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    Jonny´s Marines

    Congratulations on an amazing release Jonny, dling now
  2. Teliko


    that update is awesome. Those UK troops are class.
  3. Just wanted to point out a couple of points - The AI use the M60 not as a machine gun but as a kind of single shot rifle... 1 second delay between shots - I think malden should have different grass, the current Porto stuff is terrible on frame rates (and lowplants doesn't affect it) But you've hit the nail on the head with this demo, well done
  4. I founded an easter egg.
  5. You sexy CWR-dev-team, dling now
  6. I wonder if malden's stone henge will serve a purpose in ArmA form
  7. Wasn't the vodka smashed in the original crash?
  8. Why are you doing this raedor, why
  9. Teliko

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Nice to see xmas decorations are back up mr. burns
  10. Gawd, today is like christmas already. Awesome work!
  11. Teliko

    ArmA Squad Directory

    Royal Air Assault Battalion's new website is www.raab2.co.uk
  12. Teliko


    You can't join your own dedicated server.
  13. I've always had doubts about the feature of flattening about a foot of grass around the player when you go prone... it's unrealistic and looks stupid. And then when you stand up it acts as if it's on a spring... A few screens from combat photography to show the difference with or without it Really think it looks better in the first pic. Anyone else hopes this is removed for 1.09?
  14. Teliko

    Looking for a mod.

    Options -> Controls -> Floating zone slider to 0
  15. Teliko

    Flattening grass - good or bad?

    You still cant really see that much, and in the south it wasn't a problem anyway.
  16. Teliko

    One tweak that will change alot

    You can't change precision from the options menu though
  17. Teliko

    Lowplants v1.1

    Lowplants changes the graphics model for the grass (I believe?) and 1.09 will just redo the grass clutter on the north for improved performance.
  18. I don't remember the OFP demo having the editor
  19. quick question, will the demo have the mission editor?
  20. Really? Gee all this time I thought with OFP and now Arma the main two sides were split between American and Russian equipment. M4/M16 on one side and the AK on the other side. If you read my whole post you'd understand why.
  21. There is no THEME with ArmA, especially not USA vs Russia... BI makes the engine, the community makes the addons... The whole point of moddability in ArmA is so we can move away from the stock "theme".
  22. Teliko

    Fromz's Chinese Stuff

    Looks awesome, DLing now
  23. Quoted for truth, that's a really good example of how having different nations doesn't limit anything.