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  1. @Dwarden, now that you mention it I do remember. No problems with that as agreed.

    @Ducatisto - that should never happen (script is paused if units are mounted). So when resuming work on this I'll check this. I can only assume the game engine hadn't updated the unit's statuses at the time they jumped out.


  2. @The.D, I think your list is a precious initiative to maintain overview of the many things that have been released through time so it's a pleasure to be on it wink_o.gif

    The link to Dwarden's thread... I never noticed that before. I had no idea he made a modified version. Since it doesn't say what was modified I assume some params were tweaked to someone's likings.

    Anyway, I am not fully done with the addon yet. Next rev I wanted to disable civs by default (with an option to turn them on) and correct one more bug that causes useless repetitive actions on bodies w/o taking anything. I'll get to this once job and family cuts me some slack again.



  3. Just some WIP stuff I am struggling with in Arma if I get time to do so; which was not too often recently.

    Working on a CAS addon with proper plane management behind, changed plane and tank weapon sounds once again (all courtesy to Youtube), working hard on a combat ambience radio that can be used by all vehicles to transmit ambient messages (that fit the situation).

    All WIP, this consumes a lot of time, no ETA yet. In fact I even begin to wonder if this ever passes WIP stage. At some point I might need to shout for help with some of the stuff.




  4. I guess you'll easily find help with the script in question once you post it for review (in the "MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING" section) explaining what it is supposed to do and how it fails. There's enough brainpower there willing to help.

    Secondly, you could defer basically anything waiting for Arma2. But who knows when it will really be released. Furthermore it is supposed to be widely compatible with Arma 1 (same models) so that shouldn't really be a problem.



  5. Recently I was looking to create a better sound environment for some planes. The engine sound of the Su34 sounds particularly thin and not really worth of such a nice plane.

    Easy as pie, take the config, find the soundfile name and create an addon that overwrites that part of the config. Worked for other stuff.

    Not so for the Su34. It's apparently implemented through air3.pbo, but I simply can't find a real Su34: Plane class anywhere in any addon config.cpp. Air3.pbo also includes the soundfile used, but there seems to be no reference to that file in any config file either.

    Call me dumb but that's a showstopper for me. Has anybody ever looked at that by chance?



  6. Here's the solution to ensure the last queue place:

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">requiredAddons[] = {*.*};

    Or maybe not  smile_o.gif Then again, haven't tried it, you never know.

    Is my understanding correct that all config files -regardless if they reside in the game addon or @mod addon directories- are loaded in one go and then processed in that mystical order being discussed here?

    So far I naively believed that putting addons into @mod/addon folders would ensure prior loading of all game/addons... ? If there would only be straight documentation about this - I wouldn't feel like an idiot each time I deal with configs crazy_o.gif


  7. @IceBreakr - if you use custom made missions no problem. They would just need this type of code in the init.sqs (if that's still the file executed at mission start, not 100% sure now).

    Quote from the readme:

    Quote[/b] ]

    VFAI_disable_civ = 1;

    publicVariable "VFAI_disable_civ";

    This would disable VFAI_Equipment for all civilians

    Otherwise you'd need to de-PBO your missions there and add this manually as well.



  8. Relying on trenches being built into maps at fixed spots would not be an improvement but a modification.

    A real (huge) improvement would be to add editor objects to lay trenches and have the maps modified on the fly during the game. I mean, to temporarily adjust some terrain data shouldn't really be rocket science considering the complexity of this streaming engine otherwise.

    Man, I would open a bottle of champaign and send one to Prague should this ever happen biggrin_o.gif


  9. @Mr Groch - I think only you can solve this by trying in a clean (completely addonless) environment. But I can tell you one thing. If Smokeshell.AI is installed then every unit spawned on the map gets a Smokeshell added to its inventory (using the XEH init part).

    If you have units on your clean map that don't have smokeshells at all then the addon has not been run at all - for god knows what reasons. Probably the event system has been broken by some other addon again.


  10. @LeftSkidLow - I have a project that almost looks identical to yours (I wanted better Mi17 and Kamov sounds). I put mine aside for the time being as I was not able to figure out something.

    I want different sounds to be played depending on the player perspective (inside/outside). I assumed "soundEngine[]" and "soundEnviron[]" would define this but it seems both are being mixed into one engine sound.

    I am not much of a config freak, I wonder whether there is such a config entry that would provide that? Just browsing around for info...


  11. FIXED with version 2.3. History and download link on 1st page as usual.

    Tested Smokeshell.AI on a dedicated server, works fine for me now. Bug reports still very welcome.

    Tested Equipment.AI on a dedicated server. Due to the precautions taken you don't see units that often anymore stealing stuff from corpses. But I tested a basic mission on a dedicated server and after a while hostile and friendly units started to pick stuff from dead bodys. So the addon works - there might be other conditions that stop units as explained in the readme file.

    VFAI will work with XEH 1.0 by Solus and Killswitch. It is the only version of extended eventhandlers that I have installed and it works fine for me. I am not sure it's a good idea to have several versions installed simultaneously - I won't be held responsible for undesired effects.

    I myself use this:


    Works all just fine with only "Extended_Eventhandlers.pbo" (XEH).



  12. I was just testing this at the same time and came to the same conclusion as Killswitch. Bummer mad_o.gif

    EDIT: hm, after some more testing I have to disagree in fact. The locality check is counterproductive as well. I could reproduce the same behaviour each time: if I limited the script to the server or excluded local units (as suggested) then foreign and enemy units would run the script fine but your own group mates would never react to it. One interpretation of this behaviour would be that if you're a local player on a client machine then your group will also be considered local to your machine (at least when it comes to events).

    EDIT 2: well, correct assumption as it seems. The "locality in MP" explanation states:

    Quote[/b] ]# AI units are always local to the client of their leader

    The best solution I found is to only test for and exit if the event is received by a human player, that's it. With that I just trust the event distribution to work fine and not to occur on several machines. During testing this seemed to work just fine.

    Looks like I will change the addon accordingly and change the instructions to "needs to be installed on all machines participating in an MP game". The bug only affects dedicated servers anyway.



  13. @Kroky

    Quote[/b] ]make AI exchange magazines between each other in their own squad

    That's the way I wanted to have this work originally, place some stuff here and there for other team members to pick up. Turned out that "ground" as weapon holder cannot be accessed by scripts (always returns empty). So the next obvious choice was dead bodies. I will put this suggestion back on my list. Latest when I will start working on a some group AI to enable smart weapon choices I will need a common group inventory concept anyway.

    @Dwarden - I think I was even the first one to release something which was explicitely with XEH (as it is mentioned in the change notes on page 1) smile_o.gif

    So I wouldn't see an obvious reason why this does not work for you. At least for the equipment part I can tell you that there might be initial delays up to ~30 seconds since the script waits for global variables etc. Can you set up a very simple mission and test this again? Like 1 dead soldier with weapons, 1 alive soldier (removeallweapons this) and you as spectator? After about 40 seconds (latest) the soldier should start stealing equipment and ammo.



  14. I agree with Dwarden - a lot of weird behaviour just surfaces through using regular functions (such as picking up weapons). I already noted down to explicitely select a weapon after pickup for the next version. But there's no way to determine the currently selected one so it might always be the wrong one. Which will lead to new bug reports tounge2.gif Isn't it fun.



    PS: kroky, earlier you mentioned some odd hiding behaviour. That's got nothing to do with VFAI. It might happen that when several units go on "STEALTH" or into fleeing mode that they pick the first hiding spot around.