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    3ds max to O2 uv issue

    I finally made some progress. What I couldn't understand was how to render the uvmap from the UV Editor to an image I could work with in photoshop. So this.... ...into this The only export function for UV Editor is emf or wmf format, neither of which is supported by PS. So I found a convert app, and created a targa image to make the texture on. Then I used TexView to create and replace the previous paa texture file and resized the uvmap in UV Editor (thanks Von ). I left the wireframe as an overlay so you can see the geometry deformations. I think I'll backtrack a little bit...I'm wondering if o2 has issues with the way max sets up smoothing groups ?
  2. Ut-Oh

    3ds max to O2 uv issue

    Thank you for your replies. XSparky, although the screenshot doesn't show it, the unwrap is within the blue box. It rendered correctly and I was able to paint it and apply it in max. And I did select export coordinates. I played with the settings some in both 3ds and obj formats...just taking shots in the dark lol. Von Rundstedt, that's a good suggestion. But since some of the unwraps have been moved in o2, I'd can't use the orginal texture. Is there a way to bake the texture map in o2? If so then my problem would be solved....I'd just paint a new texture to match the altered UV layout. Blackjack, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Could you elaborate on making sure the uv is between 0 and 1? BTW, I tried obj with various settings and kept getting this error: Again, thanks for your help.
  3. I am new to using O2, so I'm probably missing something simple, but... I'm working with a model in 3ds max 7. I did the UVmap, created a basic test diffuse map (512x512) and applied it. I then exported as both .3ds and .obj formats to see which performed better in O2. I went with the .3ds format. When I imported it into O2, I opened UV Editor and found that it had rearranged the uv map. Applying the test texture I created gave strange results. You can see the texture tiled in the above UV Editor pic. So just to check, I opened it in Buldozer. It would seem I need: 1) A 3ds max .p3d plugin so I could bypass O2 altogether or 2) Some kind soul to direct me to more detailed tutorials on the UV Editor aspects of O2 (the wiki is a dead-end BTW) It seems to me that I could just regenerate the texture map from O2's UV Editor and then go from there, but I have found nothing on this topic at all. note - yes I did use the search function....and google has asked me to kindly stop using their services regarding this issue because their internet search monkeys are threating to go on strike.