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  1. teilx

    ASR AI 3

    Looks like a bug has returned xD or was never gone Game Stay at a constant 25 FPS During the Day, 5-8 FPS At Night plus low fps on = many objects, smoke,.....never ending list :D
  2. teilx

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Is a A2 CO version planned?A3 is not worth to play for me anymore.:p edit: Ok thanks for info........really sad ^^ good luck with A3
  3. Is anyone seeding this or is it a death download.......trying 3-4 times with no luck?
  4. teilx

    Jurassic Arma

    awesome work.......The only thing missing in Arma is a Godzilla lastly :D
  5. Is there a way or can you make a way to disable/removing the sliding/skating completely for people who doesn't need it?
  6. teilx

    WARFARE BE2 *Rubber Ed*

    very nice, thx
  7. Unlimited Ammo for AI would be great.
  8. Is this compatible with Arma 2/CO?
  9. teilx

    WARFARE BE2 *Rubber Ed*

    send me a link with edited warfare missions too, please ^^ x
  10. teilx

    MRB - ArmA 3 - Kartinator

    Mr. Whining ;D mimimi
  11. can confirm this....but only with zones in bad positions, low waypoints/spawnpositions,zone too small etc..
  12. teilx

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    This is an mp mission......host in lan or on a dedi server(better). Saving works but is not recommend.
  13. teilx

    CRcti Proman

    Superpowers is only a Arma 2 CTI mission ....from BI haha
  14. yeahh all pro's.lol.. overheating is only a bad sideeffect and there are much more reasons for decreasing cpu performance by OCafter years. lose warranty and stock specifications are indeed baseless xD
  15. 1+yeah overclocking +lower lifespan and spend money for only one game .........only dump Please stop such advices :D
  16. please make a version without zeus thunder^^
  17. teilx

    Proman Public crCTI

    wooohooo nice!!!!!thx Angry Insects Crew
  18. teilx

    Looking for good CQB/CQC map with AI

    yeah you are sooo more experienced .....haha lol read your own sig, maybe it help^^.. ......if everyone request missions this way the Admins have alot to do Mr. so more experienced haha what i do or not, is my decision not yours and a bit seaching does not harm anyone
  19. teilx

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    No, but you can use/make a teleport script with a little bit knowledge (seen one for i44warfare for bridges)and put it in some locations or attach on a objects/vehicles for mobile teleport
  20. teilx

    Looking for good CQB/CQC map with AI

  21. teilx

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    disable cba_a3 & Alive ^^
  22. Maybe is better to add a limit option for Infantry/vehilces or let them spawn only at a certain locations to get more time and make it easier.
  23. Is an I44 port somewhere or is it hard to do it?