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    Anyone willing to trade me their ArmA 2 ?

    Hehe,you're absolutely right :D As I said in first post,I managed to preorder OA (still waiting for it to arrive),so that just leaves me searching for the vanilla ArmA 2.I found some guy that sells CD-keys and they say he's legit,but it's kind of a gamble you know.He's from my country,but he wants me to pay him via credid card (online).I'll ask him if there's a chance to pay after delivery.I also made a thread on a buy/sell forum that I'm buying this game,but I doubt that I'll get any response.
  2. tzvetoslav

    Anyone willing to trade me their ArmA 2 ?

    I'm from Bulgaria.And "pay the postman after delivery" is a payment method we use the most around here.That's my problem.I think my best bet would be to try sending the money with a letter as you said :) I'll have a look on ebay/amazon and give it a try :rolleyes: And thanks to all of you guys for your help ;)
  3. tzvetoslav

    Anyone willing to trade me their ArmA 2 ?

    It still requires a credit/debit card..But really,there's no problem.I just wanted to give it a last try.I'll keep asking about it in our stores.Hope dies last you know :) Admins/Mods can delete the thread.
  4. tzvetoslav

    Anyone willing to trade me their ArmA 2 ?

    I don't want someone to give me his game,I'm just asking if someone has 2 games and if maybe he doesn't need one of them or wishes to trade it to me :rolleyes: .I tried ordering from amazon,but it still requires a credit/debit card..Trust me,I've searched a lot about this game.These forums are my last hope.I hope I don't sound like a douchebag.
  5. Hi guys.I don't have ArmA 2,but I think about buying Operation Arrowhead.I have some questions though : 1.Can you use the mods and addons like "ACE" ; "SLX" ; Soundmods ; etc. from ArmA 2 in Operation Arrowhead? 2.Do you use the same patches as ArmA 2 or are there separate ones? That's what I can think of for now.Would really appreciate some information :rolleyes:
  6. tzvetoslav

    [SP] The Cause 2 - Mission Beta Tests

    Rejenorst - I have played "The Cause" for ArmA and I just loved it.It was so well designed,the music was great,all the scripting,talking etc..I just wanted to say that you truly are a good creator and please keep making stuff like that.I am downloading the new part atm,and I will test it with joy.Best of luck to you man! :ok:
  7. tzvetoslav

    Arma 1 abandoned?

    As sad as it may be,I agree with you..
  8. I'm sorry for this but w000000t !!!!!!! :yay:
  9. tzvetoslav


    Game settings: Texture Detail - Normal Anisotropic Filtering - Very high Terrain Detail - Normal Objects Detail - Normal Shadow Detail - Very high PostProcess Effects- Very high Fillrate - 125% PC: CPU - C2Duo E4300 1.8 (oc-ed to 2.5) RAM - 2GB GPU - 8800gts 320 (oc-ed at 600core , 1400 shader and 900 memory) Score - 2401 I think it's not that bad for this system.I'm planning on upgrading it,but I still don't know which (the cpu or the gpu).Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  10. tzvetoslav

    Texture problems..

    Greetings!So,I've been having this problem since I got ArmA and now I decided to write it down and search for some help..I've been looking over for the same/similar problem,but I didn't find one.Well here it is : Whenever I'm in a "quiet" area with not much people/npc or vehicles everything runs fine!But when I get to a more "violent" zone the textures (building and ground ones) start changing from "High" to "Low/Medium" and they keep switching like that "Low/Medium".When I zoom in on the ground they get a little better (something between High/Medium ),but when I zoom out they become "ugly" again..It's really annoying and I also recon drop in the FPS.I've tried many things - different drivers ; reinstalled my whole Windows! ; defragment the HDD ; deleting my ArmA profile and ArmA.cfg file ; changed video settings ingame (tried Low/Medium/High textures but same result) ; tried with mods and vanilla ArmA BTW,here's my system - VGA 8800gts 320mb ; CPU Intel C2Duo E4300 1.8 GHz (clocked to 3.0 GHz (I've also tried the game without overclock)) ; RAM 2GB ; OS Windows XP 32bit Service Pack 3. Any help will be greatly appreciated! P.S. ArmA version is 1.15 right now and VGA drivers 181.22
  11. tzvetoslav

    Texture problems..

  12. tzvetoslav

    Texture problems..

    Yes,it seems you have the same problem!Also as you said it happens more often on the Afghani maps.I really hope it gets fixed!Btw,I've also tried the "flush" command but didn't work.
  13. tzvetoslav

    SLI mode unplayable

    Try to delete the ArmA.cfg file in C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\ArmA Â Don't worry when you start the game it will create a new one.I don't have sli,but I have ArmA installed a loong time ago and it was running terrible and when I did that it started running a loot more smooth and less choppy.Also you can try forcing "Threaded optimization" "OFF" in the nVidia CP(I heard ArmA has problems with quad core).Good luck!
  14. tzvetoslav

    PROPER SgtAceIslandSetting

    Loool....That's what I was just hoping for!I even thought to post a topic somewhere to ask about something like this,but I thought that no one will make it or couldn't..Just tested it and wow...The game looks a lot better for me (not to talk about the FPS increase!!.In Porto it was almost unplayable for me 'cause of the lots of grass,but now it's so beautiful and runs great Hehe,great job man!Great job Wish you best!
  15. tzvetoslav

    Campaign "Range of Dead"

    I want part 2 NOW !!!
  16. tzvetoslav

    Realistic water

    Yeah,let them keep the water,units,islands and the weapons and vehicles if you like?That way we can play it like it's the original ArmA,no?Give me a break...
  17. tzvetoslav

    8800 problems

    A cheap 480W PSU for an 8800!Wow...You should look at something around 600W mate.I am running a mediacore 600W PSU and it is good.Also it won't be bad to reinstall your Windows (starting things on a fresh OS are always better )
  18. tzvetoslav

    How to reverse left/right stereo?

    Putting the headphones "the other way around" is a very dangerous procedure!The patient may start to hear games correctly but real life backwards which will cause a major confusing in the brain causing it to go to a more stable state (all systems shutdown).You should be more carefull when telling people to do stuff like that!Be ashamed
  19. tzvetoslav

    Merging sounds?

    Yes,I did convert them to .wss and I wrote them the same names.
  20. tzvetoslav

    Merging sounds?

    Hmm...I've tried it,but I have a problem.I have replaced the FDF's AK,RPG and Grenade sounds,but when I go ingame I don't hear them.I can hear the RPG sound barely but the AK...nothing (even on max volume).I changed the volume in the config of the AK from -10db to +40 but still nothing (considering that the 2 sounds of the AK (the original and mine) are with quite the same volume).Maybe I'm missing something
  21. Greetings.Now,on to the point... First - the performance (stability) The performance/stability is quite weird in my situation...I play the game at everything on "Very High" on 1280x1024 with only disabled VS in the nVidia CP.The frames I get are playable and I'm pleased , but it's not for a long time...Here are some of the things that happen to me - as I play with the nice fps,the game suddenly starts to slutter and I get really low fps and after a while it runs like a dream again!That's not that anoying so I don't mind about it much.Also if I play more time (over 1 hour) the game starts to run slower and slower (and no,it's not overheating) .It starts to "kill" my machine when I look at some vegetation objects.In that case if I restart the game it will run good again,but after a while again the same story over and over again Now I'm going to talk about the graphical problems I seem to get really often.Here I'm going to show the kinds of graphical corruptions I get : <span style='color:orange'>The first and most common one is this -</span> When I look/zoom at the "weird shadows" I get really low FPS. <span style='color:red'>The second one most of the time is apearing after I see the first one -</span> Now this one is not only lowering seriously my fps,but if I look at it a little longer my pc gets a blue screen with some white words for about less then a half second and restarts.First I thought it was overheating.I saw the temperatures and everything was fine - ~50 GPU and ~40 CPU .Then I thought that maybe it's from the overclocking and I turned off all the overclocking (CPU,GPU etc.) .This one is really annoying.Sometimes it apears after the first graphical corruption and sometimes randomly (at early gameplay or late) And also here are two more which are quite "rare" and they don'w apear much - And I'm not quite concerned about the last two,but the first and second one are just an inormous pain in the arse So please if someone can give feedback of what can be causing all this and what shall I do,it'll be kindly accepted
  22. tzvetoslav

    Graphical problems and weird stability

    Well it helps,but after about 1-2 min I have to do it again and so on...That's not the solution I was looking for But thanks for the tip up anyway
  23. tzvetoslav

    Graphical problems and weird stability

    Lol,I get these issues without ALT&TAB-ing
  24. tzvetoslav

    Graphical problems and weird stability

    @Mr_Tea - Yes,I've tried the -maxmem command,but It seems it's even worse for me,lol...But thanks for the headsup anyway @rundll.exe - What would you suggest?Shall I try an earlier version of the nVidia drivers? @FritzDaKat - I'm running on Windows XP Prof. Again,sorry I forgot to mention that
  25. tzvetoslav

    Graphical problems and weird stability

    Sorry,I forgot to mention the pc specs and ArmA version.I'm running ArmA on 1.12 but it also happens in 1.08 aswell.Now here are my pc specs : VGA:8800gts 320 CPU:C2Duo E4300 1.8 (stock) get's to 3.0 (overclock) RAM:2x1 GB 667MHz HDD:250GB 16mb I think those are the most important parts.I can give you the mobo and other stuff aswell if you like @BraTTy - True.But when I Alt&Tap-ed from the game and checked the temps the VGA was about 52C which is fine (concidering I was with overclocking) and if there's a little offset from the Alt&Tap-ing I doubt that the real temps are higher than 55C.In the summer (last year) the VGA was keeping around 58-60C which is quite fine for the 8800's.Well over 62C it is quite dangerous The CPU is fine.It gets around 40-45 with nice overclock.I need to remind you that I've tunrned off all overclocking and the temps should be a lot lower,but the problem still remains.So it seems that the problem is not caused by overheating or just artifacts from the overclocking.Well that's atleast what I think @Viper23rd - No,I don't have problems like that in other games.I'm running v1.12 of ArmA but the problem also apears in 1.08 aswell.The driver version which I'm using is 174.70