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  1. nice idea.......good work, keep it up.......
  2. teilx

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    A2 is even better for my taste :D And there is no Zeus xD
  3. Big ignorant joke he...... Since Arma 3, it is only a Sandbox Game.xD Opf & Arma1+2 was praised as BAd truth =Game(ENGINE )can't handle Large Scale Battles
  4. Would be nice to see some versions for other islands and Arma 2. Is it hard to make a port for other maps?And maybe Possible to make the mission into a Modular modules/Framework like MSO(turn on/off stuff) for easier sandbox mission making/port new maps?
  5. oh is it possible to make a unit Cap with such unit counter?
  6. Oh the Master is Back......^^
  7. teilx

    Dynamic Survival Sandbox V1.0

    nice .....*dreaming*why not others can do the same with their awesome work..........a2 is still more enjoyable/stable/funny to play at the moment and it is certainly still a while
  8. teilx

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    Great Units keep up the work.. lol....DevilDogs= the Germans never used it only for USMC ----- everyone is Devildog/s=>Teufelshunde, Teufelskerle => who is a daredevil/go-getter and was/is often said in Germany
  9. will it be possible in the future, to place hq and MP/CIV locations manually
  10. In the unpacked mission are some files with infos and maybe a readme ;D or try this from the first page^^ some new info's about dedi server support????
  11. Is there a way to (manual) add military locations? this setVariable ["priority",50]; this setVariable ["size",150] adds only Civ locations for me......sorry if it ask already......thread is so big over the time^^ And how can i place the HQ in a specific location?
  12. yeah would like to know too.And a A2 CO port/version would be awesome :D
  13. teilx

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    in the end it is all benny's decision ;D
  14. bitter truth is, bugs &performance probs on various objects(trees,bushes,smoke etc) come and go with every patch since Opf (and partly always the same)
  15. confusing.......do i need to place profile system only on map or it needs to sync to MP???
  16. it was more like "he start working on it in Arma 2" or something like that.... but the question is good .....i prefer A2 CO also more than A3.....and many many others :D
  17. great news ...... updates for Sp are to fast xD
  18. teilx

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    hope so...... but the Ai is not better in alpha3 and have the same + more probs too
  19. nice work Bohemian woodsmen =) i bet your brain is boil over
  20. was already reported several times........reduce enemy zones and ai may help. if i recall correct, there was no real solution in the end
  21. Ha ha ha And what controls the Z's.....ah correct AI^^ CH+ is the same Island as CH ....only difference are new houses & objects .Arma 2/OA users have deserve to get the CH + for the many years of patience