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  1. Could anyone make some ghillied snipers with ghillied rifles? I know there's the XAM ones but I'd rather have them standalone Thanks in advance
  2. Teliko


    Actually it's desert marpat not despat And DCU isn't desert marpat it's the tri-colour desert camo which is now out of date. It used to be used in iraq, not now.
  3. Teliko


    You mean MARPAT right? I believe the infantry are army not marines. And they are in DCU rather than ACU.
  4. Teliko

    Whats the difference?!?!?

    They also swapped out some bad vegetation models for good ones, better performance all around
  5. Teliko

    ATARI Dead...Arma Dead Too?

    You know they're just the publishers, right?
  6. Teliko

    Sakakah Al Jawf v.1.0

    It's only like, 12 quid.
  7. Teliko

    Sakakah Al Jawf v.1.0

    Woooooot. Downloading now
  8. Teliko

    Sharper recoils

    Well it's working with the UKF pack but maybe they use some copied values...
  9. Teliko

    Couple of bad things

    Seriously, saying that weapons are all that makes a game realistic is pretty stupid. If BF2 had weapons' stats perfectly right but there were still retards bunnyhopping and spamming medipacks on the floor while speeding through a town using some crazy song on their car horn, would it be more realistic?
  10. Teliko


    Well I don't see why "1.08 performance increase" or a thread about helicopters should be there
  11. Teliko


    You won't find anything using the search on these forums. It's shockingly poor. Search for 'Record' From the beginning and newer in ArmA:General... Its not that hard. Click that link at look at the results. 7 pages to search through No thanks
  12. Teliko

    Couple of bad things

    So a game will be 100% unrealistic if they put 1 bit of balance in it or if it has 1 bug?
  13. Teliko

    Patch 1.09

    It says it was fixed in the first post
  14. Teliko

    Chammys Sound Mod

    Hey chammy, will the latest version come with the M16A4 ACOG GL fix included and will it fix the MP "downloadable content has been deleted.csmsound" bug?
  15. Teliko

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Yeah, you actually move like a soldier in ArmA rather than a string puppet with exaggerated movements
  16. Teliko

    need some help

    Give them a waypoint to transport unload at the point you want them to drop off and then a waypoint to move somewhere out of the way.
  17. Teliko

    Europe Island

    Clicky Linky
  18. Teliko

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Holy hell mother of crap.
  19. Teliko

    Lowplants v1.1

    Well, any setting can be used with a loss of 1-2fps going higher.. I personally use very high as this mod has made it possible to use it with no FPS loss, and the grass looks great.
  20. Teliko

    Lowplants v1.1

    It's not out yet.
  21. Teliko

    Has Anyone Got Queens Gambit?

    Oh those evil people! How dare they make money! x2
  22. Teliko

    Lowplants v1.1

    Kegetys strikes back! Awesome addon, what I've wanted for ages
  23. Teliko

    Virtual TrainingSpace 2

    Starting alone you get some AI spawned with you and you can spawn other AI on your side in the real time editor
  24. Teliko


    We aren't exactly blowing up civvies because we think it will bring us closer to God though, eh?