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  1. toadball

    co30 Domination! One Team

    Hey, Been kinda busy recently with RL stuff but finally got the Beta 22 pack uploaded to ArmedAssault.info The pack can be downloaded by clicking here. Hope to see more great work! Regards, ToadBall aka: JynX ArmedAssault.info Site Team & News poster
  2. toadball

    Burning Sands: Africa '42

    Hey there, If you post some shots of this in O2 it would be great, would really like to get a news release for this done over at ArmedAssault.info. Really nice looking work, can't wait to see more and for the eventual release! Regards, ToadBall aka: JynX Armedassault.info Site Team & News poster
  3. toadball

    CoOp06_Tank Ambush

    Download link seems to be busted, if you can get me another I'll have it mirrored on ArmA.info for you