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    Rellikki's stuff

    You could use the one you have now for default RACS and the other ones for royal guards/commandos
  2. Teliko


    Geforce 7600GT 2GB ram 2.21ghz amd athlon 1946 Total result Wtf?
  3. Teliko

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Resistance troops Almost got him.... South desert fighting RACS in rahmadi Injured All images >100kb Â
  4. I killed EVERYONE, and if the reinforcements came, killed them too (they got confused and constantly went prone) then blew the whole thing up and ran for my life. Quite easy after you get the grasp of it
  5. Teliko

    Campaign problem: "SANITATION" mission

    Bug: Sometimes, squad leader tells only unplayable soldiers to get into the humvee. Save before he tells you to
  6. LOL @ Name generator.. I got battlefield flashpoint XD Cold War Critical Flashpoint Battlefield Defence Crisis <- O_o
  7. Teliko

    ArmA soundtrack

    Read my last post ^ Edited when you posted
  8. Teliko

    ArmA soundtrack

    Ok, thanks  Edit: Got the sounds depboed, but they are all in .ogg format... how do i play them?
  9. Teliko

    Horrible Performance...

    Maybe people are just forgetting to patch their ArmA version, big preformance problems solved.....
  10. Teliko

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Q1 2007, ....read the first post
  11. Did you patch your version?
  12. People, if you want to report a bug, then dont do so and lose your head about it. There's too much trolling going on now, like "Ugh this game sucks your ai is crap". Ok, but how is it crap? that's not constructive.... THIS is how you bug report: "The AI keep shooting vehicles after they are destroyed." See, no useless whining or "shouting" (capslock) needed. If you dont have something useful to say, DON'T SAY IT AT ALL.
  13. Teliko

    official complaint to BIS

    Well the least you can do about is is report bugs and not whine. This is how to report a bug: Â "Urals sometimes bounce when they fall off bridges" This is how NOT to report a bug: Â "OMG for gods sake urals are bouncy! I cant believe this how could you release it like this? FIX IT NOW!!" Unfortunatley most of you are posting with my second example. Change it please.
  14. Teliko

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Link for translation: Click
  15. Nice one, this translation will be bug-free by christmas
  16. Teliko

    official complaint to BIS

    Did you patch your version?
  17. Teliko

    official complaint to BIS

    I didn't say you were forced to, I just said it is another feature, which you CAN use if you dislike the flight model. There's alot of elements in the game apart from flying. If you want a game with a perfect flightmodel and realism etc, go play IL-2 or another flight sim, which was made for flying, not war on land, sea and air.
  18. Teliko

    official complaint to BIS

    OFP/ARMA is not a FLIGHT simulation, but a WAR simulation. I don't see how flight controls affect infantry and ground vehicles, so it is playable.
  19. Teliko

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    There is an english translation made by sickboy, to turn the game into english
  20. Teliko

    ArmA Photography

  21. Teliko

    Cold War Rearmed

    All 5 islands on one map with retro, woah CTI anyone?
  22. Teliko

    First ARMA impressions

    No way. There are far more than in flashpoint 1.0. I saw a vehicle list somewhere, and its alot more than flashpoint v1.0, and this will increase with patches and addons
  23. OHH camel dog fighting map? And rahmadi seems to have some grass and trees also, I saw it in a helicopter video.
  24. Teliko


    Ofp 1.0 was buggy too, and look at v1.96, its almost perfect, so you just have to wait for the patches to fix the bugs. Unfortunatley yes alot of games are buggy at release but this does not mean they are "unfinished"
  25. Teliko

    First ARMA impressions

    There's alot of good stuff about the game too, people just don't post about it Also alot of bugs are something you wouldn't do, i tend to shoot people with a rifle rather than an rpg... and controls are customizable, although noone seems to to that