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  1. Oh,I've had the same error before!I reinstalled the game and it got fixed, but you can try this: Create a new shortcut of your beta .exe And add the same stuff again (all your mods and stuff).Try to rewrite them not copy/paste (this way you can prevent any misspelled words you've done in your last shortcut).If it doesn't work,reinstall... P.S. Mine looks like this - D:\Games\ArmA\beta\arma.exe -mod=beta;@Addons;@EVA;@ArmAEffects;@CSM;@DrugsVegetaionFix;@VFAI;@CMCD_1ID_US_INF_REPLACEMENTS ;DBE1 -nosplash
  2. What is the "-vm108" command for?Is it for the virtual memory?If it is,how much should you set it at?Does it depend on the amount of virtual memory you have at the moment?And what does it do? P.S. Sorry for the little offtopic
  3. ...lol...nice...I reccommend this one!
  4. Why is it always like this...I mean this is a great game,but full of bugs!Most of them are corrected via patches,but the most annoying ones like the texture switchings and crazy frames when looking at specific vegetation objects aren't.Can you imagine ArmA working fine,with no texture bugs and the vegetation isn't causing your machine to explode.It'll be just awesome!But,it's not like that...for now,ofcourse.Maybe they'll release a patch that will fix that.I'm mostly hoping that ArmA 2 will be a lot better (as bug free as possible ) .Oh and now on the theme...I found one bug in the new beta patch 1.11 - you can see the sun through some mountians.I don't have a screen right now,but I can post one later.Cya
  5. Hello.I'm making a mission and I want to do this.We go into a village and the opfor starts moving to our position and when they're in the right area a smoke screen apears activated from a trigger.I've seen that in some missions but how can I do it?Any help will be much apreceated Thanks.
  6. tzvetoslav

    Armed Assault videos

    <span style='color:darkgreen'><span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'>Green like the grass</span></span> Ok,here's the high resolution version of my video http://files.filefront.com/Green+l....fo.html And here are some screenies : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>Enjoy </span>
  7. tzvetoslav

    Armed Assault videos

    Thank you!I also want to tell if someone is interested in the high resolution version,let me know.
  8. tzvetoslav

    Armed Assault videos

    Hello.I am now proud to present you my new video - http://my.break.com/content/view.aspx?ContentID=427332 The video is made to look a little like an actual movie.This is my first time of making a video of this sort.Any feedback will be apreceated. P.S. This version has really low quality.Since I don't have a good internet connection I can't upload the original version which is far more better than this - poo ,but I'll see what I can do.Happy watching
  9. Thanks mate,apreceate it
  10. Hello.I've done a lot of searching almost an hour checking lots of stuff,but I didn't find anything Can someone please tell me how to make a unit play an animation.Thanks.
  11. Hello.I was using Fraps before to record my videos,but since I moved to Vista Fraps records my video,but it doesn't record the sound Is there any other program which records video&audio at the same time like Fraps?Thank you.
  12. tzvetoslav

    Cold War Rearmed v0.36 released

    Merry Christmas guys !
  13. Hello.I'm made a mission,but I want to add intro and outro to it.I've done some searching but I didn't find what I was looking for...Ok,so for the intro : If you can tell me how can I put a camera and how to set it to watch at something.I know it's done via trigger,but I don't know what to write in the trigger Fore example,the camera watches a Blackhawk flying and then it gets hit by a Strela launcher. For the outro is the camera watches a Blackhawk takeoff and flyaway.Well that's basicly what I need.Any help will be much apreceated !Thanks.
  14. tzvetoslav

    Fog is gone!!!

    Finally I'm glad to tell you that THE FOG IS GONE with the latest 163.76 beta drivers!Too bad they're only for XP,but don't worry,nVidia will release ones for Vista shortly Thank you <span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>nVidia</span> !!! Now go and have a nice game ! <span style='color:blue'>NVIDIA ForceWare 163.76 for Windows XP 32-bit (BETA)(42 MB, Gamer's Hell)</span> http://www.gamershell.com/download_21420.shtml <span style='color:orange'>NVIDIA ForceWare 163.76 for Windows XP 64-bit (BETA)(41 MB, Gamer's Hell)</span> http://www.gamershell.com/download_21421.shtml
  15. tzvetoslav

    Fog is gone!!!

    Ok,for all n00bs who don't beleave me and tell that the fog is not yet fixed here's the proof http://files.filefront.com/no+fogwmv/;8788494;/fileinfo.html P.S. I no longer have the fog problem,the problem remains only for you and if I find a fix for a other problem I won't tell you Â
  16. tzvetoslav

    Fog is gone!!!

    Ok,if you wanna play that way,I'll make a video!We'll see who's lieing here!
  17. tzvetoslav

    Fog is gone!!!

    Lol,I just come to the forums and what do I see...I don't know about you guys but it <span style='color:red'>WORKED</span> for me!I didn't do anything special.I didn't even uninstall the older drivers,just ran the exe and installed,then rebooted and the fog was gone!I can post you some pics without the fog if you like to show you that this is not a "prank" !
  18. tzvetoslav

    Armed Assault videos

    Thanks very much supershooter !I also uploaded the ver2 of the video.Have a look - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=UbVvIUqsoGE Please tell me which one is better Thanks.
  19. tzvetoslav

    Armed Assault videos

    Yes,I too am not sure about the TV effect I'll upload the ver2 of the movie withouth the TV effect so you guys can see which one is better,ok
  20. tzvetoslav

    Armed Assault videos

    Ok,the upload in filefront is ready.Here's the link - http://files.filefront.com/Cycle+o....fo.html Enjoy.
  21. tzvetoslav

    Armed Assault videos

    Hello everyone!I've finally finished my movie.It's uploaded and ready for watching Here's the link - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wm62vlGMLBI Right now I'm uploading it to Filefront.com to be ready for downloads too.I'll post the link asap  About the movie: As the title says "Cycle of the life",it's a movie about the never-ending death which roams around in the soldier's world. Addons: 1st Infantry Division Troops Joh Marines USMC Woodland Russian Federation Units Mods: XAM 1.3 Well that's it,hope you enjoy it  Also I'm new to ArmA movies,so any suggestions or advices will be much apreceated Thank you.
  22. tzvetoslav

    arma in 16bpp (fog bug solution)

    BTW,what's your system specs.As I can see the game runs pretty good even with no AIs in the city And if you can tell me your ingame settings too mate :P Thanks.
  23. tzvetoslav

    Request for official CD Key/ Player ID registry

    Ok,I have to tell you this.Are you guys mad ?Are you,freaking as*holes or something ?I saw much threads about banning players with 10 numbers wide ID's and stuff like that and I need to tell you a little story...I'm from Bulgaria.In my country,first of all we're quite poor,but that's not the problem.The problem is that we don't even have the game in our stores (beleave it or not)!!!Second,you can't simply buy it from another country 'cause the shipping costs are way too expensive!I have a solution - I have a frind that goes to Germany often and he bought the game for me.But what do other people do?Huh?If they like to play the game?I have a frind who has an "illegal" version of the game and we play coop almost everyday!Also,it's not only my country,there are many more countries like that.If you don't like TK'ers (I hate them too though) you can ban them or whatever.I just want to tell you to stay cool with all this.And if BIS wants to do something,it should do it,but not you.Hope you understand my position and understood the written above.No hard feelings,ok?
  24. tzvetoslav


    Hey guys.A glasses addon will be cool.You know,the military glasses Is there one out or it's not made yet?Cheers.