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    Feedback tracker administration

    http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19125 in MP a big exploit Cmon
  2. who cares....they failed with the two gamemodes
  3. After Warfare the next MP Mode that was killed by the Engine and Dev's itself.......xD
  4. unit needs to be defined for arti support (DAC_Config_Arti) and spawned/placed on map yes ......no virtual
  5. The Arma Serie is full of strange things and the most are only fixable by the Developer himself....or not i fear?. And the only one who fixing A2/OA at the moment is not a BIS Dev xD
  6. Sadly no, Arma 3 has the same prob
  7. Dean Hall as example said his revenue was much less as Valve's approach ....xD on the other hand his mod based 95% more or less on BI's work
  8. The Game itself need a good quality without many flaws,bugs and issues and maybe people would buy mods like in the popular Valve games. In the current state i think it wont work. The games can not compare but in terms of quality is arma a nightmare.
  9. lol,so true....in every thread is coming such nosense of him..... haha
  10. nahh.....they only need to add some marihuana plants ......tada afghani Purpel Haze/Drug Region:p
  11. it seems, that after the incoming DLC+update most MP/MG need a rework of recoil and the Rifles more recoil/sway or the resting & deploy feature is useless for IF :(
  12. Total Modification - miss - new context of gameplay check - and setting represented by an array of addons and playable content. miss - Total modification can focus on any type of gameplay (not all possible gamemodes need to be delivered), genre or setting. :p who cares/wayne
  13. teilx

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Is the Suppressive fire command working after the update or a useless action menu entry as usual? ok thanks, not important(compared to other stuff) but would be nice if someday it finds the way in Arma....
  14. haha, it is his own decicison and not a childish post like yours.good luck Saok ......
  15. haha sorry,"Battle Royale" and not Battle Royal,.++ Most trademark names are normal names, but in conjuction with business ...food/resturant/media etc. they are under trademarks ......one question. Someone use the idea of the trademark and use the exact same name. soo .... ok, everbody can do this and it is legal? yupp and a apple trademark doesn't exist lol ^^the mission said itself
  16. Wow, a mission called Battle Royale who abused the trademark law is also a winner. I can bet he has no lizenz or something like that allowing him to use the trademark of the books or the movies in anyway. This Contest was really a big fail lol
  17. teilx

    dafuq happened with 1.40??

    This is an ultra old problem since Operation Flashpoint....it occours sometimes more, sometimes less(Dev's referred in those days to memoryflush with no success ...push -+shift & type flush^^ it is still in arma :pill:) It was also recently mentioned a bit in an interview hope for" running better and with more stability for a longer period of time." but there has never been an improvement
  18. 1++++ but some funny systems with default energy options not notice that arma 3 was started .......and the funny thing is .. it regulates down :lol: :lol: the only game on the market who get stable 90fps wooohooo ^^
  19. the ai patrol the Zones and if a vehicle is in the specific range they will board and use this vehicle nothing more & less.....they only disambark for fighting,search and if the vechle is damage or no fuel ........there is no parameter to adjust how far they travel before using one ....i think it is a job for BIS to doing this you were half right ^^ unit config is used if the numbers of the configurations is inside example: DAC_VehAllowed = [0,1,2,3,4,5 ] what i say, readme helps^^
  20. yes, you need to adjust the DAC_Config_Behaviour.sqf _setEmpVeh = problems can appear with costum/mod vehiclesDAC_Config_Units is only for spawning i think;) most informations are in the readme/documentation and tutorials .......please read carefully before ask question, the most answers are already there heli, yes .....but it can spawn all what u define in the DAC_Config_Units.sqf but fixed wings aircrafts are not really suitable for dynamic spawn......most informations are in the readme/documentation and tutorials .......please read carefully before ask question, the most answers are already there
  21. haha.... will never happen good point^^ another one^^ps. nice real life fotos........but desert altis except for the area is not compareable with real lemnos(have alot spots like those in the pictures) .....why would you think that xxx map will look like these pictures or something similiar ?wierd xD
  22. What number of trial is that now? 3(arma 1,2,3)? All good things go by three. we will see^^ :p
  23. don't expect too much :p, others waited for years with no sucess