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  1. Teliko

    Australia 102x102

    Life-size Iraq map, anyone?
  2. ^ Couldn't have said it better myself.
  3. Teliko


    This shouldn't be in troubleshooting.. And that is how you change it... obviously you messed something up entering the numbers in.
  4. Teliko

    Evolution - Single Player

    Say goodbye to the old tactical gamer, he who can clear 11 cities easily without dying and can only have up to 12 squad members at a time?
  5. Teliko

    Evolution - Single Player

    And when we get stuck on the roof of a building with the whole of paraiso's SLA on us? I've depboed the mission and changed the description.ext (or was it init.sqs?) to have respawn and am playing the mission through the multiplayer menu, IMHO it's much more enjoyable.
  6. Speaking of dpm... Woodland DPM in v2? And to the above poster?
  7. Teliko

    Australia 102x102

    There's no houses on there yet
  8. Teliko

    The Essential DM Collection

    Lmfao that's hilarious Nice pack man!
  9. Teliko

    3rd Infantry Division DCU

    Well how about reskinning the vests on the SF to black ones and giving them whatever patch they wear on the arm so we have deltas as well as regular units?
  10. Teliko

    Australia 102x102

    I'm lost for words Although that CTI you were talking about would take a day to drive to a battle lol
  11. Back on topic How's the pack coming along sled?
  12. Teliko

    3rd Infantry Division DCU

    It's a DCU addon not ACU
  13. Teliko

    XAM 1.3 Released

    Have you heard about 6th sense? 6th sense is config addons not a full mod like XAM
  14. Teliko

    Respawn in usermade missions

    Esc -> Abort works if you aren't the host.
  15. Teliko

    Respawn in usermade missions

    If AI is on, then press escape and then abort and select a different unit that's alive in the unit menu. If AI is off, you're buggered
  16. Teliko

    XAM 1.3 Released

    We need an option to remove that damn death music in 1.4
  17. Teliko

    XAM 1.3 Released

    Go on MP and put XAM in the name bit of the search filter, there's a few evo xam servers.
  18. Teliko

    Evolution - Single Player

    I still think this mission REALLY needs respawn for the player It's impossible... you need 40k points before you can do any damage to a town and the side missions make nothing in terms of points. And if you use a password you still have to get every point for the next rank as if you were a private... honestly.
  19. Teliko

    Evolution V3.0

    Perhaps he's just sick and tired of everybody telling him how to write his mission... QFT
  20. Teliko

    Armed Assault Addonlist

    Yeah, definately.
  21. Teliko

    Dynamic War

    Heheh nice changelogs, great update
  22. Teliko

    Campaign Mission 2

    Follow your squad & leader
  23. Teliko

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    Wow, awesome work to the team You guys should make a Russian mod or something Chechnya?
  24. Teliko

    XAM 1.3 Released

    E:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\@XAM1.3\Addons a10, air, air3, anims, Ca, characters, introanims, tracked, ui, voice, weapons, weapons3, wheeled. That's all of BIS' original pbo's afaik. OFC I'm not going to remove any of them seeing as some edits are most likely done in them but it's a big waste of download time and space.. @XAM1.3 3.06 GB....1.70 GB is the compressed installer
  25. Teliko

    XAM 1.3 Released

    Everything - config, addons, sounds, textures, effects...