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  1. For some reason I can't use the ruck system at all. Get a rucksack on my back but cannot pack items at all. the button simply doesn't work.

    I haven't added the no-stamina module or anything, what am i doing wrong?

    in addition to this, I seemingly can't use tactical glasses etc. and alot of ACE features just seem to be disabled or not work altogether (eg. stamina). Have I missed something in installation? I've installed the userconfigs and changed my profile name as well, but...?

    edit: fixed now :) strangely my install of CBA was screwed up so just copied in a new version.

  2. Come on everybody, I know exactly what I am talking about.

    Under this condition: every setting is Very High, Postprocessing Off, view distance 5000,


    In 1.01, if you set fillrate to 200%, you are indeed using Super Sample Anti-aliasing x 2.

    In 1.02, You can set anti-aliasing to x 2, x 4, x 8, it's Multisample Anti-aliasing.

    With the same setting, x2 or x4, x8, SSAA has better anti-aliasing effect than MSAA but with lower FPS. I do prefer MSAA. It provides good anti-aliasing effect with good FPS. Patch 1.02 has done great improvement in this important part. That's very cool and I am not complaining about this.

    What I said about image quality is the LOD of medium and far distance trees and grasses, the LOD is set too low compared to 1.00 and Patch 1.01, the result is blurry and ugly looking trees and grasses in medium and far distance. In fact, this is an old topic, I talked about this before and some people who care much image quality have found this problem too. If you have just installed the game, update to 1.01, do watch those medium and far distance trees and grasses with attention, then update to 1.02, watch again, you will notice this problem.

    What I hope to get is that BI can increase the LOD distance of trees and grasses in Patch 1.03 (not the thing like clutterdistance=125, I can mod that in PBO files and I konw how to do it. It's the LOD thing which now I don't konw where to modify.), or the best way is to let users to adjust it at our own taste. Thanks!

    Fillrate =/= AA

    If you play the game at 200% fillrate in 1.01, use a render resolution in 1.02 twice as large as your monitor, as render resolution is fillrate with a different name and option selection.

  3. 72;1309206']What i saw when i tested the game was that fog was worse than ArmA1. It looked like only fading white in the distance. Nothing moving around like in ArmA1.

    Since ArmA1 had proper fog im sure ARMA2 will have it too.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't vanilla Arma1 Fog just fading in the distance too? ACE is what improved it to the way you describe, iirc.

  4. I'm currently in the process of upgrading my PC for ArmAII. All I need is a new CPU so I've got my eyes set on an AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.0ghz socket AM2+.

    As far as the motherboard is concerned, I'd like one that can run that, along with my 8800GT (512MB) and 2GB of DDR2 RAM, preferably for around £40.

    I'm looking at a Gigabyte GA-M52L-S3P, so if someone could confirm that this will be a working combination (or suggest an alternative for a similar price) it would be much appreciated. :bounce3:

  5. I'm getting a few errors about the config whenever I try to play with SLX.

    One of them being "No Entry '@SLX\bin\config.cpp/cfgweapons/M4AIM.selectionFireAnim"

    Another "No Entry '@SLX\bin\config.cpp/cfgweapons/FakeWeapon.DisplayName"

    Any help for this? I can't play with the mod - these errors show up whenever i try to start a mission.