1920x1080.

    Core i7 860@3.6ghz, HD5850, 4GB RAM.


  3. The following items are on the list for the next build:

    1. Userconfig option whether or not to take handgun type weapons
    2. Smokeshell - refinement of situational awareness (see comment)
    3. Taking launchers only when related ammo is also available

    Comment: tricky business specially in MP since the engine updates about dead/non-existing objects in irregular intervals. A unit could potentially wait 30-60 seconds just to check whether the shooter is still alive. We'll see what can be done there.



  4. No mod conflict. If hit the victim is supposed to look at the object that fired the shot. Looking in the skies means the identified object by the "hit" eventhandler was NIL (non existent). I do intercept this in the code already but sometimes there seems to be a glitch still.

    I'll try to provoke this at times to intercept that special situation as well.



  5. @AnimalMother92 - is this happening during MP or also in SP games?

    @zGuba - 1st time I saw this EH I immediatly wanted to change SmokeShell.AI. But then I had to reconsider: units would be running out of smoke shells way too quickly. Had to find a rationale when AI really needs to cover their butt urgently. Only reliable reason coming to my mind was when hit - not just being shot at.

    @Kroky - good idea but tricky to implement for various reasons. However, when it's coding time again I'll definitely do some concept work on this.



  6. Updated 1st post with the new revision. Primary objective in this release was to restore functionality and ease of use. I have split the code into a simplified and a complex path. For now I am pursuing the simplified path to focus on speed and better compatibility to things such as ACE and other mods. Development to be continued.

    Before updating please remove all old VFAI files from your addon folder. The Control Panel addon is obsoleted as of this revision - it never worked so well in Arma II anyway.



  7. This control panel is really a pain in the butt. I am not happy with it either. I am currently working on an improved and optmized version of VFAI where I will use a userconfig file instead.

    @dondaddah, hold on for the next release. If you then still observe the same behaviour please let me know in a PM; we'll get to the bottom of this.



  8. @Kroky - I think I will either disable the "drop weapons" feature alltogether or at least make it less prominent. I wonder if it has any use after all; especially since it causes odd behaviour when used with non-standard classes such as specific addon weapons. Point for the next update (ETA 2 weeks from now).

    @dondaddah - I have observed that behaviour myself. Based on what I saw here are my conclusions:

    1. No threat: units behave all fine and take weapons.

    2. Higher threat level (awareness shows units around): longer response time, frequent prone position sometimes leads to timeouts

    3. High threat level (units being shot at): units will stay put even if you script them to go elsewhere. The threat level is being determined by the AI; setting the unit behaviour to "SAFE" or similar won't have any effect.

    Hence, the override policy would be: Player command -> engine AI command -> script command.

    Unfortunately situation 3 often coincides with the biggest need for weapons and ammo but then units are tied to the ground and won't react to move commands from scripts.



  9. @nettrucker, let me first go back and so some homework on VFAI. With the next version rolled out I'd be happy to hear about further errors from you.

    @Kroky, the old and obvious request. Biggest obstacle is that there is still no way to query any kind of external "weaponholder", be it vehicles, the ground or ammoboxes. Even the latest BIS_fnc library seems to be of no help here.

    Robalo_AS had an idea how to use ammoboxes - not sure the concept would fit into the VFAI loop. Anyway it was an interesting idea and we'll see if it materializes into some "plug-in" of VFAI.



    PS: After you have read this post, please make way for ACE beta thread again. Thank you ;)

  10. I've heard that US forces officially don't use subsonic ammunition, - however it could be another case with the special forces thought - and that 5,56 mm subsonic ammo is in the game for gameplay and engine limitation purposes only (weapon supression not dependent on that weapon really has a suppressor, but on ammo type).

    Very interesing Banderas, is there any source to prove this point? Are you saying that all 5.56 caliber is considered surpressed whereas all >= 7.62 is regular no matter what the weapon model or sounds specify in the config?

    I was never aware of that...



  11. One way to shorten the time waiting for some hacked API would be to look here:


    Check out those "copyFromClipboard" and "copyToClipboard" commands. They do work fine and it's one way to exchange data between ARMA and windows programs.



    Anyone know how to script arma 2 to make it link up with a SQL database? I know its possible the various life mods have it working. I need to know where to start reading (tried searching but no luck) is there any documentation on this somewhere? Googling and searchin the forums came up zip for arma 2 except the armalib for arma1 does that work with arma 2?

  12. Thanks for the explanation TRexian. I see you've done some interesting research already and I understand the limitations.

    Good question what would work best to conceal the player most effectively against AI awareness.

    Scripting has "reveal" and "knowsabout" commands but no "obliviousto" correspondence. This is food for thought indeed. In my view concealment tactics would add a lot more to the game in its current state compared to more weapons, sounds, explosions (even though those surely do increase the fun factor :) ).


  13. I meant the DMHide principle, yes. But if you say

    I haven't seen any evidence that a portion of a body is less detectable than a whole body.

    then the idea to use this as a magic suit might be futile. Nonetheless, I'll take the liberty to play with this a bit some time :)


  14. DMarkwick, I believe here your old "DMViewblock" objects could come in handy. I could imagine a concept using a viewblocking object with the size of a soldier. Depending on enemy proximity, camouflage and terrain you could shift the VB object upwards along the soldier's body to cover a certain percentage. In theory this should complicate detection by the AI to a certain extent. Maybe worth experimenting with?


  15. Updated to build 64, corrected some stupid bugs :rolleyes:

    @mrcash2009 - I don't think I'll implement an autostart feature. It might be just too interfering in certain missions. VFFPSS is simple to start - the good thisng is it is a conscious process for the user. Hence no wondering why you don't see targets / objects early enough as maybe designed in a mission.