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  1. Hello again,

    good news or bad news^^, i can't clearly reproduced the error with the editor based mission i played, ... it is so rarly that it makes no sense to upload it( tried today an hour with only 1 out of 12 had the error).

    But i assume it is related to cti missions & scripts that gives groups commands(may lets say AI high command and so on). I guess that would explain why Muecke get this error too with his crcti mission.   So i try to find Ai High Command script without playing a whole cti to make a repo. 

    If i had luck i upload the next days a small repro editor based mission. HETMAN - Artificial Leader seems promising, has shown me the take_cover error.


    edit: again no luck to fully reproduced the error. needs more testing 😞


  2. 1 hour ago, snkman said:


    Thanks for the report! :thumbs-up:

    Why those errors are always reported by you? :icon2::headscratch:

    Really strange... I never ever got this script error...

    Is there something special you are using? Other Mods maybe?

    In which mission did you get this error?


    Again spawning unit(s)? Please noooo!

    Hi snkman,

    can confirm this errors.....yes spawning unit(s) mainly on my end(Dac with & without Dac ai & other spawn script) in editor after the fighting begins. 


    Best regards and have a nice day^^

  3. Quote


    The community is hungry for a solid cti mission but we (cti comm) are a bit fractured



    What I would love to see, is 1 core becti mission with an army of devs working on improvements. We, OFPS, are the only ones with the man power, resources, and development cycle to take this on. 


    Now, im not proposing we have a monopoly on becti, just a central hub for development and core mission edits. If you guys wanted your own cti server but different settings, then edit the param file and adjust the mission to your flavor, we can discuss and put 100s of params if we wanted it.


    My point is there a lot of good cti devs out there working solo sometimes recreating the wheel. Why not join up with the largest cti dev team to ever exist and help us in putting cti at the top again?


    Oh this posts makes me laugh so hard....sorry but it's better to wake up from your illusions and arrogance.Years have prove that this gamemode & Com(in comparison to other gamemodes) will always be really small and your contribution to this made it worse, sorry but apparently someone thinks he has something big in his hands.... xD






    Pretty rude of you to insult years of work consisting of a dev team of over 10 people who do this for free, really says a lot about you. Many of us have played CTI over a decade. Only a small person name calls and gives no hope at growth for something they enjoy playing.



    Please post something that adds to the conversation or STFU, thank you.



    oO cried a guy of whom finds nothing constructives in the thread except requests and advertising for his bought warfare mission XD.


    mememe and bye bye


    On 19.11.2017 at 5:33 PM, tourist said:



    Therefor I'd like to use GAIA standalone to have zones, commanders for two sides, unit caching and MP persistance.  But the link in the GAIA standalone  thread is dead.


    THX in advance for your advice





     armaholic is often the last resort :D                     http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26783&highlight=GAIA  

  5. fantastic work are you doing IF Lite Mod Team...


    Soldiers, weapons, ammo boxes and Ammotrucks needs a little bit adjustment because of the new added weapons ( Mg34 & M1919A6+ammo are not in the boxes,P08 Luger replaced P38 on some soldiers and only p38 ammo is in the boxes and carried by some soldier etc). Is the Mg34 already inside (not the one on tripod), can't find it?

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  6. hi,


    I had serveral crashes after the latest ASR_AI update with Iron Front lite & RHS mod(sorry doesn't test vanilla)...before it was all fine...switched back to older asr version unhappily but no crash.^^



    2:12:21 No alive in 10000

    note: Minidump has been generated into the file
    Version 1.64.138497
    Fault time: 2016/10/11 02:12:22
    Fault address:  778D015D 01:0001015D C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    Prev. code bytes: B9 1D 00 00 00 8D 54 24 04 64 FF 15 C0 00 00 00
    Fault code bytes: 83 C4 04 C2 14 00 90 B8 59 00 00 00 33 C9 8D 54
    EAX:00000000 EBX:00A9EA34
    ECX:00000000 EDX:00000000
    ESI:00000002 EDI:00000000
    SS:ESP:002B:00A9E9E4  EBP:00A9EA80
    DS:002B  ES:002B  FS:0053  GS:002B

    Arma rpt wiki mention 




    No alive in 10000

    Usually when you have a while loop that's having to execute a lot of times without stopping or sleep.

    any idea?

  7. maybe its worth to try ASR Ai .....it has rearm feature and enter buildings in combat,




    - Buildings are used in combat by AI. You may see AI shooting from windows or rooftops and it may not be as easy to hide in a house anymore.
    - AI may move to cover and pop smoke when hit to help conceal while taking care of their wounds.
    - AI may use near vehicle or static weapons for fighting.
    - Keeps player in charge on teamSwitch to another unit; prevents leaving AI in charge to shout stupid orders that you need to cancel when you switch back to leader unit.
    - Disables fatigue for AI in player's group and enables it for currently player-controlled unit (triggered on teamSwitch only); lets AI be able to keep up with the player.
    - AI may rearm if low on ammo from nearby crates, vehicles, bodies or even friendlies rucks (eg ammo bearers).

    and it is customable^^

  8. maybe dac think it is bad place to create waypoints....btw Dac have on some maps problems with creating waypoints (to much objects close together), it needs enough free surface to create waypoints.


    Those red lines(in your screenshot) show only that the zones are connected if i remember correctly. You can see very short the created waypoints on the map with debug when creating the zone on starup (the little colorful points inside the zone wich rapidly disappearing)





    Custom waypoints may help or/and check the demo missions/manual and avoid overlapping zones to minimizes unwelcome results

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  9. yeah, because some system are not capable and users are not able to do......even with super easy software help xD








    Now with i5 its easy too, but its less stable. There is nothing to mess up, it 3 clicks and done, users knowledge has nothing to do today                              

        It Is Either A or B but one of these always hits xD............btw overclocking it is never easy(some software imply, but it isn't),,,,,long term testing, knowledge/understanding of the system hardware, voltage/Vcore,cooling,step by step etc....     So "it 3 clicks and done" one of the most reasons why it fails in most xD

  10. with a relative stable fps a game runs fine for me not with jumping fps between 60-15fps like A3 most of the time(would be ok if a lot happening ingame but is not so) ......but depends on each itself how he perceives it  




    most annoying is fps drop affects the firing rate and is clearly noticeable and a old Arma prob




    Game has one of worst overall Performance i see in the last Years. :lol:

    Game Dev's decide to not response here or in feedbacktracker..that says enough about it xD

  11. Actually the best investiment right now is get another game just to enjoy the power of your GpU
    1+++ the rest is waste money & hadware effort for a bad optimized game
    Actually, the bes investment, if You have not done so before, is into SSD
    nice try but it doesn't eliminated the other many, many, many, many, many, many, many & many flaws xD