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    News and stuff

    I think Marek made very clear that no infos regarding the tools shall leave the circle of us "choosen people" Regarding the LostBrothers: Any news posted here are confidental! Public news can either be found on our webiste http://lostbrothers.ofpmatch.com or are marked [PUBLIC]
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    -> the lost brothers models-in-work

    Hehe.. we're working on this one already.. modern arab Rachid Taha style and also some hebrew music!
  3. VipHeart

    P3d model format?

    Thanx for the fast response! Okay, here is an explanation from what we call the T&L bug connected to MLOD models: When playing with remodeled MLOD models in T&L mode, then the muzzle flash on the weapon was static. It simply was always there until you killed a person and took up his weapon. But even then the muzzle flash was visible as shadow or sometimes there was no muzzle shadow at all. Very strange one I know, but thousend of people were complaining about that, when I released my FAMAS assault rifle
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    Gimbal, as I really always admired your work I can't wait to play it finally! Especially the apsects of a peace keeping force will be interesting!!!
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    The first oxygen topic

    Yeah, I was able to download the program now, too! Hope the new password doens't take long
  6. Okay, it's me Vipersheart from the LostBrothers mod. Our main project is the creation of an middle east conflict simulation where we try to concentrate on the historiacal wars like Yom Kippur and Peace for Galilee. Both, arab and israeli, sides will have their own campaign. Besides the main project I'm the creator of the Heckler&Koch addons - which will be updated (with real new models and better textures.). Because most of the H&K weapons I made are used by lots of armies around the world, I think we should share the weapons so that the teams can concentrate on their main goals, instead of creating the 10th or 20th G3 rifle. So if anybody needs H&K weapons, feel free to use mine (if you like them). Frandsen and I talked about such things in the past already What do you think of this idea???