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    ArmA 1.08 makes me want to throw up

    No you're not forced, we can live with it so I'm pretty sure you can. The NVGs are a massive improvement IMHO and I don't see how a bit of HDR difference (yeah, it's annoying indoors, but this game is mainly outdoors) will FORCE you to rollback to 1.05 And I certainly don't see how you manage to think that completely ruins the game's visuals.
  2. Teliko

    ARMA 1.08-No rifles after patch

    AFAIK It's just vilas' addons causing the problem, I removed them and the 1.07 beta worked, so it will here He's also made a config fix for 1.07+ so you can use them.
  3. Teliko

    ARMA 1.08-No rifles after patch

    AFAIK It's just vilas' addons causing the problem, I removed them and the 1.07 beta worked, so it will here He's also made a config fix for 1.07+ so you can use them.
  4. AFAIK It's just vilas' addons that cause the soldiers to spawn weaponless but still shoot, if you're using any of those, but he has released a config fix in his thread
  5. Hmm... guess it's not released today after all? Ah well, good things come to those who wait.
  6. Teliko

    Evolution - Single Player

    It's not released yet But at the start of the mission when we are just a private, will we not be able to have anyone in the squad? So we have to do missions alone?
  7. Teliko

    Evolution - Single Player

    Oh my god, I love you
  8. Teliko

    I found an easter egg!

    dont get it - what is that supposed to mean? IMHO and LOL are Acronyms for In my Honest Opinion and Laugh Out Loud That's on the RACS MH-6 too
  9. You could add the radio sounds as an ambience sound, in the triggers of the editor, which should work AFAIK
  10. Teliko

    3rd Infantry Division DCU

    Colonelsanderslite, how's the replacement pack coming along? I've searched but can't seem to find it
  11. Good to hear! I just realized I'm awaiting this soundpack more than the 1.08 patch!?!? Lol me too Awesome sounds, like someone earlier said sounds like I'm watching CNN. Best sound mod ever heard for any game, period.
  12. Teliko

    Resistance CTI

    That would be THE co-op game mode... *drools* Also have limited respawns so people will have to use stealth, guerrila tactics ETC. for an awesome game type
  13. Teliko

    Russian Federation reskins

    awesome stuff Will they be BLUFOR, or OPFOR? If they were BLUFOR we could see some US-Russia peacekeeping missions.
  14. Teliko

    GRAA Modpack 3.0

    I wonder why i wrote a description for the options... Enable the radio voice option to get radio sounds back, but note that you will lose the immediate responsivity of the AI that is allowed by having no radio sound. I know, but I get no sounds at all - no gunshots, vehicles, music, anything.
  15. Teliko

    GRAA Modpack 3.0

    I have no sound with this mod... no sounds play at all
  16. Teliko

    Shadow bug

    When I'm in towns, some shadows just disappear, if the object is off screen. It's really annoying - and whatever level shadow detail it is, the shadows just keep disappearing...is there any way to fix this?
  17. Teliko

    Dynamic War

    Use the savegame in the Radio menu, that was a bug with all dynamic missions IIRC.
  18. Teliko

    ARMA HD to lowres in Pictures

    A geforce 7 series can NOT handle all settings maxed at those FPS... my 7600GT runs at 15-35 fps with all normal except PP low, AA low, AF low, and shadows high EDIT:Nvm, just read what 7600GTs should be and it's better than that
  19. Teliko

    How to get addons to show in game?

    The "Modern Warfare" mod (sound/config mod) uses a different BIN.pbo file which for some reason stops addons from appearing anywhere.
  20. Teliko

    Rellikki's stuff

    Loving your work as always
  21. Teliko

    Rellikki's stuff

    Awesome work, these are some of the best addons I've seen for ArmA
  22. Teliko


    i can't hear the gunfire sound... which is a shame, i cant hear BIS combat ambience either
  23. Teliko

    Wishlist for the next 1.06 patch

    Infantry surviving grenades and getting shellshock, not just dieing instantly when 10m away from it
  24. Teliko

    Hold fire

    Probably, or they are under fire from someone, maybe a silenced weapon if you can't hear it...
  25. Teliko

    Patch 1.05 Graphics Issue!

    What's your PC specs and what settings do you run ArmA?