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  1. Lol,worst patch ever...If they don't fix things like for people with 2 GB's ram or more have to use -maxmem command and also to optimize it for dualcore processors and for the 8*** series cards I say BI has one of the worst patching systems!Should have sticked to OFP firefoxlover.gif !

  2. Well no...but here are some things you should know :

    1st:You have a C2Duo at 2GHz which means it runs at 4GHz.ArmA doesn't handle C2Duo processors so that means the game runs with only one core - 2GHz.

    2nd:Try overclocking your vga.You'll get a boost.

    3rd:Overclock CPU.

    4th:If you don't get any performance increace with disabled pagefile you should turn it on again and set it to like 500-500 or 1000-1000 not 500-1000 or something like that.I'm not quite sure that it's better to have no paging file.

    Also,you should disable Ainti Aliasing in the game and in the NVIDIA control panel set Vertical Sync to "Force off".Good luck!

  3. Ok,thanks but I ran into another error.Seems that my program can't save the file as 16bit (it saves it as 32).Can you tell me the program which you are using or any program which can record/convert a file to the correct format (16bit 44,100 kHz.(BTW,the directory which my wav2lip is Computer > Local Disk (C:) )Thanks smile_o.gif

  4. Hi guys.I'm making a movie and I need to make some speeches.I learned about Wav2lip,read some about it but still can't make it work.I'm using GoldWave to record my sounds and save them.I know that I have to save it as 16bit mono 44,100kHz but it doesn't work(I save it as OGG Vorbis (mode+1)).When I put the file over the Wav2lip.exe a command prompt appears for half a second and nothing happens.Is there anyone who uses Wav2lip with Vista?If there is,I'll be very greatfull if he can tell me how to do it help.gif Thanks.