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    Patience is a virtue
  2. If that was possible then they could just remove the indoor rain texture
  3. Teliko

    WP Insurgents

    Looking good from the screenies, dling now
  4. Teliko

    What made OPF better?

    OFP Patch 1.96 didn't come overnight, it came over 5 years. ArmA didn't come over 5 years, it came over what, a year? OFP 1.00 had its fair share of bugs too...every rifle shadow was an M16... etc. ArmA's been out for less than a year but people wonder why it's not as fixed as OFP 1.96. Hmm...
  5. Teliko


    Compare the letters in the topic title to the pic in his sig Iraq Modern Warefare Mod
  6. Teliko

    Armed Assault videos

    Haha, good video
  7. Editor -> Groups -> Air squadrons / Armor platoons......
  8. Editor -> Groups -> Air squadrons / Armor platoons......
  9. I've just installed this, but I'm still getting the stock rain texture. Followed the readme. Anything else I need to do? EDIT: Old version works fine but the latest one doesnt..
  10. Teliko

    Insurgent Idea

    Hmm, I doubt every insurgent could get their hands on a vest like that.
  11. Teliko

    Both eyes open scoped in?

    The M4A1 GL ACOG doesn't use the scope though, it uses it's ironsights on the top of the ACOG.
  12. Don't forget to include the grass if you're doing the ArmA vegetation one, but a res one would be greatly appreciated too - much higher res than the CWC stuff
  13. Teliko

    Virtual TrainingSpace 2

    Any updates on this?
  14. I think it would be better if you made a replacement that used ArmA foilage, just on the very low setting - so we can still use higher shader detail settings for normal maps, etc while having a playable north sahrani?
  15. Teliko

    Sakakah Al Jawf OPEN BETA

    Not sure if any TrueMods affected it. The AI seems OK they just tend to get stuck when fighting in alleys every once in a while.
  16. Teliko

    Sakakah Al Jawf OPEN BETA

    hmm the AI don't seem to recognize ANY objects and can't pathfind. I ordered my team to move to the middle of a road and they got stuck on a building, and you can't also say move to that x.
  17. Teliko

    FFAMM v1.3

    Any more mirrors for this? The d/l is so slow it won't actually start
  18. Teliko

    Insurgent Idea

    http://img512.imageshack.us/my.php?image=weaponsv2nu5.jpg RHS weapons, rather than the stock BIS ones.
  19. Teliko

    Chammys Sound Mod

    FDF Is more realistic than this?
  20. Teliko

    Virtual TrainingSpace 2

    Looking good! Any chance of a SP version?
  21. Teliko

    Island of Porto

    Trust me, it's big enough for some great fun
  22. Teliko

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    You're JOKING right....
  23. Teliko

    No splash screen

    1 space away from the end ". hmm I'm slow today