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  1. @Nikoo, please don't hijack this thread for scripting issues. It is important to stay on subject.

    How to go about implementing: if I was Suma I would choose the hard way, introduce a new command as suggested but disable the old one completely to provoke errors and force code corrections.

    I mean hey, it's not that anybody makes a living from writing AA scripts here or that AA is mission critical software to anybody's survival (even though it seems different at times smile_o.gif ). AA is (from a market perspective) still in its dawn phase, now is the time to correct things decisively and to not encourage support of old workarounds. Too much user code probably gets carried over from good old OFP w/o any changes made. This way you'll never encourage switching from SQS to SQF btw and the usage of new/corrected commands. OFP was OFP but now it's Arma time and I think you can afford the courage to execute some changes when required.

    In this context I would suggest to maintain a separate Biki page that explains more about new commands exclusive to AA. Like, which commands they supercede and why etc. This would increase chances to boost the development of new/optimized code rather than being satisfied with copy&paste jobs from OFP.

    Just my 2 cents,


    Btw - i voted for option 1. It is the only "logical" behaviour in my mind.

  2. @taoistlumberjak - I can add another accel factor and repost the addon. But since I am on business travel it will take 1 week.

    @SNKMAN - weird, I tested this on a dedicated MP server w/o any problems. Questions: is the addon present on both clients and servers? Do you see any related errors listed in the arma.rpt?

    @mrbean1112 - jumpiness of the clouds was one of the reasons I limited this to 24x max. 60x as requested above looks totally ridiculous since the weather system apparently tries to forecast the new situtation as to be expected after the "skiptime" command. I reckon that when using 24x or even 60x you would not only provoke a diabolic sky but also a higher CPU load.

    I haven't searched for but also didn't notice a way to stop the weather generation when using skiptime.



  3. I am just back from vacation and intend to release a new version after this weekend.

    I reviewed (collected recorded cut cleaned polished) a lot of sounds to build this pack while trying to maintain a coherent overall theme and loudness. The continuous request for changes (looking at this thread) wouldn't allow me to keep this together the way I think it should be.

    For the time being I will keep releasing this "as is" - future changes of course possible (MOD release, different sounds, a greater common sound project) but dependant on spare time as well. I got a job and family to nuture as well smile_o.gif

    Victor Farbau

  4. Upon my return from vacation (leaving tonight) I am more open for the suggestions I guess.

    For the equalizer suggestion: actually I played with that a bit to add some bass in the beginnig - but there's a very fine line between no effect at all and distortion. I found that this would do more damage than good. And I wonder if it will do any good to the atmosphere but it's a matter of taste in the end. We will see.



  5. @Plaintiff: Creating a mod of this is not on my agenda. As said, too much hassle with config files and mods already in MP. With a backup of your weapons.pbo you're safe. This patch just exchanges some sound files, no fishy stuff. However, I respect your choice.

    @Puma: I think you need to read my first post again:

    Quote[/b] ]Sound is all a matter of taste, so there's different sound packs out there already that serve different purposes.

    So reconsider your continuous statements about "sounds like airguns". I won't modify the sounds to give'em more boom or bang or whatever. I try to clean the samples but leave'em for the most part as they are. That is exactly what creates the real sound environment for me in big battles. There's other mods out there with more synthetic and boosted sounds that might serve your needs.



  6. I think the feedback is fair enough. Funny thing is that the Mgun sounds are original as well smile_o.gif Ok, I admit that I captured and used a burst (3x) instead of single shots. I did try to use single shots but then the samples did not even remotely sound like Mguns anymore. Except for the RPK which is still ok somehow.

    About the volume - it's odd but for me they are exactly as loud as the original game sounds. Maybe due to my settings, I have set all other sounds to 7/10 and only gun sounds to 10/10 as this is mostly how our ears perceive the environment my mind.

    I will continue to look for good original samples (news, youtube, movies) and will try to update some of the sounds as they become available to me. So far that's all the material I got and managed to make useable.




    = CURRENT VERSION 1.2 for V1.08 =

    I have decided to release my sound patch for Arma. Maybe you like it. Sound is all a matter of taste, so there's different sound packs out there already that serve different purposes. I like mine since it based on real sounds I captured from different original footage. During intense battle and with EAX turned on it really creates a nice battle atmosphere for me.

    You need 7zip to deflate this (www.7-zip.org), the best program for compressing sound data.

    So welcome to a different experience. All the real sounds were captured from live footage of current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I reworked the sounds a lot, still you might notice slight background noises in some of the sounds. More so if you use earphones instead of speakers. But hey, life ain't no recording studio smile_o.gif



    Changed sounds include (30 in total so far):


    AK74SU, AK74, PK, Dragunov, RPG, DsHk, M4, M16, G36, Handgrenades, M136, M24, M240, M249, M2, Riflegrenades, several explosions, MP5, MP5 silenced, Gun120

    Installation method 1: using a patched "weapons.pbo" file.


    1. Backup your Arma/Addons/weapons.pbo! This is important. For future updates and patches you will need the original files. No messing with game files if you don't have a backup!

    2. Open the "FilePatchGen" directory and run "FilePatch.exe". The "File to patch" is your Arma weapons.pbo, the "Patch file" is my .ptc file and the "New patched file" is the file you want to create using my patch.

    3. Take the new file afterwards, rename it to weapons.pbo and overwrite the orginal file with this. And think of step 1 before! No backup no patch!

    Installation method 2: using a mod folder


    1. Browse to your game directory, create a folder called "@VFSound". In "@VFSound", create another folder called "Addons".

    2. Open the "FilePatchGen" directory and run "FilePatch.exe".

    2.1 The "File to patch" is your Arma weapons.pbo (\Arma\Addons\weapons.pbo)

    2.2 The "Patch file" is the supplied VF_RealSoundVxx.ptc file

    2.3 The "New patched file" is the new weapons.pbo for the mod folder (\Arma\@VFSound\Addons\weapons.pbo)

    3.Start Arma.exe with the "-mod=@VFSound" parameter to use the sounds

    To do


    - Pistol sounds needed

    Known Bugs


    The grenade throw sound ("Grenade!!!") is also played when taking grenades from an ammo box. I don't know why this has been configured like this. Sometimes the same sound does not get played at all when throwing a grenade.



    1.0 Initial release

    1.1 Added single MGun shots instead of burst samples, new M203 grenade sound (east + west)

    1.2 New / changed sounds: G36, M4, Grenade launcher,SVD, MP5 silenced, MP5, instructions for MOD included

    © 2007 Victor Farbau

    Lurking around in the Arma forums:


  8. Ah no worries about CPU priority, there's still plenty of latency time available for bg processes.

    In fact the only life-changing insight to me is that you can run both server and client in parallel on the same unit. Was that also possible in OFP? I don't recall; I just thought you can't do it. Now I know better.


  9. @Sickboy, waddya mean "nothing new"? smile_o.gif I think I discovered a live-changing concept!!!

    Anyways, I was just surprised how well the CPU load balancing works with both server and client running.

    @Nutty, I am not convinced about the lag. It is the same lag that I have when I use my dedi server in my local LAN (100mbit) or even server on the Internet. There's always the same amount of lag. Maybe it really is due to less-than-optimal bandwidth settings on the server side.


  10. Since my dedicated server was down today I had to try this (using 1.08):

    Started Arma.exe and ArmaServer.exe on the same machine. That worked well. Then I set the CPU affinity of arma.exe to CPU 0 and arma_server.exe to CPU 1.

    Started "Seize the base" and played a nice long coop mission. Both CPUs used 70-90% all the time, memory consumption in total was 1.3GB (got 2GB). A very nice way to use the potential of your dual core machine and circumvent the perfomance limitations of running a non-dedicated server.


    The odd thing was that I still had some lag and AI soldiers were partially jumping around. You would think this shouldn't occur with a ping <0ms (localhost). But it does. wow_o.gif



  11. Not nitpicking - but you're wasting a good deal of CPU time on the server as well.

    You're flooding MP traffic with weather updates 10 times per second. Why if your client only checks this only 2 times per second anyway? And the weather updates will not be instantaneous either, they'll always take up to a minute to develop so no reason to update weather in a "higher than realtime" fashion. I have written a similar script back then for OFP and found it more than sufficient to distribute it every 30 seconds. Less CPU, less traffic, same effect.

    See ya,


  12. What you try to achieve is not trivial but it can be done. The same principle has been applied in CENT's tracer script addon for example. It has to do with catching creation events of each object on the map. If you decompile and fully understand those scripts you have done a good deal for your education in Arma. xmas_o.gif



  13. So anonjj, are you gonna flood every thread with your dissatisfaction now or will there be some constructive suggestion some time soon?

    I guess it is understood that this must be somehow related to a Securom update causing the failure. And Maruk has already logged a complaint to Securom and you prolly read their suggestions. Right now there's not much else to than to wait until somebody finds a way to resolve this. And ranting each hour will not be solution by the way.


  14. <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">_t = (position player nearObjects ["Tank",100]);

    IF (EAST countSide _t > 0) THEN {hint "Help!"} ELSE {hint "No threat."};

    You can replace EAST with WEST or GUER if needed.

    Dead units don't have a side anymore, that should do the trick.



  15. Well, create a trigger (Radio Alpha or whatever) and add the following codeline to it:

    setTerrainGrid 50;

    50 is just an example, see the link below to understand potential values. This will work locally, clients in an MP game don't need to share the same grid value. Some say it's cheating but that's relative: if my computer can display grass with 50fps then it's cheating to force the other party down to 10fps if his video card sucks smile_o.gif

    Biki Link



    PS: Stick around to these forums; all the news will be discussed here.

  16. Nah, it's really new code you got there smile_o.gif I rewrote the scripts completely so now the "midnight" (DIV 0) bug is gone as well. Code should be lean and mean now.

    JIP - good question, didn't get around to test this on our server until now, will you let me know please?

    It simply just depends whether a newly joined client will locally execute map logic objects; I hope they do, because otherwise a whole lot of other things won't work either (the widely discussed tracer script is also initialized through a logic object).



  17. Hello,

    update: added the readme.

    I finally got around to rework and test my MP-compatible accelerated time server. I converted this to SQF and embedded it into a single simple-to-use addon (just drop a GameLogic object, done).

    The addon, a readme and a demo mission are included. Grab it here (Rapidshare):

    Download VFATS

    VFATS - Victor Farbau's Accelerated Time Server

    I. Purpose

    II. How to install

    III. How to use

    IV. Multiplayer

    I. Purpose

    The purpose of this addon is to run missions in an time accelerated environment. The typical SP or MP Mission lasts between 15min and 1h. If you want to see scenic daylight changes during your missions it might happen that you never reach dawn, never get past that midday sun and never see sunset. VFATS will help you to overcome this by offering an accelerated time environment.

    II. How to install

    Drop the VFATS.pbo file into your addons folder. That's it. If you intend to use this on a server based mission make sure to also copy it to the server's addons folder.

    III. How to use

    If you like to use this addon in one of your own missions, simply open your mission map and create a new "Game Logic" object of class "VFATS Logic". You find a list of predefined units such as "Accelerated Time (x16)" that allow you to set the desired time acceleration. I have pre-configured the values 2,4,6,8,16 and 24.

    If you have trouble imagining what the acceleration factors mean just imagine that x2 means 2 game hours will pass in one real hour. Consequently, x24 means a whole day in the game will pass in just about 1h real time playing.

    IV. Multiplayer

    This addon has passed all Multiplayer test up until now. I am happy to hear about bugs of course. If you like to use this addon in an MP environment, make sure the mission you use also has a default Game Logic object called "Server" in it. This is not specific to this addon; you will need this for most MP missions so the game can distinguish between clients and the server at runtime.

    I included a demo mission. Just throw "VFATx16.Intro.pbo" into you "\Arma\Missions\" Folder and run it to see the effect of a 16 x time acceleration. Have a lot of fun.

    Victor Farbau

  18. Quote[/b] ]VictorFarbau - Don't think its a HID device as the rest of the PC works fine
    Quote[/b] ]I just want to say ... I feel so stupid ... disabling my joystick in game stopped the problem.

    whistle.gif Sorry couldn't resist to point this out again mate. Or did you miss what I meant with HID device? smile_o.gif

    Anyway, glad you're sorted, Victor