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  1. Yes indeed Gunter, as hpcookie designed some planks they're now in game. Required adaptations to code were limited; for the most part the logic was sufficient to use planks as well.

    No attachTo, objects are just being placed in the game space. With all related implications like killing yourself if you get into the way of floating objects, not being able to enter the planks sometimes, sliding rather than walking along etc.But I'll fine tune this through time.

    I will update this post with a link to the beta version using hpcookies planks later today. [Postponed until hpcookie has finished the object design]



  2. is still a "singleplayer" technology only

    My first metric for MP would be: what is the protocol overhead for this compared to the current "fire and forget" position updates sent by UDP?

    If I imagine to sync client events (e.g. sniper shots) back to a past state on a server that in turn needs to quickly update all connected clients which are probably already in the process of executing interpolated paths of now dead units - this would mean lots of pressure on prio 1 real-time message transmission.

    Aside from that - MP clients seem to interpolate paths already today based on direction and speed. I have seen tanks driving by that were reset to their last known position each 1 - 3 seconds. That could mount up to 30m in distance with units jumping back, driving forward again, jumping back etc. And that even a local network session.

    I will need to try the latest beta with lots of units. Funny enough but I didn't notice any warping in the last few betas at all.


  3. Came around to play our MP missions since a long while with this new beta. My observations:

    1. Bullet impacts missing - confirmed.

    2. Performance - very good, no glitches no FPS hiccups.

    3. No crashes at all, neither clients nor server

    3. Bug: If you get into an M2 HMMWV as driver or gunner the outside view is way too close so you're looking into the chassis. Funny thing: this only happens in MP mode. In SP it's all fine.

    And I wonder:

    [82654] Optimized: Visual state interpolation fully enabled.

    Would a sniper still be able to hit a unit moving alongside an interpolated path? Or is the movement just eye candy and not always linked to the real position? So that bullets would cut through a ghost image at times?

    Thank you,


  4. I ran the new beta on both server and clients for 4h the other night. No crashes & no out-of-memory errors anymore, perfect!

    The missions we play are not going easy on server and clients and still all is fine. I have max'ed out the allowed number of groups and units on the map more than once :)



  5. Out of memory errors with CTD. Dump file and details sent to Dwarden. We use the same beta build on server and clients. The server runs stable for hours, we have ATI 5850 and GTX260 cards crashing on clients however. Same story since 3 or 4 beta builds btw, never happened on the last stable release.


  6. Out of memory errors with CTD. Dump file sent to Dwarden. We use the same beta build on server and clients. The server runs stable for hours, we have ATI 5850 and GTX260 cards crashing on clients however. Same story since 3 or 4 beta builds btw, never happened on the last stable release.


  7. Hi hcpookie,

    sorry, missed your first post. Good deal! I am not a config pro either but I guess a standard static object config should do the trick here...? Folks, do we find a capable volunteer to bring this simple object into the game?

    Then I'll revise the code to have ladders and planks available in game.


    BTW - what is the length of the plank at present?

  8. Ahhh bad news are always good news aren't they :) Well, have faith brother; if people really want to get some stuff ported it will happen. Plus, a few things also went through the community to be completed in A2.

    I for one can very well live with the addons provided by BIS if I had to (except for the sounds, different story :) ). The big fun for me in this game is the addition of tactics, landscape and freedom. Whether some enemy units 800m down the road are in camouflage or desert paint, I don't mind.

    I created a huge MP mission in OFP already. But i put all variables (object and city positions, airport locations and runway characteristics) into a separate file. When migrating to A1 and later to A2 (Chernarus) I just changed the file and some addon class names to be spawned. In a matter of 10 min the mission was back up, usually a lot bigger and even better than before. So A3, here I come.

    Stay positive, it's a game after all - AND YOU MUST WIN! :D


  9. For the time being I certainly won't find the time to dig into modelling unfortunately. So if anybody volunteers to design some plank models (different lengths) I'll be happy to make them useable through this addon.

    I am not too concerned about realism. After all this is not a super-blaster-kill'em-all cheat or something. As Arma has severe restrictions in terms of player agility in the 1st place this is more or less a compensational mod if you will :)


  10. Using the ladders as a plank won't work as I see it. I guess that's an engine limitation. They simply won't spin around as required and the related positioning commands have no effect on them. Tested all sorts of functions like setVectorUp and what not with no success. That's probably a hardcoded limitation to ensure the built-in climb scripts remain functional.

    Got to find a different plank object to achieve that. Haven't found a simple plank-like object yet... anyone did?



  11. Hi Gunter, actually I think these are good ideas. In terms of technical feasibility I need to check what can be done. It probably requires some more customized player control and will depend on available player animations. But I wanted to work on this again anyway to catch the undefined state when the player uses "climb up" before the spawned ladder has been placed.

    I won't commit on ETA or the like but I'll review the script for sure :)



  12. Actually I was using these commands in some complex missions. I hoped to circumvent the sometimes problematic formation behaviour with this.

    In my view it would be perfectly ok to silently ignore these commands but log a comment in the RPT file such as "Command XYZ in script file xyz is obsolete as of build 12345. Please remove this from your code."

    If the Wiki also gets updated with a related comment sufiicient care has been taken. After all you can also expect hobby scripters to consult error reports and online command references from time to time.



  13. @derrickkolba, @fighterman, can you tell me which version of Arma II you use (stock, OA, PMC...) and which patch level?

    I would be interested to understand whether problems could occur by calling the "BIS_fnc" module from within the addon. Currently the addon depends on this module which also was changed recently. If this turns out to be the problem - that would be a valuable lesson learned.



    ---------- Post added at 12:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:03 AM ----------

    I removed the dependency to the BIS_fnc module by using a more light-weight method to determine the pitch. That should avoid problems when using non-OA or older ARMA 2 versions. I requested Martin to update the download link now.