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  1. Here's mine also :



























    ``````` `""?Tfh$h$NGqt^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^;___,..





    Hope someone manages to put them together soon :bounce3:

  2. I think there will be an EW2 or something like that, continuing on from the end of EW somehow

    I'm thinking the same,but since after the ending of EW 1

    there has been some kind of an atomic bomb,Chernarus either has to be changed or there shall be a new island?I could be wrong,so don't get your hopes too much :D

  3. Well just to point it out - I'm actually getting slightly better performance and better texture lod's !This patch has by far the best texture lod's from all patches (in ArmA 2).The textures don't load as fast as in OA,but once they are loaded I haven't noticed them switching to lower quality ones.So,things can vary from pc to pc.

    @McArma - I suggest you do this :

    1: go to My Documents > ArmA 2 > and delete ArmA2.cfg (don't worry it will recreate itself).

    2: defrag your ArmA 2 folder.

    3: for your i7 try adding in the shortcut parameters -exThreads=5 or -exThreads=7 and see which gives best performance.

    4: Start game.

    If the above still don't make a difference,try disabling HT and try again.

    That's pretty much it.Report after you've done all parts of the procedure.Hope it helps.

  4. Oh,Sahrani.......:) That's a great idea!Man,that would bring back so much memories and make room for more.Xaxa I can just hear the ArmA 1 music playing while watching a trailer of Sahrani 2.There's room for lots of ideas and one of them could be Russians as Blufor (US also Blufor) against RACS (which want a revolution or something) and SLA.There can be tons of different schenarios,so BIS should really think about this one!....Can't wait to play Evo on Sahrani again :bounce3: I know the island like the back of my hand.

  5. @Viper ,I know exactly what you are talking about,because I used to have the same problem before.I tried many things,like updating vga drivers and doing defrags (which do help,but only with performance) though none of them fixed those texture problems.The thing that worked for me was a beta patch!But,not all of them did it.I remember when I installed one beta patch (real sorry I can't remember the number :icon_mad: ) and when I started up the game everything was running great!Textures were loaded 100% all of the time even in the most intense multiplayer matches with lots of shooting,explosions etc. in towns.I really couldn't believe my eyes and was truly happy :) After that I installed another beta,but the problem came back again and everything was like before :( For my pleasure (and I hope not only),the next beta I tried (which is the latest one) also fixed the texture lod's and I'm happy again :) Only thing that's not perfect is that the performance is a little bit lowered,but I can deal with it ;) So I strongly suggest you try the latest beta patch (and also,after you install the beta patch,go to My Documents > ArmA 2 and delete ArmA2OA.cfg (don't worry it will recreate itself)and after that start the game).Well that's it and good luck!I hope it gets fixed for you too.

  6. Sure thing :

    Mobo: Gigabyte GA 965P-DS3P

    CPU: C2Duo E4300 1.8 GHz stock - clocked to 3.0 GHz

    RAM: 2GB

    VGA: 260 GTX 896MB

    OS: Windows XP SP 3 32bit

    If you haven't,give this beta a try.I really hope more people get my results :) I also hope they implement whatever this fix is to ArmA 2 (standalone) via a patch as well.

    P.S. Make sure your ArmA 2 OA.cfg is not checked for "read only".

  7. WOW.I didn't believe a little beta patch like this can make all the difference for me!Before the beta,I used to get normal lod's,but only for a limited period of time.That time was dependent on how "intense" the situation is - let's say : if I stay at base,or travel to the AO (assuming I'm playing Domination),I get no problems,but when I get to the AO,within the heart of battle the textures start switching to low res,and everything starts looking like nothing before.It was a little annoying,but I got used to it.Anyways,after I installed this beta,and gave it a shot - WOW.I couldn't believe my eyes.I joined a Domination server again (with at least 17 players) and as usual,at first there were no problems.I was like "Ok,but I'm pretty sure things will change (for the worst),when I get to the AO,especially if it's some big city".So I went to the AO and guess what - nothing happened!All textures were loaded correctly and I saw no switching at all!I couldn't believe my eyes.I started checking everything all the time (ground ; building and foliage textures),but they all remained in their high resolution state.I was so excited I stayed in the city when our guys ordered an air strike on it,hehe :D

    I don't know what you people did,but I want you to know it made an amazing difference for me,and now I can fully enjoy this game!I really hope you make the same kind of patch (beta or not),for ArmA 2 :) Thank you!

  8. Well I'm using a GTX260 and I also get this kind of "problem".But it only happens in more intense situations like combat in cities/villages.Otherwise everything's fine.I have recently replaced my good old 8800 ('cause it burned out lol) and I used to get the same texture "swapping" with it too.I remember getting the same "texture swapping" in ArmA 1.The only thing I've changed in my rig since ArmA 1 is my VGA,so something else might be the problem.Would be nice if the TC could post his full specs.I'm running on Windows XP 32.Hope the info helps and maybe tomorrow I can post a pic (it's 0:35 here atm).

  9. Hello everyone.If you played OFP and ArmA 1,you know the missions which were just fun to do and a break from all the serious simulation,like - "Nogova Virus" and "Sahrani Virus".I remember sometimes when we were with the whole clan,playing "Sahrani Virus" and it was a real fun experience :) I've searched on the net for a new version compatible with ArmA 2 or Arrowhead,but didn't find any.I'm not that good with mission scripting/making etc. ,but if someone wants to do it,I can try and help as much as I can :)

  10. Hello everyone.I would like to present you a video which I made about 1.5 - 2 years ago.The reason I haven't uploaded is that,at the time you couldn't upload videos longer than 10 min. and since then,I've just forgot about it.Now I saw that you could upload videos up to 15 min. and I decided to show it to you.

    (don't know how to put it in a small screen here,lol)

    P.S. I'm sorry for the bad video quality,but the video is quite long and,in order to upload the higher-quality one (which is about 2.4 GB) it'll take me a day,so I uploaded this lower-quality one.

  11. Donation is complete!

    First,I would like to thank Paul (Placebo),for his amazing act of charity,which seems to be unknown to other game companies,which are going only for the money.I also want to thank you all for your support.This is truly a great community in which I am proud to be in.

    I really hope,that not only game companies and such,will take note from this act,but just the normal people as well :rolleyes:


  12. My ego thanks you all for the kind words ;) But seriously, if anyone else feels inspired to donate something to the cause they accept Paypal etc. and I'm sure any amount would be gratefully received! http://bulgariadogs.webs.com/donate.htm the stray cats/dogs situation in Bulgaria is really bad and there are thousands of animals being discarded to suffer alone on the streets or even worse culled by being randomly shot or poisoned :(

    A small update on Tzvetoslav's ArmA2, turns out yesterday and today is a public holiday in CZ so my colleagues who'd arrange this are not in the office so hopefully we can sort it tomorrow :)

    You are a good man Placebo.

    P.S. I was going to write a longer comment,but I think that explains all ;)

  13. Perfect, I'm sure you can forgive me for requesting that you receive some kind of receipt for your donation? Which we can post here and show the world something good was done for the helpless animals for only the price of a computer game :)

    Obviously no need to do anything yet, next step is for me to arrange a version of the game for you, TBH I think Sprocket is best because then we avoid postal costs, is that fine with you? :)

    Yes,ofcourse it's fine :) Just tell me when and I'll go there and get everything sorted out :) It will be my pleasure.

  14. I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll arrange either a boxed A2 or Sprocket A2 for you and as payment you can make a donation to http://bulgariadogs.webs.com/ which is an excellent cause as I know there's a problem with stray cats/dogs in Bulgaria and they don't get treated particularly well, I don't have a spare A2 myself as I gave my "employee" copy to my nephews, but I'll try to get one sent directly from a BIS colleague, or alternatively get a Sprocket A2 bought then we'll work out how much you shall donate to the poor dogs of Bulgaria (I saw on their website you can donate via your bank), how does that sound? :)

    That sounds..unexplainable.I have to say,I've always believed that there are good people on this planet and I'll keep believing in that.For you choosing such a truly great cause,to help the animals in our country and an unknown stranger like me,you sir have my utmost respect!

    P.S. I just saw the site and the address.It's in my hometown,so I can even go there and pay them personally :)

  15. CD-Key resellers are almost never legit: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=93566

    How good is your internet? Is it up to getting a digital version of A2?

    It is,but as far as I know the digital version distributors require an online payment via credit/debit card :confused_o: Is there some way I can pay not online?Or can you check if the guy selling the keys or the key itself is legit,or I'll just have to find out :j: ..?Thanks.

  16. if i knew that post is safety i would myself send you Arma from shop (69 PLN = ) by envelope, but i don't know how it is safe

    USD 3,3 PLN

    EUR 4,15 PLN

    + 7 PLN for stamp and 2 PLN envelope would give total cost 80 PLN (20 EU/ 24 USD)

    but it is Polish language, so it is useless for You , Polish edition do not have English language as i remember (thats why we have delayed AO here)

    Arma2 is worth to get it, island is super, vehicles are super, all is super

    BIS made awsome job

    i wish you luck with buy, cause it is worth buying (and in my addons you have Bulgarian AK47 in black plastic, hehehehehe )

    Niice :) We have good AK's :D Anyway,thank you very much man,for all the help.I really appreciate it.

    P.S. And I hope I'll see you soon in the game,hehe

  17. problem is in cost of transfer, from our east-Europe point of view 15-20 USD for transfer is big money (if you earn 600 USD for example and pay 200 for flat) cause for such money you have another game :P

    cost of Arma in PL is ca. 60-70 zloty - 14 EU/20 USD

    paying another 20 for transfer, while dinner in restaurant cost me 5-7 ??? it is 3-4 dinners (spagetti, kotlet mielony with potatos or pizza) and giving it to greed banks which made crisis ? never :D

    if bank was taking 2-5 euro/US - okay, but not 15-20 :(

    from Bulgaria? how much does your bank want for money transfer abroad ??

    or maybe post office payment will be good (if send by envelope , than cost of letter is maybe 2 EU, so it is cheap for sending envelope through countries)

    but it is good that your problem will be solved

    Arma2 is worth effort to get it

    buy it together with OA

    Hehe,you're absolutely right :D As I said in first post,I managed to preorder OA (still waiting for it to arrive),so that just leaves me searching for the vanilla ArmA 2.I found some guy that sells CD-keys and they say he's legit,but it's kind of a gamble you know.He's from my country,but he wants me to pay him via credid card (online).I'll ask him if there's a chance to pay after delivery.I also made a thread on a buy/sell forum that I'm buying this game,but I doubt that I'll get any response.

  18. what country that does not have Arma2 released ?

    where do you live ?

    and is it not possible to order and pay to postman when letter arrives ?

    i know that if you are not older than 18 it is impossible in some countries to have bank account (and pay) or paying abroad is very expensive (in my country such cost of payment is 13 euro (50 ZÅ‚otys) , even if you buy CD for 5 euro from other country, so when i was buying music in Germany or Netherland, i put 10 euro to letter and they send me back CD, other wise i would have to pay 100 PLN ca. 25 EU/ 33 USD (more than whole day salary) to bank for transiting 7-8 or 10 EU :( )

    so i understand your problem with goddamn banks

    but i bought from Germany and Netherland stores some CD with music and there was never problem with sending them 10 euro bill in letter

    they said that people from east europe buying this such way, cause they know our greed banks

    i was sending email "sir, i wanna buy this record, can i pay in post or send you money in letter"

    answer was "send me letter with 10 EU inside" and i received music CD from them :)

    if you are under 18 and not have "full time job" bank may not give you have account - i know it :/

    I'm from Bulgaria.And "pay the postman after delivery" is a payment method we use the most around here.That's my problem.I think my best bet would be to try sending the money with a letter as you said :) I'll have a look on ebay/amazon and give it a try :rolleyes:

    And thanks to all of you guys for your help ;)