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    Apologies if this is in the wrong thread. I ran the auto-updater when I got the message that there was an update to jayarma2lib, it ran as normal until restarting ArmA 2 OA. The process was running according to task manager but the program was not actually running: None of the normal splash screens popped up that normally do with loading the game. A regular start up of ArmA 2 OA/CO encountered the same problem. I've fixed it by having a friend provide me with the prior version and simply not updating. An odd problem but I'd like to be able to update so any advice or information would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. don't know if it's been mentioned: Have been having vehicles disapear <2 minutes after being disembarked from, annoying when your trying to load them up with kit for a long hual trip... any ideas what's causing this?
  3. Won't be online until 8pm GMT due to work, however if it's not already underway I'll run the night.
  4. toadball

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    Seeing as it's not been updated: Our #1 server is currently running ACE 1.8 as well as the various other associated ACE mod folders. The required addons are available from the Zeus #1 server YAS repositry. ACE folders were renamed: ZACE etc to conflicting with player's ACE (You can have your more up to date version of ACE for playing on other servers whilst being able to run ZACE for Zeus nights) The #2 server is now available for PvP nights on wednesday, more information can be found in this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=114005 Look forward to seeing you if you decided to drop by :)
  5. toadball

    ZEUS Nam

    don't think we've ever run it with a VD greater than 1km, though I'm pretty sure it'd run ok above that. Best taking that with a pinch of salt seeing as I've not actually tried running it under such conditions. To repeat the praise others have already said: fantastic island Mondkalb, definitely a personal favourite :)
  6. toadball

    ZEUS Nam

    For any of you who were thinking of or have already tried running LZ Certain death on a dedicated server a fixed version (SQM bug inherent in Unsung that was missed has been corrected): UNS CO 24 LZ Certain Death V015 Hopefully see you folk on the Zeus #2 server on Saturday for a Nam fix :)
  7. toadball

    Zeus Gaming Community

    Just a heads up/reminder for anyone interested: Zeus is going to be running a 'Nam night on Saturdays (starting tonight) over on the #2 server. More details can be found on the zeus forum thread: here If you want a bit of 'nam action feel free to pop along! :)
  8. Good to see an update :) Just a heads up/reminder for anyone interested: Zeus is going to be running a 'Nam night on Saturdays (starting tonight) over on the #2 server. More details can be found on the zeus forum thread: here If you want a bit of 'nam action feel free to pop along! :)
  9. Will have to look into that, though I'm guessing the fact you were doing it at midnight may have contributed a bit to that, have had AI wander past myself and another couple of guys quite happily at night without noticing us on Takistan etc providing none in the squad had NVG. Good to hear, as said looking forward to updates :D
  10. Played about with this over on Zeus and on my own PC, pretty good ignoring the bugs mentioned a plenty by previous posters. The biggest of these bugs or issues for me is the view block. Trecking through the jungle (excellent work on keeping that performance friendly by the way!) in dense fog with other players where you can barely see 25m infront of you is immense, which is a shame as it's totally ruined when "that guy" aka the AI who happened to be with you blurts out with Enemy whatever at 500m or as is more often the case you come under fire assuming the pyjama wearing chaps are just about 50m away and they turn out to be a good ~100m. Anyways, no real point stating what has been stated before, congrats on the release. Really looking forward to your future and hopefully iminent updates :p and hope it can sait my hunger for a 'nam mod akin to Jungle Fever of OFP days :) Ps. If you could get around to a la Drang valley map at any point that'd be awesome, especially if it kept with the performance of your current map's jungle areas.
  11. toadball

    British Special Forces

    Ah, I should have read the thread a bit more closely I guess lol. The reference pics you showed just looked a bit odd to me and suggested it more aimed at desert climates, it's still very nice work regardless of the silly niggles I have with desert DPM
  12. toadball

    British Special Forces

    Out of curiosity, are you aiming these units to be for desert climates over temperate climates? Have a personal prefferance to temperate climates so would love to see a bit more OD and woodland DPM or alternatively a set of the units setup purely for temperate climate. Have loved using these, very nice looking units (I've not played around with the weapons yet) Looking forward to seeing more soon (Read as: whenever you feel like releasing them ) PS: So true.
  13. toadball

    British Special Forces

    Never mind seems to work now.
  14. toadball

    British Special Forces

    Looking really good, shame about Megaupload hating my PC lol If you could get this on another mirror that'd be great.
  15. Currently downloading the update now, what were the problems with the Rucksack system that needed fixing out of curiosity?
  16. toadball

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    Hehe, don't live to far from where they are building those very nice ships. Looking forward to using those ships Gnat
  17. toadball

    OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

    IIRC the GDT Mod helfire addon makes sure the hellfire can only target laser designated targets though it's for all BI and addon vehicles that us the BI Hellfires. Though I'd assume it'd be a matter of using the default BI hellfire kit as a termplate and then modifying the CFG values for what it locks on to (can't remember at the moment what this falls under) would allow for a seperate OH58 to use your system
  18. Was wondering if there are plans to implement the Multiple rifles/weapons script in ACE? Obviously modified so that the possession of a secondary rifle will affect weight carried by the unit and thus the fatigue system (Soldiers are a tad unfit if you ask me but I think that's been done to death here.). Would be pretty good if you could considering some units such as scout snipers tend to carry a secondary rifle and in CQB teams a breaching shotgun. All ready use it in missions I play with mates as a side thing but I'm pretty sure you could implement it similarly to your rucksack system.
  19. toadball

    OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

    Nice to see an OH58 in game regardless of texture quality. Something that I've been hoping to see out for a while =]
  20. toadball

    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    Re: ACE_Map in warfare Doesn't quite work in warfare, as the equipment purchasing menu is set up the way it is, there is no way to purchase gubbins such as NVgoggles, Binos and in this case the map. This negates the addition of the requires map object unless the user has to dump it in favour of say a parachute etc (Though NV goggles have become redundant anyway, from what I see, no one plays with the day/night mode on sadly). An update of the equipment purchasing screen is well in order imho and as such a slight modification to the associated load out script. Tried fiddling around with the map system in warfare m'self to no avail. Would certainly be a nice thing to have in warfare if we could get it. (got it in the right thread this time, doh)
  21. toadball

    Afgan Patrol

    EDIT; Just realised I put that in the wrong section, shows what happens when you spend most of your day stuck in a lab lol
  22. toadball

    Server rental

    I decided to go with cybernetic servers. UK based group, best customer service I've had period. Paying about 45 GBP for a 20 player ArmA server and 10 slot TS server. Would have done 20 but completely forgot at the time, but it's a relatively negligible increase considering the deal your getting.
  23. Ran into problem with the larger MGs (NSV & M2HB) Think this only occurs in MP but when you try to "dismount" the gun from the tripod you get a script error. This is followed by a tripod being cloned beside the gun and tripod combination, none can be interacted with in anyway, will try and get a pic or a vid showing this. Edit after a bit of testing I found the following: Both NSV & M2HB encounter this problem when the player attempts to remove the gun whilst there is ammunition in it. I've yet to encounter with the AGS30 under any of the test conditions I used. Test Environment: Armed Assault V1.14 Patch with Queens Gambit & ACE Mod Beta [No other mod folders were loaded and default directories had no 3rd party modifications in them.] Conditions Used: 1)All ammunition expended down range, gun removed. - No issues 2)ammunition partly expended, remaining amunition removed, gun removed - no issues 3)amunition partly expended, remaining amunition not removed, gun removed - issues incurred: M2HB - tripod model/proxy appears next to/overlapping the tripod and gun model. No interaction with aforementioned models is possible. NSV - tripod model/proxy appears next to/overlapping the tripod and gun model. No interaction with aforementioned models is possible. AGS30 - no issues I did not bother testing if this happened if no ammunition had been expended but one would assume the results would be similar, if not the same as condition set 3. Further proof ACE makes you think about what your doing a bit more :P Loving the heavier weapons (despite my inability to use the AGS30 to any real effect :P), they've made making small fall back points slightly more secure
  24. toadball

    ArmA Addon request thread

    The Sepecat Jaguar would be a nice addition for the british stuff around, as well as others. RE: ZU-23: There's one over at armedassault.info got it in one of my addons folders, but have yet to try it out in game. looks pretty good though Links: V1.13 Fix for the gun truck Hope that's what you were looking for.
  25. Introduction ISE is a small unit specialising in unconventional warfare and special forces operations. Our current members have experience in both Operation Flashpoint and Armed Assault as both former members of other units or as independent operators. We believe in utilising every member's abilities to their full potential to result in successful mission outcome and everyone having as much fun as possible doing so. We play a large range of game types: Warfare, Zombie missions and Sahrani Life however we are a Co-Op unit and expect our members to put more time into co-op game play than into other game play types. Age limits? At the present we have no age restrictions on membership however we do expect all members to act maturely and show respect to their team-mates, leaders and the members of other ArmA units. Training We do not use a set structure for training members as we believe a training course does not fully prepare some one for combat. Our members will be expected to play as much as possible with the other members of their squad in as many different missions as possible so that they both learn the teamwork and skills required in a large range of operations. This does not mean we will not provide training to members who are newer to the game, Squad leaders and their fire team leaders will be expected to help members who show that they require extra training or request it, set training will be done on a training map that incorporates all ISE operation types and areas to practise their skills. Rank Structure Our ranks are those used by the Army of the United Kingdom. Members of the rank Sergeant to Lieutenant make up the 12 man detachments used in Joint Ops with other units and will be expected to perform various administrative tasks and the training of newer members. Members bellow the rank of Sergeant are expected to operate as part of a selection squad for a maximum of two weeks. (More information regarding the selection process will be given at a later date) Current Members Our current roster: Sierra Bravo 3 Fire Team One AT & Demolitions - JynX||ToadBall (CO) Rifleman/Medic - Faith Automatic Rifleman - TrevorOfCrete Trooper - [Open] Fire Team Two Designated Marksman/Sniper - Mark||HH (XO) Machine Gunner - Martin Grenadier - Zipper5 Trooper - [Open] Fire Team Three Rifleman - BlackScorpion Trooper - [Open] Trooper - [Open] Trooper - [Open] CO - Commanding Officer XO - Executing Officer (2-IC) Future Plans We plan on expanding our numbers and getting both Teamspeak and game servers as at the moment financial issues prevent us getting them. Along with these we hope to upgrade the web hosting we have at present and improve the website (Currently under construction, a link will be provided at a later date). Recruiting We are currently recruiting... if you are interested in joining please send an email to iseweb@yahoo.co.uk with the Subject "Application <your name>" and with the following information: If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact myself by the email provided above, by MSN (see member profile) , by Xfire (asms) or by my personal email. We look forward to hearing from potential recruits and any other ArmA units who are looking for joint operations. JynX||ToadBall