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    Paa or pac?

    It seems to me that only .paa supoorts real translucy. When you edit the Alpha channel of an .tga texture and convert it to .pac you only have completly translucent or untranslucent parts. If you do the same with .tga textures and convert them to .paa you have more options. .paa textures seem to have an anhanced ALPHA channel/translucy support - that's why all glas/window textures are .paa
  2. VipHeart

    Memory question

    Yeah, anyone know how to speed up the rotating?? I'm building an belt fed MG - and i use the rotating function to simulate the feded ammo.. and in the moment it's moving like a snake...
  3. I know nearly everyone knows that the "merged" textures have a resolution of 1024x1024 pixels. I looked into the T&L soldier models and they really use those textures. SO the engine must support texture resolution above 1024x1024 - but why does the engine doesn't display my highres textures this way? Anyone an idea?? AND because highres textures are supposed to be completly supported by OFP:R - will Resistance use the same model and texture format? Because then I could start working on my new soldier models for our mod using highres textures instead of several 256x256 textures...
  4. VipHeart

    Wrpedit ....

    Okay.. Flip: THIS PROGRAM KICKS ASS!! Considering that's it's just a BETA it's very very stable I didn't experienced a single crash. And the peview window seems to be even faster then the original game I also like the interface - it's pretty clean and not toooo easy to handle. I consider this a good thing, because this way people need some time to create good islands and we're not getting flodded by crappy islands from some beginners I know this sounds hard.. The only thing i would change is the tarrain lowering/raising function.. it's a hell of a work to set those red dots to raise a bigger area
  5. VipHeart

    Seaborne missiles

    I'm not sure, but i thinks it's the ship class - it only allows MGs i guess
  6. VipHeart

    Shadow lod?

    Jackie, common! You can't tell me that you need all 300 faces for each LOD! When something is far away you won't see the details like grips, aimpoints or bipods anyway - you only see the shape! So try to make LODs with simple blocks
  7. VipHeart

    Antonov pics ingame

    Hell.. that's one of a sweet babe you got there And i can't wait to fly it myself.. Have you tried to make it a vehivle transporter, too?? Having jeeps stored in it would be real cool
  8. VipHeart

    The m4 family...

    YEah, don't include it Flip - i already made one for Lost Brothers
  9. VipHeart

    Engine question...

    Wether or not this "crater" as you call it appear ( those texture layers are also called "decals") depends on how you defined the vertice properties/settings i think. Because their is a selection if you want either "normal", "decal" or "radio12". I wonder what the last one could be...but i guess "decal" means that decals are added to the models after impact of bullets..
  10. VipHeart

    Muzzle flash visible?

    Yeah, Hubba is right - i have addon releases ready, but i don't want to release them with no T&L support!
  11. Okay, I'm working on new charcters since two days now. And it seems that there is plenty of possibilities even without adding new animations. Now here are my questions: 1. Can I rename the Czech names to common english ones in any way ( for example declaring the new names in teh CfgModels or config.cpp in general)? 2. CAn I rename the "injury" names? as they are declared in the CfgModels.. Can I even add new groups?? 3. Do I need to add new injury groups if i want to make seperate blood textures for each leg and it's sides? Or is the wound texture handled by the texture itself so that I only have to give the separate parts seperate textures??? (like lft_leg_front, lft_leg_back etc..) 4. When I have selected several vertices - can I deselect some of the selection?? Like I selected 10 vertices, but i only wanted to select 9 of it - now i want to deselect nr. 10. I'm sure this is possible - but i haven't found out how! It seems only possible to add something to the selection, not delselect from it.
  12. I know you guys will think I'm crazy  but I always wanted to see something like this in OFP Here is my imperial Lambda shuttle, completly with already 6 LODs made. LOD1 and textures are based on a Jedi Outcast model. Physics are from the cobra. Model is build on a UH-60. I did it just for fun to test what you can do with the LOD and geometry/mass system  Don't expect things like that to be released (Lucas Arts would kill me, and if not them, I'm sure Suma, Maruk and Erex would do the job for them..  )
  13. VipHeart

    The g36 family..

    While still waiting for my new unlock code, i continued working on some models. Here are the results which Fliper imported into the game for me (a big THANX-YOU'RE-BEST in his direction..). The textures were created by Ne0-Rae, the lead textures designer of the Gangwars mod for Half-Life. I think he did a great job with that! Enjoy and here are some more.. Pic nr.2 Pic nr.3 Pic nr.4 Pic nr.5 Pic nr.6 Pic nr.7 Any criticism or comments???
  14. VipHeart

    The g36 family..

    Cool Yeah, get me thos pics
  15. VipHeart

    Shooting to the side.....

    Pins, this MUST be a memory LOD problem. You messed up some of the point for sure I saw this error with one of my weapons, too.
  16. VipHeart

    The g36 family..

    I'm working on an BETA version for the Breathing people
  17. VipHeart

    More texturing problems

    Peiper, are you sure the textures are 256x256 or 128x128 or 256x128 or something like that?? And are you sure the BMP are RGB??
  18. VipHeart

    The m4 family...

    Flip, first of all: show them a pic of the scope i send ya Second: Make M68 in the same color as the M4!
  19. VipHeart

    Proposed model bank

    Well, if the models are published on our ModMaker's model bank website all modmakers see who published the model there first. Now if somebody releases someones else model with his name we (the other modmaker who saw that the initial release came from somebody else) can tell that to the community. So the one stealing the models would soon be called a thief by the community..
  20. VipHeart

    The m4 family...

    Damn, I wanted this to be a suprise for Flip, but I made this scope for him already.. i wanted to tell him today It's a kind of gift for some favours he did for me...
  21. VipHeart


    Take a look into the other vehicles: They have certain faces for group/clan/squad signs and proxies for the flag By the way: Your BTR just looks awesome!! Would you share it with LostBrothers when it's finished?? YOu can choose what you want to have in exchange from us
  22. VipHeart

    Muzzle flash visible?

    The main advancement i see within ODOL is not T&L support or protected files - it's the smaller filesize!! As many of us make real mods which will grow in data size we'll come to a point where we need as much space saving as possible! And ODOL models would be one of this ways
  23. VipHeart

    I need help about selections

    Hi ciecato! Well, the lights are flat faces called "svetlo PL" and "svelto PP", the backlights are called "zadni svetlo". But the lights are of no good use in the moment anyway. To let them work you must declare your model and it's special parts in the CfgModels in the config.cpp. However, there seems to be a bug in the latest patches which lets the game crash everytime the CfgModels is processed. So you can build your model with it - but until there is a new patch you will have to deal with the steady-on lights
  24. VipHeart

    Decimal convertor update - its free!

    I don't need it myself, as I'm native with metrics, however, I think this will be a very usefull tools for the feets, yards and pounds fanatics behind my visble horizon
  25. VipHeart


    By the way: Rob, when your models are lacking this important parts (the LODs) it's no wonder that your OFP crashs