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    Fight for Freedom!

    to be honest most if not all of the features you have described i have seen in on other mods here and there so they do exsist im sure of it like most helos have a manual fire feature where the pilot takes over the main cannon on the front and i have seen some tanks mods where the commander has full control of the doors and extra features. unfortunately im not any good at config work otherwise id be more then happy to lend a hand
  2. fookin shame it is bludski i really loved Vidda hopefully you come back to it ya damn terrain wizard you
  3. uscg pilot 12

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    glad your back and everything is good siege! went through the last couple hurricanes down here in Florida last couple years and i know it is no amount of fun but you and yours is safe and thats all that matters!
  4. uscg pilot 12

    Immersed Weather - Snow Effects

    how neat immersion mods are always welcome thanks for the hard work!
  5. uscg pilot 12

    [WIP] Proyecto EA

    this mod is looking great cant wait! keep up the good work santafe!
  6. uscg pilot 12

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    i second siege one that one OMA's work is pretty legendary if the guy keeps up it hes gonna get snatched up by an actual studio IMO
  7. uscg pilot 12

    Welcome to Glasgow

    ah man this looks amazing cant wait great job as always buckfast !
  8. uscg pilot 12

    [ MAP ] St. George Island

    oh man looks better and better all the time cant wait you and bludski are making more high quality maps then i can make missions on lol
  9. uscg pilot 12


    awesome update man this vehicle is so awesome and getting better great work!
  10. id say blud is easily one of the great with the few maps hes put out to us. the varied terrain and details in vidda alone are worth more then a couple of maps combined. i still have found any bunkers even after following dead end roads but im still hunting lol. hopefully you get your rig up and running again soon so we can see more of your work !
  11. cheeky fookin beeki you are lol ill have to do some recon after work today lol
  12. blud my man you are a certified terrain wizard this latest update is awesome. i still have found any of the damn bunkers tho lol
  13. uscg pilot 12

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    looks great cant wait for the new vehicles camo net feautre looks awesome
  14. uscg pilot 12

    Bohemia Interactive Mníšek Studio

    man i am super stoked for this man itll be nice to have a town set up map god speed guys cant wait for some urban style combat!
  15. uscg pilot 12

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    I don’t speak directly for the creators but they have state time and time again that the mod will never be split into pieces it looks like your new so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here but please do at least a little research before hand
  16. uscg pilot 12


    Hey man I actually figured out what mod was conflicting. Finally got to play with the truck they are amazing and the simulated axels are awesome when driving around Chernus 2035 and Vidda. Thanks again for this awesome mod
  17. uscg pilot 12


    Hey Qinetix i know you just released this and even tho im having issues ( its probably my mod list conflict) i know this is a top quality mod. any possibility of this being added in the future ?
  18. uscg pilot 12


    hmm weird there must be some kind of conflict with another mod im running as the truck does not show up in the editor at all for me
  19. uscg pilot 12


    I’m just now being able to play after work and I can’t seem to find the vehicle I the editor anywhere I can confirim it’s installed and I already deleted it and reinstalled it any advice ?
  20. uscg pilot 12


    alright qinetix! this vehicle is awesome great job man
  21. uscg pilot 12

    RKSL Foxhound LPPV for A3 3.100

    just to chime in rock is correct it is mostly about personal graphic settings as the vehicle sits firmly on the ground for me. also personally rock its good to see you stil active in the community from the OFP days
  22. uscg pilot 12

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    well that is good news even if it is ideally im hopeful anyways. if it doesn't then it doesn't just keep up the good work lads
  23. uscg pilot 12

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    2 small questions i cannot find the answer to. the hmmwv models under the us army and marine crop factions for whatever reason is missing the bullbar weather it is set to switch to old bumper or not it does not show and i would normally take this as an omission but i have seen screen caps and other media showing it on there and after confirming the models were indeed RHS i figured i would ask it here. 2nd question and this one is a little more of a fact finding mission so i dont have to sit in the eden editor all day. what features ( i know this is broad but bare with me) does RHS incorporate (i.e) the mk v soc boat what vehicles can be stored using the load function. what vehicles can the bigger trucks load and unload. what items can and cannot be stored in the back of the hmmwv models in the varying factions. what can and cannot be carried using varying scripts and other features. is there an online FAQ for this info or is it pretty much a figure it out by using scenario i only ask as this is a fairly huge modification with the USAF and Russain armed forces and i know there is alot going on under the hood that some of us out here may not be aware of thanks for your time.
  24. uscg pilot 12

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hey Marine cookcae while certain sgt fuller appreciates your vigilance they have stated many times to please PM these infractions to a mod team member directly as this clutters up the forum for actual discussion im sure Roadkill or FM will be here shortly for to reiterate but next time please review the thread a bit before posting