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  1. Hi All,

    I've also met this kind of problem /ArmA crashed after 2 min playing/. Although it occured for me under windows xp with 2Gb memory. I never tried under windows vista.

    People who have a lot of memory think that they do not need windows swap mechanism or they set the size of the swap file manualy. I though that 1Gb swap and 2Gb physical memory would be enough for my system for everything. But I'm wrong wink_o.gif In my case ArmA crashed about 2 minutes playing. It gave me no error message just closed.

    So I think you should check first wheter your swap file's size is limited or not. The best option is to let windows handle this automaticaly.

    Hope, it will help some of you smile_o.gif Sorry for my poor english.

    You mean the paging file right?My paging file is set from 4096 to 4096.

  2. Hi guys.Here's mine - http://files.filefront.com/Opposin....fo.html

    Hope you like it.Be kind to post comments and ratings smile_o.gif See 'ya!

    Not bad mate. Nice shots here and then. thumbs-up.gif 7/10

    I was thinking about the ending...As in the video there were fighting two forces (USA and Russia) one force had to win.First I thought a draw or something,but then I decided for the ending to be....nothing....I mean that you will decide who will win.As in the last frame the heli flies and shoots over the chaos on the battlefield as Russians are making the attack.Who knows what'll happen.That's my first ArmA video.I just made it for about 5 hours.I'm planning on making another one which will be long.Not like 4-5 minutes,a lot more.I don't know,hope I make it soon.Good luck with your videos guys.You're doing great!Thanks.

    BTW,what program are you using for your video.Pretty cool effect you're adding.Also does anybody know how to use night vision while in "camera.sqs" mode?

  3. I'm talking about the "MR EditorGuy". I've saved it in the ArmA/Addons directory as it says in the Readme,but I don't know how to use it.In the Readme file it doesn't say anything about how to use it.Only where to extract it.Any help would be much apreceated.

  4. Hi all!So,I wanted to create a video of ArmA but I don't know how to create a demo video of the game.Like in BF 2.You type "demo start" and it starts,after that you can view it from the menu.You can select different view points,different characters and save the footage you want with Fraps (for example)...How do you do that in Armed Assault?I know it can,but I just don't know how.Thanks.

  5. Hello everyone!After long playing with the settings of the game I found the solution to increase your performance.Here are the three steps to increase your performance in the game.

    1st : Install 1.08 Patch

    2nd : Set in the game Anistropic Filtering to "Very High"

    3rd : Set Antialiasing to "Disabled"

    I got a big performance boost (especially from the 1.08 patch!wink_o.gif and I think you should try it too tounge2.gif If you too have found a way to increase more your performance,please be kind to post it here smile_o.gif

  6. Hello everyone!So,I made a mission (MP),but I don't know how to make the briefing.I've read in the "Readme.txt" file,but I didn't quite understand how to make it.If anyone would be kind enough to tell me how to make the briefing (step by step) I would be very greatful!Thanks in advance smile_o.gif