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  1. In sourcecode of http://sahraniradio.com/radioplayer/ there is this comment: <!-- We do know our radio needs to be repaired, we're having problems with external interference. use the dials to finetune the radio --> Found this because of the tweets by Randall Hubb: *Radio disturbance - Dont you hate that when you listen to your favorite radiostation ? *I might need to buy a better radio. It is kinda old. http://goo.gl/PC1hu #disturbance *Weak and the powerlesss - A perfect circle. i love that song!
  2. ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ and ftp://m26.node-42.rv4a3.org/ seems to have the same data now. Is it same machine? EDIT yeah, both domains have same IP
  3. Probably someone started a brute force or dictionary attack ^^
  4. t_d

    What are sections?

    Just one more consideration. The low section count is especially important in lower resolution LODs, because these are the ones you will have in masses in a scene at a time. You rarely see more than 3 first LODs at a time. Maybe that's why BIS can accept a lot of sections in first LOD sometimes. But I am pretty sure it is very low in low LODs ;)
  5. Try something like this: F:\dumdedumdaa\mipmapremover.exe myFace.paa myFace_wo_Mipmaps.paa 0 20
  6. paa and jpg compression are working completly different. paa is nearly lossless. If you want to reduce file sizes of paa you dont have many options. Make sure you use the latest texView2 which uses LZO compression (automatically). Besides reducing the resolution your last option would be to remove the mipmaps of the texure via MipMapRemover which can be found here: https://dev-heaven.net/projects/tdt/files Otherwise you have to go with jpg.
  7. t_d

    max vertices count???

    Yeah I know, but I didnt want to waste my time describing the workaround if it wasn really the problem ^^
  8. t_d

    max vertices count???

    Do you have more than 55 bones? That's also a limit ;)
  9. Yeah, I really would love to enter all the BIS keys I have (OFP,ArmA,ArmA:QG,ArmA2,ArmA2:OA,BAF,PMC,TOH = 8 keys) for...well...nothing ^^
  10. You can contact mikero and he will happily give you access to the source code. The GridBlocks arent LZSS or LZO compressed but use something similar to a quadtree. The tricky part is to determine the output size. But afaik evertyhing is explained in the discussion tab of the OPRW biki article.
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    Your dll .NET compatible would be super awesome!!! And it is called Mono ;)
  12. t_d


    This thread should lead you to all available informations about this topic: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=90347&highlight=shader
  13. If the engine preprocesses the "small code size" it recreates the big code again. So why not just skip the preprocessing for the engine by doing it offline with your tool? It also could be just an option instead of a default behaviour, so the user can decide if code size or fast processing has higher priority.
  14. If I understand the situation correctly you want to be your loading screen addon the winner against every other loading screen addon. This is not possible. Imagine someone else want to have the same thing and the engine has to load both of these "winner" addons. There is a pretty obvious conflict then. Only thing you can achieve is to overwrite certain known addons like the one from OS by putting his addon into the requiredAddons entry. Thus your addon will load after the specified one, but you cannot make sure your addon is loaded after every other addon. Furthermore your addon will produce error messages if you require addons that are not present.
  15. t_d

    Arma: Cold War Assault

  16. I wonder why people always compare SQF to C++. Imo it has hardly anything in common. Only similarities I could think of are brackets, terminating semicolons and math operators, which is quite common notation for a lot of languages. Differences are big though. C++ is type-safe, SQF is not. C++ extends C with object orientation, SQF has no such elements. So knowing languages that are not typesafe and are interpreted (not compiled) has far more in common with SQF. Knowing C(++) though is basic knowledge if you want to program stuff since most code examples are available in C(++).
  17. t_d

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Miller looks pretty cool
  18. t_d

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Feel the urge to say some words about logic, but I will keep it to myself. Here is my point of view to this whole topic: For the announcement of Take On Helicopters BIS tested our interest (and maybe abilities) in solving puzzles. This wasn't an ARG though, because there was no story but just the puzzles. This was quite successful and so they could start their ARG (which probably was already nearly completely planned looking at the scope of it) to introduce their announcement that we will see in a few hours. The clues we got with the ARG are quite random: *strategic map of europe *Astute submarine *pictures of Scott Miller *animation of a ball destroying a wall *lot of references to Greece *Seeker.exe giving date of birth of Scott Miller (and historical events) *places and years of rebels? *picture of airport in Lemnos (Greece) These clues doesnt directly lead to ArmA3 but definately fill the scope of a full game. But the new domain owner of arma3.com being BIS and the youtube channel right before the announcement date is quite a hint. So I would be very suprised if the announcement is not about ArmA3. It will be interesting to see what stage of developement they are in though. Will they announce that they started working on it or that they will release it this year. Furthermore we probably get enough information of the story and engine to make sense out of all the clues that were given during the ARG. In the end we cant be sure about anything until we saw the announcement.
  19. t_d

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Hlavac is the Biki admin and probably BIS webmaster for all websites.
  20. t_d

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    You need to group the questions according to the number of possible answers. There are 11 questions which have 2 possible answers (yes/no). There solutions grouped gives you 11111011011 which is a binary number. This converted to decimal gives 2011. If you group the questions with 3 possible answers you get a trenary number which needs to be converted to decimal too. Then questions with 4 possible answers have to be grouped resulting in a quaternary number which need to be converted. I hope you get the idea now :)
  21. t_d

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Ah made a small error. Fixed it. Date should be 19.5.2011 at 15:30
  22. t_d

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Niice! That gave me an idea, you can group the questions by the number of answers and use the respective system to get a decimal number. Here are my solutions: *11 binary questions: 11111011011 = 2011d *3 trenary questions: 012 = 5d *3 quarternary questions: 103 = 19d *2 quinary questions: 30 = 15d *2 senary questions: 50 = 30d Can't really make sense of it though :confused:
  23. t_d

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Things that make me wonder: -questions are not numbered, so that could mean they need to be ordered somehow -the number of possible answers seems odd because it looks so arbitrary chosen but maybe it has a reason -answers start with 0 not 1
  24. t_d

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Program searches something: "18OCT07: Ten Rules of War established" was found for me but it keeps searching
  25. t_d

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    What I am wondering is: what is the sense of the text file with p8h8 in it. It currently seems pretty useless as it does not add to the greek theme and doesnt help solving the passwords or something. So what could it hint to?