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  1. Hey Nephilim,

    Although I partly disagree with section nr 4. and 13. of your readme (wuhh.. I shivered when I read your copyright agreement wink_o.gif ) and still believe it's best for the community to openly share the stuff to further develop OFP as a combined community, I must admit one thing:

    AWESOME SHIT!! Very good work! Extra ordinary!!

    or as my company commander used to tell us:

    SEHR SEHR ORDENTLICH.. tounge2.gif

    Personally I like those details like the com gear and the glasses most. Generally all the details are just amazing. Just the hands were a little disappointing - if you put them into contrast with the extremly well done head models.

    Now just one last thing: could you give us a hint on how many faces your models finally have?? wink_o.gif

  2. I've did intensive testing with the shotShell simulation and it seems to me that the weight of the projectile also plays a role.

    Moreover the <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">simulationStep setting seems also to alter the ballistic, smoke aswell as the dammage and recoil the shell will create. It seems the lesser the value the more flattend is the balistic curve. There's also less smoke exhausted..

    Try to play around with those settings!

  3. Hey Sanctuary, thanx mate biggrin_o.gif this is very cool - yet not exactly what i was seraching for biggrin_o.gif

    I mean the action menu on the right bottom side of the screen were you choose things like reloading, weapon on back and so on.

    In the CfgInGameUI in the main config.cpp there are entries where you can alter the radio menu's settings like color etc or for example the radar or group menu.

    HOWEVER, the action menu seems not to be listed there!!

    Anyone any idea?? Maybe BIS?? thanx in advance wink_o.gif

  4. While working on an new GUI for a project i started to change lots of thing in the ingame GUI. wink_o.gif

    Yet there's one small menu which is resisting me: the action menu..

    Anyone any idea where to find the values to change let's say color, fonts and size of it in the main config.cpp or resource.cpp??

    Or is it ( my worst nightmare..) hardcoded into OFP?? That would be pretty strange, if not to say somehow untypical, 'cause the rest of the GUI elements can be accessed and alterd in the config.cpp's CfgInGameUI section or in the Resource.cpp..

    Please folks, help me sad_o.gif

    Thanx in advance..

  5. Some people have asked wether my clones are ripped Battlefront models biggrin_o.gif well, actually they ARE NOT!!!! Battlefront is far less detailed and very blurry - while i created highres textures..

    Here is a short sample of my textures combined into one..


  6. Okay, here's my Status..

    Clone Troopers ------------------------ 90% (Epidsode 2)

    Clone Pilots ------------------------ 70% (Epidsode 2)

    Rebell Pilots ------------------------ 70% (Triology)

    Imperial Pilots ------------------------ 70% (Triology)

    Imperial Officers ------------------------ 70% (Triology)

    Tatooine ------------------------ 50%

    Tatooine is quite a lot of work.. I've already done more than 150 new models to fill this nice little desert planet..

    Most of the buildings are inspired by an Highres Tatooine buildings pack avaible for 3dmax. I modelled almost all of them from the scratch as they would crash OFP with their polycount instantly biggrin_o.gif Each of the models has at least 3 LOD's - yet most of them created with the DXmesh Tools included in Milkshape. I also improved some of the models from the original TatObj.pbo. Hopefully it'll be worth the work biggrin_o.gif

    After that I'll focus on Naboo and Kashyyk - although this ones will become far smaller maps (thought about 128x128 or 256x256) and not such a monster like Tatooine tounge2.gif

  7. Quote[/b] ]I'm modding an Addon (really ?) and I need authorizations from the authors for Using some texturs and models :

    Texture and models from

    HKpack 1 and 2

    BMI Blackops


    How can I contact these guys to ask them ?

    If you had searched the forum you would have noticed that i'm pretty "active" in the moment wink_o.gif

    However, you want my authorization for the HKpacks? GRANTED!

    Feel free to do what ever you want with it - just inform me afterwards so i can test it aswell biggrin_o.gif

    (maybe even beta-test it..)

  8. God, how often did we had this discussion.. wink_o.gif

    Here's my uncensored opinion to all you "oh-my-god-somebody-could-steal-my-work" addon makers:


    Not even the big game developers can do that - so why should we be able to do it??

    SO either you accept that or you go into your small corner and continue crying there.. tounge2.gif

    ODOLEx may have led to some actual thefts of addons. But it was a much bigger help in develloping skillz! Many of the addons which are released now, are made by addon makers who learned from other's work.

    Now those of you who are always crying about it: show me real convincing examples were addons were stolen and used in an abussive way..

    Every one of you guys out there has at one point or another looked closer to the work of our fellow addon makers. Moreover, take for example BIS: if they would have made the game in a way were noone could have accessed their game resources we wouldn't even have a flashpoint community with all those addons! But maybe some of you are not long enough with us to know that we started hacking old MLOD models from the demo with really unhandy tools.. smile_o.gif

    Protecting developments only lead to the fact that further development cease to exist. Not convinced? Just take a look at what the whole software patent idea went..

    Amen biggrin_o.gif

  9. Woa.. i think some people got me wrong with this vegitation thing wink_o.gif there won't be much of it. AND there will be lots of metal waste, stones and other junk, aswell as bones, starship wrecks and stone monuments..

    But i don't wanted to spoil those on the first pics tounge2.gif

    I'll upload some shots of my new GUI very soon aswell...

  10. In my opinion BAS will forever be one of the greatest teams which made addons for OFP! biggrin_o.gif

    But as I said only ONE of the greatest. I'm simply no big fan of those extreme superlatives. That the OFP scene became what it is today was a slow process in which a lot of superb teams contributed their work. Focusing only on them is simply unfair for all the other "pioneers" like Lonewolf, Keygetys, Fliper, DKM and the many others.

    There were teams which produced more stuff even faster, there were others who broke more engine limitations (although these aren't really limitations - otherwise the wouldn't be brakeble wink_o.gif ) and maybe there were a lot of crews which didn't appeared as "arrogant" as the BAS boys sometimes to some did - yet I will deffinitly remember BAS as the ones with almost the best marketing and released quality.

    They were/are amazingly professional regarding how they organized and worked together (something which really really impressed me - i've been a small contributor to some of their stuff so let it count as first hand experience)!

    So there's really only one thing which I personally felt disappointed by: That the left this way sad_o.gif

  11. Thanx folks! About the vegitation issue..

    Well, after taking some closer looks on tatooine pics from the triology and the prequels i noticed that there is some existing vegitation on tatooine biggrin_o.gif

    Don't overinterpret the palmtrees - there not more then 20 on the whole island. Yet I placed many bushes and grasses, mostly near the evaporators and buildings. I tried to use as few as possible - but then the farms and cities looked simply to empty and unreal!! So the people have to live with that little artistic freedom tounge2.gif

    More shots very soon..

  12. Hi Folks! Think I have to add my five cents to the whole Star Wars mod(s) project(s) wink_o.gif Just to let you guys know that i'm with ya biggrin_o.gif

    Here are some very early shots of my 512x512 "Tatooine" island! Using my own buildings and the TatObj-Pack biggrin_o.gif

    One shot as a preview, the rest via link!!


    And here you take a look at some more:

    Providing Sniper Cover

    Mos Eisley in the early morning..

    Mos Eisley's best Hotels..

    Farm in the desert

    Another farm in the desert

    Attention! Foliage wink_o.gif

    Please pay attention to the foliage and the Mos Eisleys main streets.. but keep in mind it's very early work-in-progress!!

    Feedback is appreciated..

  13. Mhh.. it seems we should really coordinate ourselves biggrin_o.gif

    @wilco: i'm also working on an LAAT - it's almost finished.. I'll show pics soon

    @hurby: don't know yet about the arc170 - there aren't many detailed shots released yet...

    And about the several different walkers in starwars: the problem is OFP's animation system. I really experimented alot with it - but you can only animate vehicles of the class man - which means that the at-?? (whatever you prefere) can't have any passengers... but if anyone has an idea how to fix that problem, feel free to tell me

    By the way: we also almost finished superdroids, tankdroids, clone pilots and some wookie warriors. The ep2 clone troopers have different color styles for their ranks. The typically weaponary remains to be made wink_o.gifbiggrin_o.gif

    And callisto is working on an large scaled star wars related island - but i won't go into any details there yet wink_o.gif

    However, if the other star wars addon makers are intrested, we could really join or at least coordinate our work closely!!

  14. Hm... I really wanted to wait with those infos until the mod is completly finished, but as it seems that certain models would be created twice then, I think it's better to give some infos here.

    Echo, Callisto (both yet unknown to the OFP community) and I are working on an SW mod involving the new episodes - concentrating on the clone wars. Title remains a secret wink_o.gif

    But to give you some hints on it, here are two early pics..



    (Got problems viewing them? Scroll down, hit the "free" button!)

    But Acacyn, if you wanna coop with us, it would be a great honor biggrin_o.gif if you want more infos about it, pm me...

  15. Quote[/b] ]u need more then 20s for that.. unless ur kinda cyborg...

    I didn't believed it aswell. You know, i'm more the sceptical typ of human being.. so i downloaded Wings3d and played around with it a lil'bit.. wink_o.gif

    ..and d***.. it RULEZ!! biggrin_o.gif

    I'm not to familiar with it yet to create handgrenades in several seconds. But you do stuff like wine glasses and cups within something like 20 seconds! Even as newbie after using it only since 10 minutes!

    Guys, get out and try it.. you'll need about an hour to understand most of its basic functions - but you will love the increase in workflow. What i really love on it is it's texturing system:

    YOu can create UVmaps simply in the program itself. The thing i really missed in O2 is an extrude feature - wings3d has more than thet biggrin_o.gif

    Go get out and try it!!

  16. Strange, may not fit exactly into that topic, but I've seen this Bug on the new modified Nogovo Island (you know, this one where the modern buildings/skyscrappers are exchanged with the old looking resistance houses) several times. My soldiers went straight through those houses - they didn't do that on the original map... rock.gif