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  1. Is this working in the better Arma 2 CO?:confused: ah ok i see , thx for the info
  2. directions= arma 2 CO maps ^^.... Sauerland is a Arma 2 Dayz mod map i think ... google helps
  3. Haha BIS is gonna go crazy fail since OPF they never reached and always promised lol good question.... maybe BIS could anwser :" let's see what the Com will develop"Interview is a big lie and fail in my opinion xD
  4. Best is to disable the DAC Ai addon in the config creator file and modify the DAC_Config_Behaviour if a Ai mod is in use to avoid strange behiavor/intersect.....^~ps: The Ai addon as a Standalone would be sooooo nice^^:o ....it is a dream since Armed Assault DAC:p Spam?....:pill: ahhh thx Kremator^^ the Moderators these days are really dangerous ;)
  5. someday maybe...^^no not Steam Workshop not modding at all,only 3d artist for item creatingsteam-community-market( the Market could start a cycle of people playing games in order to buy more games) good snowball system ;)It is for pure gaming with high chance to get steam games if you sell/trade Game items, cards and so on to increase your Steam Credit. Or make money with creating Items so it seems
  6. yep they payout items creators thats right Actually it is in very early stages and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Dungeon Defenders Eternity are the first games ouside the Valve Collection. ....only the next step will show whether it is worth or not. . who knows
  7. It easy, earned money don't leave Steam. No Pay it off/paying out. It will be always in the Steam account. So. You can only spend the earned money on Steam = the 25% modder(yes you can get buy games/stuff on steam but nothing more) =double Winner Steam/Valve 30%Valve + 25% Modder can only spend the funds on Steam= 55% in the end I don't post Steam related stuff in Arma related thread nor i belive that:rolleyes:or do advertising for a very questionable method;)
  8. mislead no,but attention. 1. The only winner if someone would buy this over priced item or a cheaper in the example is the Company. 55% in the end for Valve 2.brings alot of guys like these with overpriced items 3.i can bet it don't work in all games
  9. Main prob is the FPS dancing like hell in most situation(city's,fights,effects etc) this gives a negative experience in gameplay. Most mission have already a fair manageable number of AI's and this is not the prob. If the game would give reasonable stable FPS should be enough for the most. Best example is Maps like Altis,Cherna etc. There are so much location and Objects with an big Impact on fps, it is horrible. And it is already a issue since OpF.
  10. Works wonderfully =bad example ...high price for easy weapon skin^^guess who has the money.......in the end more worse as the whole DLC case
  11. try tpw or other ambient combat script....
  12. teilx

    NVIDIA Tweaks and Ingame tweaks

    or show FPS with simple action going on the screen(ai movement,firefights,effects,placed objects & vehicles etc) with steady 60
  13. proof?....show a battle with 160+ Ai(without caching or ai on different locations)& with 27players....sorry the game can't handle 160 ai in battle nor 100... if they all start fighting in one location the server or game(SP) collapses.....but well thought outThe game can only handle small scale battles
  14. teilx

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    fast military operative Strategy to eliminate enemy troops before they organize a stable defense....no room for own interpretations :D = is simple forward = suicide ^^ and blitzkrieg is always historical = from high skilled Gernerals very well-planned multiple standard Operations medium - long planning phase and fast execution only if the conditions have to be right + many coincidences & unauthorized actions of generals It's something it won't work in Arma anyway ......have not the scale nor possibility both words invented by Britain^^
  15. teilx

    Arma Neither This Or That Nor One Or The Other

    lol the standard animation where you can not see if the Person is exhausted?...reduce speed is not a animation!!!xD sorry but this also simple solutions/workarounds but not simulate exhaustion....
  16. 1.run the game without mods after patching. No probs? 2.Adding mods one by one to see which one cause probs ^^
  17. teilx

    Arma Neither This Or That Nor One Or The Other

    yeah slowing down the speed of movement without a sign of exhaustion(no animations)Masterpiece.....hilarious....sorry but ACE had a lot better System than that(and is not realistic too+ it was optional). Every Arcade/RTS/Sport/FPS game have exhaustion with animation and not forces the Charackter in to a simple SlowMotion mode.
  18. maybe on vacation to get new ideas for some funky new Projects or so.........xD
  19. One of the best hardcore games,don't get frustrated hehe good luck and don't die :D
  20. teilx

    Best AI improvement mod

    This, and i bet that is a simple mix of Ai Addons or based on them ^^
  21. This is early Work in Progress(with many issue) and not maintained at the moment. Look First Post!
  22. any other have the issue?WW2 Inf Units get a extra modern Arma 3 RGO Frag Grenade if AiA TP is in use. Throw ends in suicide :D
  23. teilx

    why BI is IMO one of the best companies out there

    lol...dreaming is so wonderful.......maybe you change it to "why BI is for me/in my opinion IMO one of the best companies out there BI best Company ...never...but good joke^^
  24. big fail..read carefully!!!..is Tavi content from A1/A2/OA? & "= Note: This project is no longer maintained! ="