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  1. Ah well, even the original M24 reload sound of Arma sounds all too familiar. Might be 15 years ago, but I do remember very well this sound to be part of some Star Wars game where it was the reload sound of the imperial trooper's (the white plastic guys smile_o.gif ) rifle. Who knows who licensed this sound and what not. Meaning to say: you'll always find something to pick on if you search long enough.


  2. Quote[/b] ] your HK53's don't recognise magazines, so no ammo available, and the MP7's have no empty cartridges ejected when used

    What the heck? You gotta be kidding with the cartridges, that's an effect and VFAI does not at all mess with that. And why the HK53 starts with no magazines... mystery. All VFAI does is to check the config files of the units weapons in an attempt to determine the corresponding magazine name. Why this causes a loss of magazines is beyond my understanding.

    EDIT: VFAI and FFN - FFN massively uses AI scripts to achieve the desired effects in the related campaign. I think Tony pointed out a couple of times that he designed FFN as a whole and not as a new AI extension. It hasn't been tested to be compatible or nice to other addons. VFAI and FFN might very well interfere with all the checks and scripts run on each unit. Both addons had a different design purpose anyway. Worst case, take your pick which one you like better (or use the VFAI control panel to disable stuff temporarily).


  3. Kroky, can you point me to this LSD_falseprophet console addon? I would wonder what causes this.

    The VFAI control panel is only accessible for the group leader (and when in no group for every player) and adds an action menu entry. This should by no means overwrite any other entries. Nonetheless, I still need to work on a different invocation method anyway to avoid adding yet another menu entry (like Gaia's debug console).

    Secondly, about the static MGs. Believe it or not but this is on schedule for my Vehicle.AI addon. However, the AI shortcomings there are so obvious that many other people worked on the same things as well (leave empty static weapons, repair vehicles when damaged, switch positions when crew members are killed to name a few). This demotivated me for a while; it would all look like a copy-job now. However, since a couple of AI enhancements only seem to work through MODs and only on customized units I might finish and release my addon anyway to enable all the features on all units (similar to what Equipment.AI does).



  4. UNN, I had hoped for the same when I saw that movingEnable variable; but as Raedor already mentioned it's got nothing to do with the window being moveable.

    Anyway, I set it to "1" so my control panel would be less disturbing during gameplay; do I need to mention it still blocks the player completely? whistle.gif

    Sigh, if there'd only be some complete documentation. Would make coding time much more efficient. Lord, send me a GUI builder for Arma - and do it quick. I am a coder and not an interface guy.



  5. Thanks for your input guys. it's appreciated. While I am not really a fan of UNN's proposal (even though perfectly acceptable for special applications) I was totally surprised by Barron's input - am I blind or why don't I see/find/read these things? biggrin_o.gif Is it me or is the documentation about dialogs really that thin as Spliff's question also indicates?



  6. Well well biggrin_o.gif If I'd knew the x and y resolution of the current display then I won't have a problem of course.

    Problem is, we have many different display types out there currently (17,19,22,30 inch, wide and 4:3) so I can never garantuee whether pictures look distorted. I will probably have to build a dialog out of lines and boxes to avoid strechted and distorted picture backgrounds confused_o.gif



  7. Hello,

    while I was messing around with my VFAI Control Panel I noticed that it is rather difficult to forsee what a paa picture file will look like in a dialog.

    Meaning, you have to specify width and height of the picture object from 0..1. Depending on actual game window width and height this might very well distort the picture and cause some ugly effects.

    I set my picture to 256x512 pixels, does anybody know a way how to force it to exactly this format? Haven't found anything on this so far...



  8. Regarding the "TrueGameplay-Player-Fatigue" again - I just replaced all 3 "WaitUntil" statements with WHILE (cond) DO {sleep 2; ....}; statements.

    If it is true that WaitUntil is being checked after each frame then this was just a bad combination of this fact and the script waiting for a non-time-critical condition (run by each soldier) most of the time. After that change FPS went up by 10 for me.



  9. Seems like I owe you a couple of answers:

    @rg7621 - I will check with an M16 soldier and a dead AK74 unit. Yes, the M16 soldier should definitely grab the AK74 if he's out of ammo. Then again, often soldiers shout "out of ammo" as soon as they load their last magazine - but they still have 30 shots left so VFAI won't kick in yet.

    @Q - I am using Gaia's debug console all the time so I will have a look there, too. Thanks.

    @gsleighter - no currently there's no way to do so currently. The whole concept of this addon was to improve gameplay by modifying behaviour - not of single squad members but of the whole game. The less input required by a user the better. Full autonomous descision making based on environment and situation. The CPanel is only meant to en/disable the whole thing if it really disrupts gameplay. That's the current concept at least.

    @DataPlague - VFAI.Smokeshell only modifies the "hit" behaviour of units. When hit units will (try to) determine the threat direction and throw a smokeshell, that's all. No finding cover (unit would probably run out of smoke cover while finding cover anyway), no popping smoke when out of ammo. Just a plain hit-eventhandler.

    Hey, take the addon and feel free to tailor this for your needs. Let me know if you find different behaviour useful in a bigger context. While writing the VFAI parts I was getting more and more careful putting in all sorts of features. Often I found them to be more disrupting rather than enhancing gameplay. Just food for thought.



  10. @Q - I guess tweaking all sorts of config values will result in different engine behaviour as well, saying it's not necessarily this one addon.

    But I looked at "truegameplay-player-fatigue.pbo" and the code in there was indeed a bit vicious. I defused a little bit and regained 10fps easily (which is as much as I would gain when NOT running it). Nonetheless I am still down to 32-35 fps from 60fps before which is a heavy blow.



  11. The config of the puny anim pack uses a more elegant way to add action menu items indeed and they don't pop up all the time anymore.

    I adapted my config using the same method and also reworked all 3 addons again enhancing behaviour and performance. This results in Version 2.41 (hotfix) which I uploaded today (updated download link in post 1 as usual).



  12. @xxbbcc: I agree, the downside of action menu entries is that the titles are constantly popping up somehow. I will need to work on a better way to invoke the control panel. But I cannot confirm a "closure" bug - I have seen the addon on two PCs which both worked fine. I had a similar problem a long while back - but that was related to some steering wheel I had connected to my PC.

    @gsleighter: the options will be refined further but not down to individual level, that won´t be possible. Ask your guy to drop the RPG and set his threat level to "danger" and he won´t grab anything anymore until "Stay Alert" - consult the readme for more information.



  13. Finally, after many manhours of revising all code I can release a major update to VFAI. I included a graphical ControlPanel (available via action menu), reworked Equipment.AI to kill more bugs (hopefully the awful take-magazine-loop bug is gone now) and signed all 3 addons with key VICFA (see OFPEC).

    If you use VFAI addons then this is a must have udpate!



  14. Solved. Using the CWR demo and my headphones I could hear some very remote dialog sounds. I have a hunch that something screwed up my volume levels (probably some recent BSOD I had when playing Arma). I had to remove my Arma.cfg file and move all volume sliders down and up again. After this "reset" I hear all the sounds fine now. So my fault, solved. Has only cost me hours of troubleshooting. Thanks for the support though, appreciated biggrin_o.gif



  15. Hi Q,

    well, now I do  smile_o.gif Alas, same difference confused_o.gif

    Being a good boy I import

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">class RscButton {}; in my config.cpp.

    EDIT: well assuming that RscButton is a valid parent class of ARMA already...? I did not care about inheritance optimization so far either. But I want SOUND smile_o.gif/EDIT

    My example button looks like this now

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class option1: RscButton {

    idc = -1;

    type = CT_BUTTON;

    style = ST_CENTER;

    x = (vfaictlx + 0.01); y = (vfaictly + (vfaictldist*2));

    w = ((vfaictlw/2) - 0.02); h = 0.035;

    font = FontM;

    sizeEx = 0.024;

    colorText[] = {1, 1, 1, 1};

    colorFocused[] = {0,0.8,0,0.5};   // border color for focused state

    colorDisabled[] = { 0, 0, 1, 0.7 };   // text color for disabled state

    colorBackground[] = { 1, 1, 1, 0.1 };

    colorBackgroundDisabled[] = { 1, 1, 1, 0.5 };   // background color for disabled state

    colorBackgroundActive[] = { 1, 1, 1, 0.5 };   // background color for active state

    offsetX = 0.003;

    offsetY = 0.003;

    offsetPressedX = 0.002;

    offsetPressedY = 0.002;

    colorShadow[] = {0, 0, 0, 0};

    colorBorder[] = {0, 0, 0, 0};

    borderSize = 0;

    soundEnter[] = {"\ca\ui\data\sound\mouse2", 0.15, 1};

    soundPush[] = {"\ca\ui\data\sound\new1", 0.15, 1};

    soundClick[] = {"\ca\ui\data\sound\mouse3", 0.15, 1};

    soundEscape[] = {"\ca\ui\data\sound\mouse1", 0.15, 1};

    action = "dummy = [] execVM ""\VFAI_ControlPanel\function\enable_eqai.sqf"";";

    text = "Enable Equipment.AI";


    It all works and displays fine but no sound whatsoever. Actually, I was looking at many different examples using dialogs. They all seem to be based on the BIS example - and none of them has any sound, regardless if I reference Arma engine sounds or my own.

    Needless to say the same sounds work fine in the editor when used in a description.ext "CfgSounds" section.

    Have you come across any dialog that produces any sound by chance? I'd really be eager to study the config.cpp of that one then. All the ones I could find are silent.



  16. As it happens I am now creating a mini GUI for my VFAI addon. Actually, I was hoping the dialog would a no-brainer (never looked at Arma dialogs before).

    All works fine, but I never hear any button sounds. I was using the default code template from BIS which specifies this for a CT_BUTTON type:

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> soundEnter[] = {"\ca\ui\data\sound\mouse2", 0.2, 1};

    soundPush[] = {"\ca\ui\data\sound\new1", 0.2, 1};

    soundClick[] = {"\ca\ui\data\sound\mouse3", 0.2, 1};

    soundEscape[] = {"\ca\ui\data\sound\mouse1", 0.2, 1};

    Doesn't work. I looked at other addons (good old Troopmon, EMSI_UAV_management) that use the same code templates, same effect, no button sounds. Then I tried custom sounds (wss and ogg) using different syntactial methods including hyphens and no hyphens:

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">soundEnter[] = {"\testaddon\snd\on.wss", 1, 1};

    soundEnter[] = {"\testaddon\snd\on.ogg", 1, 1};

    soundEnter[] = {"\testaddon\snd\on", 1, 1};

    No luck either. Any hot tips to make the GUI responsive in terms of sound? I presume I don't need to define CfgSound classes in the config.cpp in order to use these right?



  17. Volkov,

    definitely not a problem with the code; successfully tested in a MP mission last night with 1.14 again. No problems at all.

    Maybe consider circumstances such as given move orders or actual threat levels ("Danger", "Stealth") etc which prevent units from browsing around (no suicide policy  biggrin_o.gif  ).