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  1. t_d

    RTM help

    You cant apply RTMs to vehicles.
  2. Without BinMake your stuff wont get binarized. So yeah it is a big deal ;)
  3. If BinPBO works the way I think it does then it puts all the binarized and needed data to temp folder and then it will pack this temp folder. If you for example remove a texture from the source folder and pack again, the removed texture is still present in temp folder and will be packed when you dont set "Clean Temp".
  4. t_d

    Hand Animations

    They can be unbinarized if you would know how. ArmA ODOL format for example is good documented and can be unbinarized (you wont get the same MLOD as the original source MLOD but you get nearly everything to produce the same ODOL again)
  5. There is a trigger.rtm in anims.pbo afaik
  6. t_d

    O2 tutorial in Detail

    the class My_thing has probably scope = 1, so just add scope = 2 to all your fence classes.
  7. Ah ok problem seems clear now. ResLodRemover only works with binarized p3ds (ODOL format). Your p3ds are probably in MLOD format. In this case you can use O² to remove LODs.
  8. No the tools don't need to be in a special folder. Just make sure the Bis.dll is in the same folder as the tool. Furthermore try to execute the tool from console so you could see an exception error message if there is any that could help me to help you.
  9. Do you have .NET Framework 3.5? Did you read the readme, there are some example calls. ResLodRemover always needs 4 arguments.
  10. @John: The tools were used for PROPER vegetation pack for example. On this site the benefits are described.
  11. No you dont need the MipMapRemover. The error doesn't look like the p3d is corrupt but simply not found. But not completely sure what the cause is.
  12. A1 p3ds should work too (ODOL of course). I am probably not gonna make a GUI but maybe I add the possibility to process whole folders. For now you would need a batch file to process a bunch of p3ds.
  13. I released the tools now btw for those who want to try different settings: Release thread DevHeaven site for my tools
  14. You could try to copy the model with 2nd UVSet into the model with the 1st UVSet and then use the "Merge near Points" option.
  15. take out *.wrp from the list of files that gets copied directly.
  16. _targetX and _targetY are probably local variables of the switch block and undefined out of it. Try private["_targetX","_targetY"] before the switch block or a simple _targetX = 0 to expand the scope.
  17. The new A2 RTM format is just a binarized version of the already known RTM files. So using "old" RTM files is like using cpp instead of bin configs. I would define a skeleton for the model btw. The new binarize needs a skeleton to create binarized RTMs so probably a skeleton is needed for RTMs in general.
  18. The Frigate has no named properties in Geometry LOD whereas the Destroyer has the following ones: class: vehicle sbsource: shadowvolume prefershadowvolume: 0
  19. But if you put [] around a number it gets an array ;)
  20. Could it be that the window opens but is minimized?
  21. I removed all rvmats (that does not end with _destruct) from water.pbo and had no error ingame using the RHIB
  22. Materials for damage are not embedded, because the p3d doesn't reference them. The config does that.