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  1. just wanted to say thank you. i've dug up so many old posts of yours that solved all my config problems so far. i came across them randomly but it really helped a lot. continue your amazing work in this community!

  2. so far no req. but the game itself and ventrilo. im not sure how your com system works on teamspeak but we are running ours on vent. im currently deployed to korea so im zulu +9. we run official ops on fridays or saturdays at 1900 central, that is the next day 1000 my time. i am currently setting up our units first deployment missions in takistan, if you want we can deploy together. whats your units size? numbers? numbers of people that usually attend, not roster numbers.

  3. good day, i feel sorry to inform you that the 25th will not merge with another unit unless the other unit joins us. the 25th has a year worth of history that would be wasted if we drop the project. i was a founder in the 173rd ( not your 173rd ) from back in the day, we lasted 3 months and fell to our knees because we merged with another unit. again, i dont want to seem like a **** or anything, if you guys want to run joint missions i would be more than happy to do so. our unit strength is very low and nowhere near combat strength, we recruit on high standards so our numbers arent great. if you want to run some milsim missions with us let me know so we can start working on things. maybe we can deploy together for a few missions. contact me on our website and i will reply on yours, thank you

    have a good day

    SFC Mauro

  4. goin back to SF ;)

  5. i hate ATC pimpen! its friggin boring... last field mission, i managed to sleep about 6 out of the 7-8 hours we worked on one day. it was great, then my buddy gave me sudden strike 1 (lol) and i played an entire day > at work. its really... fun?

  6. ill c wut i can do man ;)

  7. they are REALLLLLLY cheap from what i hear, i can look into it by chance, what kind are you looking for? i havent seen an actual airsoft store or anything its a few in this store, a few here a few there. what u need? saw AK's and m4's and stuff like that

  8. yeah got stationed in KR, its actually really awesome and im happyi got stationed here :) u would love it! and i just hit 21 a month after i got here, im golden :D haha... i buy my new desktop soon, with enough power to run arma 2, so ill be in game allot more if u wanna get together in some games sometime :)

  9. awesome dude, i guess ill see you on there then, im doin my taxes next week, hope to get my new rig before the end of the month, just in time to jump on the vbs release, we might hae to do it up again big guy :)

  10. i know dude, dunno how many months... how u been man? im about to buy me a desktop so i can get back in the game, specially cause VBS2 is being released for AKO holders :D i see you been modding allot man? what else u been up to?