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    Rob, I'm pretty real In fact i'm Vipersheart - where did you sent it to?? vipersheart@gmx.net If not sent it again I haven't received the mail you talked about BTW: Bulldozer is the second program which you had to download (the 8MB one). It allows you to preview the models within the Operation Flashpoint game engine. This also shows you wether the model really works. You have to install it one a virtual volume or a own partition. Then you have to set your Oxygens path to it. Further instructions on this topics are in the installation instructions found on the Breathe site..
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    To suma: weapons upgradable?

    Thanx@all. I took a deeper look into the decoded config and I found out that the easiest way will really be to make seperate models for each..
  3. Before I lost my unlockcode I was working on my new FAMAS and my new G36C. The basic models were finished and I started to make scopes, sound depressors and m203/grenade launcher combos in Milkshape. Now i wonder.. Do I have to make separate models for e.g. a scoped FAMAS and a normal FAMAS?? Or could I use the proxy feature to add scope/mortar/GL in the game?? Or could I use the group feature to show/hide parts of the model?? I'm pretty interested in what possibilities there are. Because I wanted to make my new HK series "upgradable", means that the player could upgrade the weapon on special ammoboxes/checkpoints. Thanx!!
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    The empire strikes back..

    It's much easier Just put the landcontact vertices where you wanna have the speeder bike hovering
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    The total crahs is not typically for a bug/error in the model. It's more typical that your config.cpp is wrong. And if Bulldozer shows the model correctly, then your model is most likely to be okay. Regarding CONFIG: Are you sure you uses "\" instead of "/" in the model path?? Is everything defined correctly??
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    I'm probably stupid but....

    HuBBa, what would you do without me???
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    I'm probably stupid but....

    I remember having the same problem.. then i went over the installation instructions again.. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"> CONFIGURATION ============= - In Oxygen go to menu File -> Options and set viewer to Buldozer (e.g.: double click on External Viewer and use fileselector to show location of the viewer like "D:\Buldozer.exe") - It's recommended to configure viewer to "-noland -dx" option. Go the the line on the bottom of options (there should be something like "D:\buldozer.exe") and add there the options to have "D:\buldozer.exe -noland -dx". You may use also parameter "-window" if you prefer to have viewer in window - In Oxygen go to menu File -> Options and set DLL Folder to the directory where you installed Oxygen (e.g.: double click on DLL Folder and user fileselector to locate the application lik "C:\Program Files\o2light") <span id='postcolor'> What is written there?? </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">- In Oxygen go to menu File -> Options and set DLL Folder to the directory where you installed Oxygen (e.g.: double click on DLL Folder and user fileselector to locate the application lik "C:\Program Files\o2light")<span id='postcolor'> And there went my problem.... when the program doesn't show you any textures at all - then most certainly your texture dll path is not set correctly
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    "Extrude" is a very usefull function in 3D editing. It lets you create 3-dimensional objects from 2-dimensional faces. It looks like when you would take a piece of paper and drag/form a box out of it. You simply make it three dimensional. SO you see it's pretty usefull, especially for weapons editing. BUT it's not implented in Oxygen Light (the version we got). BY THE WAY- BIS: WHEN DO I GET MY NEW UNLOCK CODES??
  9. VipHeart

    P3d model format?

    Okay, maybe I haven't found that function yet, but when I save a model to p3d it creates MLOD p3d models. Won't that cause this wonderful T&L bug??? Is there a way to save in ODOL? AND how do I switch between the several LODs?
  10. Okay, as mentioned before we addon makers should coordinate our work to do not make models twice or even more times. Lost Brothers looks forward to work together with some of you guys The models for the mod itself will not be shared until I decide otherwise Now regarding the H&K weapon addons, this ones can be used right after release - just give us credits: - G3 (finished) - G3 TGS (almost finished) - G36K (almost finished) - G36C (almost finished) - LMG36 (almost finished) - G3 SG1 (finished) - PSG 1 (almost finished) - MP5N (finished) - MP5K (finished) - UMP45 (finished) - G11 (finished) - OICW (almost finished) - HK53 (finished) - HK69 (almost finished) In return, here is what we need: - FN FAL - UZI (any version) - different AK versions and a way to use pistols in the game! Although I hope that this is added in Resistance..
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    Cpp questions

    Hey Hubba! I made a tutorial about that quite some time ago.. You can find the full one here But here's the basic: </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">-> 1. Lets take a look at the scopeWeapon=2; scopeMagazine=2; The scopeWeapon command makes sure wether the weapon is a rifle (and displayed as such in the briefing) or a magazine. The value "0" means it can't be displayed as weapon/magazine, the value "2" means it can. -> 2. The magazine count count=45; You declare here how many bullets are in the magazine. -> 3. The muzzle velocity initSpeed=2000; The initSpeed seems to be the muzzle velocity of the bullet. Normal values are around 900. Why do I choose 2000 for the G11? Because this seemed to improve accuracy in the burst mode.. The value units seems to be 'meter per second' (m/s) -> 4. The range with full speed maxLeadSpeed=1000; MaxLeadSpeed seems to declare how far the bullet flies with full speed (the one from the muzzle velocity). The OFP engine calculates the projectiles flight curve out of the values InitSpeed and MaxLeadSpeed. For axample grenade launchers have only about "15" I think. The value units seem to be 'meter' -> 5. The ammunition type ammo="BulletSingleW"; Here you declare what ammo type to use. If you need special ammunition make sure you created it in the CfgAmmo section (I may release a tutorial on that, too) -> 6. The shots being fired burst=1; This declares how many rounds are fired in this mode. Only in the burst mode declaration you write "3" there. -> 7. The dispersion dispersion=0.000100; This declares what dispersion the bullet has. Generally the higher this value is, the less precise is the weapon. I'm not sure wether the value unit type has something to do with 1moa (Minute Of Angle = 2,908....cm at 100m) -> 8. The reload speed in the fire mode reloadTime=0.150000; This is the speed of the fire mode. Basically it's the cyclic rate /Rounds per minute. You can calculate it this way: 60/rpm - means 60 seconds divided by the value for the rounds per miniute. Exemple? RPM=800, then 60/800 = 0.075000 -> 9. don't know really ffCount=1; This must be the same value as the burst value -> 10. The recoil recoil="riffleBurst3"; This is the value for the recoil. I'll make a tutorial on this later.. -> 11. Automatic fire?? autoFire=1; Declares wether this is an automatic fire mode or not. Unit type value is either "0" (no) or "1"(yes) -> 12. AI rate of fire aiRateOfFire=5.000000; This declares how many bullets the AI (the computer controled soldiers) will fire with the weapon in the choosen fire mode. -> 13. AI fire range aiRateOfFireDistance=500; Here you can declare on what range the AI will use the weapon. Default value is "500" - unity type seems to be meters. However, when making an SMG you may want this value lower, like 50 or 100 meters to add more realism. <span id='postcolor'>
  12. VipHeart

    Problems with helicopter, mass and guns.

    Don't get me wrong, but isn't 250 KG a little bit to light?? You should consider giving it more mass - because the flight physics will need it!!
  13. VipHeart

    Creating new charactermodels

    Wow.. so I was right. I messed around with the soldiers before having my computer crahsed, too! -- Short Break--- BTW: I WANT NEW UNLOCK CODES !!! --- End Break --- Okay, contunued.. For exemple I took the ski glasses of the western tank crews and put them on normal western soldiers, slightly changed the helmet and deleted the backpacks - and voila: I had a Israeli Shayetet SpecOp So remodelling existing characters worked perfectly, although I think that the textures could be a problem! The demo character models seem to use many more different textures then the actual final charcter models! Is their a chance you might release the actual character models as a "editing basis" for us?
  14. VipHeart

    How to define attributes in o2

    As far as I tried out to handle textures until I lost my Oxygen ( BIS: I'm still waiting for new unlock codes...!, I found out that the game seems to handle textures above 512x512 (actually they were 1024x1024 I think). However, the textures looked quite "blury" - so I guess the programm either rendered it down or used the .pac files lower mip maps!! To sum up: It seems to do not crash with bigger textures, but it doesn't use themanyway in this case!
  15. VipHeart

    Background texture

    Did you gave the program the correct path to your .dlls of Oxygen in the configuration/options screen?? I forgot that the first time - and the same thing happened Read the install instructions again, because it's easy to miss the sentence explaining this!!
  16. VipHeart

    Dkm mod has....

    I'm certain that VBS1 will not be cancelled! I don't think there is any other advanced infantry simulator arround. And I don't think they have a lack of customers.. I just heard rumors that the Israeli Defense Forces want to buy it By the way: That's one of the reasons (I think..) O2 is such a secret thing.. because of the military aspects you could use it for.. TO BIS: hey, if the IDF really should consider buyin' this awesome system, why don't you let us help you?? We already finished nearly all arabian armies and are hard working to finish the IDF, too
  17. VipHeart

    Background texture...

    I remember having the same problem ( i cannot test it - still waiting for new unlock codes..). Sometimes i could load textures and sometime it simply didn't work! It has nothing to do with wether they're visible/viewble in TexView or not!!
  18. VipHeart

    Squarize option?

    Should we use this function regulary to decrease the faces count???
  19. VipHeart

    The empire strikes back..

    I don't know maybe the engine thinks it's the rotor of a helicopter
  20. VipHeart

    The empire strikes back..

    Tau, one question: did you add a LOD called "geometry"? This has to be a simple LOD of your model where the vertices get weight properties. Because Flashpoint calculates the speed and so on via the weight of the object! Get some demo models and look how they did it.
  21. VipHeart

    Dkm mod has....

    By the way: Why did our BIS friends took away the screenies?? Military secrets? To much fans mail bombing to get the units??? I feel there is a conspiracy behind this...and i thought we already belong to the illuminati..
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    The empire strikes back..

    //All new classes are made by the LostBrothers mod TEAM // // COPYRIGHT BY LoBo TEAM 2002 #define TEast 0 #define TWest 1 #define TGuerrila 2 #define TCivilian 3 #define TSideUnknown 4 #define TEnemy 5 #define TFriendly 6 #define TLogic 7 #define true 1 #define false 0 // type scope #define private 0 #define protected 1 #define public 2 #define WeaponNoSlot 0// dummy weapons #define WeaponSlotPrimary 1// primary weapons #define WeaponSlotSecondary 16// secondary weapons #define WeaponSlotItem 256// items #define WeaponSlotBinocular 4096// binocular #define WeaponHardMounted 65536 //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- class CfgPatches //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- { class JediLandingCraft {units[] = {JediLandingCraft}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.30;}; }; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Vehicle Settings //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- class CfgVehicles { class All{}; class AllVehicles:All{}; class Land:AllVehicles{}; class Man:Land{}; class Soldier:Man{}; class SoldierWB:Soldier{}; class SoldierWG:SoldierWB{}; class SoldierWMedic: SoldierWB{}; class SoldierWSaboteur: SoldierWB{}; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //JEDI Planes&Choppers //------------------------------ class Air: AllVehicles {}; class Helicopter: Air {}; class Cobra: Helicopter {}; class JediLandingCraft: Cobra { displayName="Imperial LAMDA Shuttle"; model=\JEDI\landing_craft.p3d; crew="IDFpilotCobra"; side=TWest; picture="\ISRAELI_ARMY\IDFCobra\ah-1_side_lod"; scope=2; nameSound="cobra"; accuracy=0.200000; driverAction="ManActAH1Pilot"; gunnerAction="ManActAH1Gunner"; maxSpeed=270; armor=50; cost=10000000; rotorBig="vrtule_velka"; rotorBigBlend="vrtule_velka_bl_"; rotorSmall="vrtule_mala"; rotorSmallBlend="vrtule_mala_bl"; weapons[]={"MachineGun30","HellfireLauncherCobra","ZuniLauncher38"}; magazines[]={"MachineGun30","HellfireLauncherCobra","ZuniLauncher38"}; type=2; threat[]={0.300000,1,0.800000}; }; }; //end };
  23. VipHeart

    The empire strikes back..

    Well, for my LAMBDA shuttle I didn't add the CfgPatches and CfgNonAIVehicles sections - i simply left them out. But I gave the vehicle itself (in your case "Ball") more properties. All the real Blackhwack had. Then it worked out perfect!
  24. VipHeart

    -> the lost brothers models-in-work

    Thanx, Erex! I appriciate that By the way: Why haven't you told Lucas about OFPs abbilities as a superb Star Wars field combat game (see "Empire strikes back" post)???
  25. VipHeart

    Todays work :)

    I think I saw a setting "translucent" in the faces/vertice properties, but i'm not sure!