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  1. Suma, What is your recommendation for Dedicated Servers? -exThreads=1 ? or different? Will there be a default set for Dedicated Servers?
  2. vipermaul

    cam scripts?

    GCam works very well. I am impressed with it and have asked Gigan many months ago to use his GCam in the LostKey mod. I also work on Kegetys Spectator script. We have that version in LostKey and are upating that soon. Also in the F2 Framework you will find the latest versions of Kegetys Spectator script as well. Norrin has assisted in all of this projects in the past. Kegs Spectator script is not dead.
  3. Congrats on the release Dr_Eyeball!
  4. This has been fixed by one of our F2 devs. I am sure it will make its way into one of our future releases.
  5. OMG -- you finally released it?? Let me tell you everyone if I may. This tool is a MUST SEE!! The video is great but even that video doesn't truly show the power and the coolness of this mission generator tool!
  6. vipermaul


    Bravo. Looking forward to this.
  7. domokun, I will bring it up with the ACE Project Team. I know they are focused on ACE2 which has obviously played a role in the 1.10 delay.
  8. Ask the server admin if they will turn on NetLog and reboot the server. Then attempt to log in. And after you get kicked, ask the server admin to read the NetLog, this is the only next to full proof method of discovering the reason. Reference: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Dedicated_Server -netlog <----command to record traffic from the game server in BI format (requires 1.02 and above) This happend on our ACE2 test server and this is what we did to discover the issue. In our case we had our server set to MaxCustomFileSize=0; And the player had custom sounds as Fincuan posted above. Or you can clear all your custom un-needed addons and attempt to log in again.
  9. Those are not official releases from the ACE Project Management Team. Those are contributions from community members which are appreciated. ACE is designed to also be installed on the server without any special changes.
  10. There is no specific Official dedicated server files. Use the exact same files you use for your client. There are a lot of isServer code checks in ACE to prevent unnecessary code running on the server side. This is the reason why the ACE team has never created a separate dedicated server set of files. It is all-in-one setup file.
  11. Yep Thanks Inko, We should find this already corrected in the today's v2-0-2 release.
  12. Check the Community Issue Tracker for a temporary fix. We need your feedback. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/3432 Also click on the Vote button to communicate to BI that you would like this fixed.
  13. vipermaul

    Revive Script

    I concur Xeno. Nice fast response!
  14. Let's get together Tinker. I will send you a PM. Will post the answer/results after one is found.
  15. Thanks for the feedback Tinker! If the spectator script sees that KEGsShownSides isNil or commented out as you have it, then it will set it to all sides (ie KEGsShownSides = [west, east, resistance, civilian]; is the default). Therefore you do not have to remove the // from the start unless you want to. Only if you do not want all sides. As you know in SQF, "//" is used for comment statements and is ignored. So if you want that statement KEGsShownSides = [west]; to be recognized then yes remove the "//". This change however will probably not solve your apparent issue. Please describe in more detail "not able to select character to follow." For example, can you select a player but the camera doesn't change? Are you NOT getting a list of player names to select and therefor cannot select a player? Are they a list of AI players? Do you have Filter AI enabled at the time of this issue? Is anyone else other than Tinker having this same issue?
  16. Excellent - Now my friend can play Armed Assault on his MAC - http://blogs.pcworld.com/gameon/archives/004546.html LOL. If you can play Half-Life and Quake 4, I wonder if it is possible if you can play Armed Assault?! Hmm... who thinks it would be possible? I wonder if BIS wants to weigh in on the technical possibilities too. Your thoughts are welcome as well. As long as it doesn't delay the patch 1.08 (not 1.8) but 1.08. LOL I'd also love to hear confirmed stories when this does come out if its possible.
  17. Excellent work Devs!! I am sure the community will appreciate this work greatly.
  18. Yes I saw this too. I was in the middle of writing up a bug on it but real life got in the way.
  19. Mougli, There is no currently known workaround for this. I do not believe it is in the design of HC. The feature you are asking would also allow the PltCO to give a direct order to the machine gunner of the Alpha Fire Team 2 (thus by passing the Squad Leader & the Fire Team). But one could make some script changes in the future to add this functionality. Perhaps CoC CEX in the future or some other community contributor.
  20. Thanks so much BI and Gaia!!! The 2nd lvl HC (the Squad Leader slot) can now apply move-to waypoint markers to his 3 fire teams in Multiplayer host. I haven't tested on a Dedi yet. That is next. I have yet to place a human player in the top HC position, what I call the PltCO *AND* the 2nd level Alpha Squad Leader slot at the same time. But confidence is high that it will work. The next step for me and my plans in PvP on a Dedicated server is having two platoons worth of slots on the map (1 being the opfor team) and still have everything work. Confidence is high that it will. I am using Dslyecxi's TTP2 for my High Command structure of slots. http://ttp2.dslyecxi.com/st_platoon.html Thanks again BI for 1.02!!
  21. Spooner tested. I tested it. And it is probably best to wait for the 505 release or the next patch, or what ever BI has in store for us next. It is not a very long wait. Hopefully there will be some changes.
  22. Also Spooner, I think you were speaking of your Single Player experience and tests and not MP right? or at least that was the impression I was left with during our talks on IM.
  23. Yes Norrin that is part of a few new properties of A2 classes. If you do proper inheritance that will go away. If you neglect to inherit then you will need to look these new A2 class definitions up and add them manually. For that class I believe there is a handful of new properties. Look for a complete list in your RPT file which details the errors.
  24. vipermaul

    Windows7 64bit - I7 -4890- black screen

    I experienced something similar using my friends machine. Since you have a ATI card running with 1.15b, run your game in a Window. But it is better to update to 1.16b, I hear it my be best to just rename the beta directory instead of using the 1.15b uninstall. I never heard any confirmed reasons to stay away from that. But 1.16b has some significant of fixes for ATI cards. Try that.