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  1. arma 1-3 have many issues and bugs and they dont care. His decision is completely understandable. ps.Low CPU utilization & Low FPS Thread is one of the biggest, I wonder why when someone say" it is all ok" like many here
  2. teilx

    Dear Mod Makers, Sign your Mods.. Its easy....

    comes from the fact that he has modified (minimal) only others work, lol
  3. teilx

    2000+ Hours

    only playing = 10hours ......the rest was wasted time :( Arma 2 CO = 400h++ Arma = 100h+ Opf/res = 500h++
  4. tried these weapons without other mods and i don't see muzzle flash. maybe BIS broke something again
  5. You are truly awesome^^ ......shame on you Bohemia Interactive!!!!
  6. teilx

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    lol, what a strange society they have founded .......and again it was only "der Führer" a bit too easy to say for my taste
  7. teilx

    FPS decreased (more)

    i run a3 after a couple of months and it has lower fps as before.... lol. thx BIS it is getting worser xD
  8. nice work!!!! other maps coming or only altis?
  9. teilx

    Insurgency Request

    user mission request thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. No, he must playing a very very badly optimized Game. xD thats true haha 15 years ,3666 post and still poor performance and BI still not know what to do xD ...oh wait workarounds like HC or Arma 3 STABLE server 1.34 "performance binary ....loool
  11. teilx

    Enhanced Movement

    any chance of faster movement(walking,running) ....optional?Arma 3 Vanilla movement is really sluggish
  12. Stop this Site from making money with BI stuff!!!!!!
  13. teilx

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    m4 compact assault rifle without full auto? or i doing something wrong?^^ edit: ah okay i see, these are the old ones
  14. teilx

    What Pieces to Change to Increase FPS?

    delete altis life mission and your fps would go up ........xD
  15. teilx

    Warfare in Arma 3?

    maybe in the user missions section.....=mission request or you find a warfare mission.... good luck xD
  16. reinstall and try the manual way
  17. teilx

    Arma 2 VS Arma 3! You chose!

    OPF and A2(voted) are enjoying .......A3 is a hell of trail and error and the worst release. no, it doesn't matter :D
  18. yeah a ai Population Cap would be good.
  19. In 13 Years it is playable like OPF with high FPS,thats for sure. xD ps. xD the wannabe overclocking guy again haha :D
  20. thats right but this is a game and ingame the Mg 42 doesn't feel like Mg, it is more like a railgun or ugly bullet sprayer without recoil with a strange sound. The Mg 42 in the I44 Mod is really good , maybe they can ask for help.^^
  21. is there a plan to rework the MG'S? The Mg 42 for example is horrible, has not really a recoil, rate of fire and the sound are a bit too fast(i44 or other mod have better ones). US Troops have only a Bar. And please release a patch version without an installer!!!!!they are horrible too.....it often happens that the installer not recognise Arma installation.
  22. The Developers itself ........13years and no step forwards xD
  23. teilx

    What is BECTI?

    lol Sorry, but many many other provide ideas and suggestions to Benny's BEWafare/BECti long before you host your first server and no one cried.
  24. reminds me of the Arma 2 Normandy Mod .......never ending story
  25. Would you still buy any BI Product ? Big, never again 13 years and only step backwards and copy and paste, new games getting worse than before, no real development & no testing, no performance optimization over years and bugs bugs bugs bugs and it's getting more and more Game is dying......end is coming^^