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    G'Day All,

    (SFA) or Special Forces Australia is now recruiting for Armed Assault. SFA is a well known 'America's Army' Clan, but due to AA becoming boring, (SFA) has moved onto more games, one of these being Armed Assault. (SFA) Has around 30-40 active members who plays a range of games including; Armed Assault, America's Army, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 2 and Enemy Territory.

    Current Members of (SFA)'s ArmA Squad:


    (SFA)LUBE *Leader*









    The (SFA) ArmA Squad's philosphy is simple, we play ArmA. We don't worry about orbats or all that crap. We jump on TS and jump on a server and play together and work as a team. If we have enough people one of our members with a 24mbit connection will setup a server for us to play on, but we usually play on public servers.

    So if you want to be apart of a great bunch of blokes who just want to have fun, please pass by our forum. And Post an application.

    Or Visit the (SFA) TS Server;

    Thankyou for your time,


    (SFA) Nebula

  2. The Styer that I posted is modelled and skinned of the ADF Styer, The OFP styer if not very well skined, yes it a good model, but hopelessly skinned, but the one I posted is the way to go smile_o.gif Make sure you try and add a Elcan scope to the top of the Minimi, as the ADF always use a scope ontop of their minimis. You could also use the styer scope as that is used also. But doesnt matter which one, aslong as there is a scope on top and a styer! smile_o.gif

  3. Ahhh Sweet!!! Will you use the styer I sent you? Or have you got another one? Please use a better model/reskin from BIS's OFP one. smile_o.gif

    I am creating a SASR mission which is actually quite good. The idea of the mission is that the ADF has taken all of South Sahrani, (i.e Corazal south), and your job is to clear the highway from Corazal to Bagango. You start at the airfield in south sahrani and get paradropped by UH-60 just to the north of Corazal and have to make your way north to Bagango, clearing the way for the ADF main force to sweep through. smile_o.gif

  4. AIF_%28AWM_ARTV04333%29.jpg

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The Australian International Forces is a rather old organisation, having been established in November 2004 as the 'Australian Forces Clan (AFC)'. Since that time, over nearly two years, we as a group have constantly changed and evolved whilst retaining the principals and ideals on which we were founded. The AIF is a diverse and broad group who judge applicants and its members not on their age or background, but on the content of the character and their ability alone.

    We do not carbon copy or attempt to replicate any real world army or armed force. Our goal and our mission is to maintain a structure and focus that suit this online gaming environment and bring the greatest successes.

    I will use this thread as an oppurtunity to extend not only a welcome for persons who may be interested in joining the AIF, but also as a chance to speak to our fellow gaming groups and the community as a whole and describe how we operate and what we believe in.

    Before I continue, here is a link to the AIF forums, where any further queries or applications for membership may be lodged.

    Australian International Forces Forums

    AIF OFP Dedicated Server -

    AIF Teamspeak2 IP -teamshare.no-ip.info:8767

    AIF MEMBERS (Accurate 18/3/07)


    Bond (AKA Warm)









    Disco Stu



    RESERVE (Ex-members who still play occasionally, but are not officially members of the AIF.)




    As our memberlist indicates, the AIF is not a magnificantly huge gaming clan in terms of numbers, but our gaming style and philosophy reflects this. Our full time members are all VERY active, and the AIF plays OFP every night of the week where possible.


    The AIF Training system is challenging and continuous, with all AIF members constantly working towards new goals and achievements.

    Training begins with the AIF Induction Course.(AIFIC) This course is labelled MODULE I.

    The AIFIC aims to instruct members in the basic procedures, style and tactics of the International Forces. The objective is to teach recruits how to operate as an effective TEAM MEMBER within the AIF.

    Its content includes,

    *Basic communications

    *Battlefield movement and awareness (Basic Obstacle Course)

    *Basic marksmanship

    *Kitting up (Standard Kit Procedures)

    *AIF Procedures and basic structure (Elements, Fireteams, Troops)

    *Basic Infantry Tactics


    -Contact drills

    -Section attacks & Break Contact

    -Pivoting and Peeling




    At the conclusion of the ITC, a successful recruit will earn their readiness badge. Unsuccessful recruits will remain RCT's, and may re-try the course at any time.


    Awarding of Readiness badge

    Promotion to 'Trooper'

    [AIF] Tags

    After completing Module I, AIF members then move on to complete advanced and specialist training at their leisure. There are no time limits or requirements to complete this training, rather members are encouraged to work on what interests them

    Following modules include,

    2. Battle Skills [iI]

    3. ATW Course [iII]

    4. Scouting & Reconaisance [iV]

    5. Specialisation [V]

    Module V, Specialisation, generates the most interest and focus. Here AIF Troopers develop specific specialist skills to work as a specialist operator within their team.

    These specialist qualifications include,






    *Armoured Operator


    *Airborne Operator (Parachute Wings)

    Leadership specialisations,

    *Element Leader

    *Fireteam Leader

    *Troop Leader

    Every 'Qualification' is earned through completing specific courses and exercises designed to develop and demonstrate the required skills.

    Although this process sounds very complicated and boring, all courses are designed to be interesting and enjoyable. They ensure our leaders know how to lead, and our specialists know how to do their jobs. This process creates a balanced and well trained team that can rely on itself for success.


    The AIF's gaming philosophy is simple. We play OFP.

    Wherever, whenever, with whoever.

    We are committed as a group to developing ties and links with other gaming clans and groups in order to facilitate larger interesting Joint Operations, and also playing many interesting and challenging games internally.

    As a Clan we play diverse and varied co-operative missions which test, push and utilise our skills and abilities. We dont have a very flash or attractive website or forum, because they are not our priority, games are. Our Teamspeak does not have 500 channels, because it is set up for functionality and efficiency.


    We play on many servers, from our own dedicated server set up by our own members, to other clan and public servers. We look for and engage in games as a focus and a priority.

    If you want varied and active gaming, AIF is a good option.

    We work on a simply Order of Battle and structure that suits online gaming.

    SQUADRON - The AIF Squadron is a company-sized group which can contain up to 4 Troops. These Troops can be specialist or general Troops, and the Squadron HQ provides central administration and management.

    TROOP - Each AIF Troop forms a pool of players. These players are managed by a Troop Leader and a Troop 2IC. Each Troop may contain up to 16 members, and that pool of players are used to create fireteams and elements ingame.

    FIRETEAMS & ELEMENTS - Fireteams and Elements are temporary units created at the start of each game. The players are available are slotted into 4 person fireteams, which is further subdivided into 2 person elements. Fireteam and Element Leaders are qualified members familiar and skilled in the operation of these small units.

    By using a Player Pool Troop and temporary Fireteam and Element system, the AIF is capable of rapidly altering and changing its units and structure depending on the mission or situation. Our members are used to moving around and working with many other members, and do not get locked into the same units every single game. This approach keeps everybody on their toes and interested, and works extremely well in practice. We have never had a problem or issue whilst using our structure. Initiative and flexibility are the keys to all our operations.


    If what you have read here or heard/seen on the servers and community interests you, by all means please approach us and get involved.

    We are always looking for new members, and you can apply to join by contacting our CO, Warm, warm_cow@hotmail.com, or any other AIF member.

    Alternatively, you can easily apply on our forums by going to this link;

    Join The AIF

    If you are already in a clan, but are still very interested in the AIF and what if offers, you may wish to take a look at the AIF EXCHANGE PROGRAM. This is a program that allows members of other clans (with permission), to serve a period of time within the AIF and learn about how to operate. Currently we have one exchange trooper from the British 3LGN clan, and the program has brought both clans much closer together and allowed us to become firm friends and allies whilst giving members a chance to experience new environments. Obviously if you are on exchange with AIF, you wear your own clans tags at all times, you simply play with us. If this program interests you, have a talk to myself or an AIF member, and also speak to your own clan leader about it.

    And finally, we are also always looking for other clans and groups to play challenging and exciting games with and against, so by all means get in touch through our forums or one of our members and we will be more than willing to organise some organised and enjoyable games

    Australian International Forces Forums

    AIF OFP Dedicated Server -

    AIF Teamspeak2 IP -teamshare.no-ip.info:8767

    On behalf of the Australian International Forces, thankyou for taking the time to learn a bit more about us!

    I hope to see you in many games into the future as we as a community continue enjoying the game we love most.

    Sincerely and respectfully,



  5. My Current PC:

    AMD Athlon 3500+ 64bit CPU @ 2.2Ghz

    1GB DDR400 Corsair XMS Gaming Ram

    XFX 7800GT 256MB (Overclocked)

    Abit NF-95 Motherboard

    Ideal Upgrade whistle.gif ;

    AMD FX-62 64bit Gaming Processor

    2x 2GB Corsair XMS Dominator

    2x Geforce XFX 8800GTX (2x 768 MB)

    ASUS P5N32-E SLI Motherboard